The Maspalomas sand dunes or ‘Dunas’ in Gran Canaria, are one of the islands most visited attractions.

Located on the South side of the island, The Reserva Natural Especial de Las Dunas de Maspalomas are situated in the Province of Las Palmas.

Watch The Beautiful Drone Footage Of The Maspalomas Sand Dunes


Maspalomas (likewise referred to as Maspalomas Costa Canaria) is a popular visitor destination, that lies close to Playa del Ingles in the South of the island of Gran Canaria.

Maspalomas Dunes Gran Canaria SpainThe holiday destination of Maspalomas, is best recognized for its amazing location of natural sand dunes, that stretch along the coast. The vast sand dunes (roughly covering 400 Hectares) of Maspalomas, surround the Maspalomas Dunes Nature Reserve, which is also residence to the La Charca lagoon.

One of the major landmarks along the coast, is the Maspalomas Lighthouse, that has actually stood tall on the shore since the late 19th Century.

Other popular tourists towns and destinations in the region as well as Maspalomas, consist of: Águila, Las Burras, San Agustín as well as Playa del Inglés

Maspalomas Sand Dunes Activities:

There are plenty of places to see as well as things to do in Maspalomas for any age group. Whether you are looking for a relaxing and also relaxing day on the beach or you are intending to do something a little bit more adventurous, there will be something to match your requirements.

Here are simply a few things to consider:

Maspalomas Water Park – Aqualand Maspalomas
Agricultural Gardens of Maspalomas

How do I get to sand dunes Maspalomas?

There are several ways to get to the Maspalomas sand dunes. If you are actually staying in or close to Maspalomas, then you can walk to the dunes. However, if you are in one of the other resorts, then it is advisable to catch one of the local buses and get of at the bus station close to the lighthouse. From there, you can walk to the dunes. Obviously, if you have rented a car (Find the best car rental deals in Gran Canaria), then you can drive to the sand dunes at your own leisure.

Can you walk from Maspalomas to Playa del Ingles?

The distance from Playa del Ingles to Maspalomas sand dunes, is approximately 4 miles (6 Kilometers). If you plan walking the distance, then you should allow yourself a couple of hours each and ensure you take some water to drink!

How far is Maspalomas from airport?

The main airport in Gran Canaria, is Las Palmas Airport (LPA) nad the distance from the airport to Maspalomas, is approximately 17 Miles (28 Kilometers).

How far is Maspalomas from Puerto Rico?

The distance from Maspalomas to Puerto Rico in Gran Canaria, is approzimately 8 Miles (13 Kilometers).