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Choosing The Right Destination and What To Consider

The Top Winter Sun Destinations In Europe

Flight Times From The UK To The Canary Islands

Best Winter Sun Destinations Under 3 Hours From The UK

List Of Best Winter Sun Destinations Worldwide

Let’s face it, the good old British Winters are not renowned for being warm and it is no surprise that when the Winter finally kicks in in the UK, more and more people are now looking at alternative places and destinations to spend the Winter. It’s hard to believe and imagine that whilst we are putting up our umbrellas, shovelling the snow from our drives and scraping the ice from our car windscreens, people in other countries throughout the world are laid on the beach basking in the warm sun!

Whether it is for a short weekend break, a one or two week holiday, long term stay or Christmas breaks in the sun , the question most people like answering is; “where are the best Winter sun destinations?”

So, where are the destinations that offer glorious sunshine during the UK Winter months of November, December, January, February and March?

Well, the answer to this question is that there are a number of great Winter sun destinations to visit if you are looking for a warmer climate over the British Winter but many factors will determine which ones you choose and which ones are best suited to your needs and requirements.

Choosing The Right Destination and What To Consider

As mentioned previously, there are several factors that you should consider when looking for Winter holidays in the sun and we have listed a few below:

Budget: Obviously, a major factor in where you choose to go for a Winter sun holiday is your budget. As with any holiday, you should set yourself a budget and try to stick within that amount. The good news for you though, is that there are generally some great Winter sun deals to be found and you may be amazed at what you can get for your budget. If you shop around, you can generally find some great deals that actually offer you a much better standard of holiday or hotel than you first thought your budget would get you!

Distance: Distance should be something that you consider, especially if you are going for a short break. The last thing you want to contend with during your holiday is jet lag, especially if you are only going for a week, so trying to find a place in the sun a little closer to home may be more realistic. However, the majority of Winter sun destinations will usually be at least a 4 hour flight from the UK but there are a couple that are just over 2 hours.

Best Winter Sun DestinationsThere are many well-known ‘Long haul’ destinations that guarantee all year round sunshine but the majority of these are located in the Caribbean and Indian Ocean. Obviously, if you have both the time and money, then these destination will be the perfect choice for a guaranteed Winter sunshine holiday. However, not every has the luxury of a bottomless budget and most people are restricted to a certain number of days they can take for their holiday each year. This is why you should ask yourself if it is worth booking a ‘longhaul’ flight if you only have a week!

As we mentioned previously, there are some really nice Winter sunshine destinations much closer to home, that can offer you great weather through the UK Winter months. The list below, are some destination that are under 5 hours flight from the UK and generally offer good weather throughout the UK Winter.

The Top Winter Sun Destinations In Europe

The Canary Islands

The Canary Islands has got to be one of the most popular Winter Sun destinations for UK tourists. The Canary Islands of Lazarote – Tenerife – Gran Canaria – Fueturventura – La Gomera – La Palma and El Hierro are famous for there all year round sunshine and are probably a safe bet in your searching for Winter sun!

Flight Times From The UK To The Canary Islands

Below are the approximate flight times from the UK to the different islands in the Canaries. Obviously the flight time may differ depending on which airport in the UK you fly from.

Gran Canaria: Gran Canaria Las Palmas Airport is approximately 4rs 15mins – 4hrs 45mins from the UK depending which airport you are flying from in the UK. 1,790 miles

Lanzarote: Lanzarote is approximately 4hrs – 4hrs 30 mins flight from the UK (1,715 miles)

Tenerife: The flight time to Tenerife from the UK is between 4hrs 10mins and 4hrs 40mins, depending on which UK airport you depart from.

Fueturventura: Fuerturventura is just 4hrs 5mins – 4hrs 40mins flight time from the UK, once again, this depends on which airport you fly from in the UK

La Gomera: Although La Gomera does have its own airport, there are no direct flights to La Gomera from the UK. The majority of people visiting La Gomera sually fly into Tenerife South Airport and then take the fery across to La Gomera.

La Palma: The flight time from the UK to La Palma is approximately 4hrs 30mins.

El Hierro: There are no direct flights from the UK to El Hierro and if you would like to go to El Hierro, you would need to book a flight to either Tenerife North or South Airport and then catch one of the smaller aircrafts over to El Hierro. Alternatively, you could fly into Tenerife South and then catch the ferry from Los Cristianos to Puerto De la Estaca in El Hierro which run 6 times a week.

Cape Verde An Alternative

Cape Verde is certainly growing in popularity with British tourists looking for Winter sun and it is just an extra one hour flight time than the Canary Islands. Nicknamed ‘The African Caribbean’ Cape Verde is located South of the Canaries and West off the African coast. Cape Verde consists of 10 tiny islands that all offer stunning beaches, crystal clear waters, all year round sunshine and the best thing is, pretty much untouched by the masses!

Best Winter Sun Destinations Under 3 Hours From The UK

As we previously mentioned, most ‘Winter Sun’ destination tend to be at least a 4 hour flight from the UK but there are some really good destinations that are not as well known for their Winter Sun climates but do actually offer pleasant temperatures all year round. Obviously, these destinations will not have the soaring temperature and guaranteed climates to which the destinations such as the  Caribbean experience but still offer very pleasant temperatures at a much more budget friendly price!

The Costa Del Sol

With over 300 days of sunshine each year, it is no wonder why translated ‘The Costa Del Sol’ means ‘sunshine coast’. With a flight time of just 2hrs 40mins from the UK, The Costa Del Sol offers a great choice for a short-haul Winter Sun break and the beauty is, that many of the low cost airlines fly intoMalaga Airport.


Yes, Morocco is just a 3 hour flight from the UK and yet you can enjoy temperatures in the 20’s. For a touch of real culture and time to explore the souks that sell everything, Morrocco is a great choice for Winter sun.

List Of Best Winter Sun Destinations Worldwide

Abu Dhabi


Baja California



Costa Rica













Rio de Janeiro

Riviera Maya


Sharm El Sheikh

Sri Lanka

St Lucia

United Arab Emirates


We hope that this short guide helps provide you with a little more information about some of the Best Winter sun destinations and helps you choose te best one for you.