Hahn Airport Information Guide

Hahn Airport (HHN) or Frankfurt-Hahn Airport is situated approximately 10klms (6.5 miles) from the town of Kirchberg in the district of Rhineland-Palatinate. It is also known as ‘Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn’ and Although it is advertised as ‘Frankfurt-Hahn Airport’ by many of the low cost airlines that service the airport, it is actually about 110 klms (75 miles) West from Frankfurt itself. In fact, it is just as close to Luxemburg as it is to Frankfurt and this makes it a popular destination for passengers wishing to travel to either city.

Hahn AirportAlthough the Rhineland-Palatinate region of Germany is a beautiful place to visits itself, Hahn airport, provides a fantastic gateway to many of the great cities and regions that Germany has to offer. Due to it’s location and the low cost airlines that service the airport, it is becoming a popular choice for many tourists.




Getting To And From Hahn Airport

Due to it’s central location, the airport is in easy reach of many destination such as Frankfurt, Luxemburg, Cologne and Ludwigshafen. Hahn airport has good ground support and offers passengers various options for transfer from the aiport.


Frankfurt Hahn Airport Bus

Regular local bus services connect passengers from the airport to many popular local towns. There are also regular coach services that link passengers to destinations further afield.

The coaches depart from Hahn airport and stop at: Neu-Isenburg railway (75min) Offenbach Kaiserlei underground (85min) and Hanau railway (105min).Tickets cost: 8€ one way, 14€ return. You can check the times of the coaches from Hahn airport and pre-book your seat (always a good idea), by clicking on the link below:


Car Rental Frankfurt Airport

There are several major car hire companies that operate from Hahn airport. All of these companies offer very competitive prices and you can book your car hire with confidence and piece of mind. Car hire from the airport, is a popular choice for many passengers traveling in small groups, as it can sometimes work out more cost effective and provides the added bonus of having transport for the duration of your stay.

I have provided you with a link below to the webpage that will help you find the best deal. Obviously, you can shop around but you are sure to find a great deal that suits your budget.

Cheap Car Hire Hahn Airport


Hahn Express Information Guide

One of the most popular forms of transport available to passengers at Hahn airport is the Hahn Express. The Hahn express is a shuttle bus service that provides quick and convenient transfer from Hahn airport to many of the popular destinations such as: Alzey, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe, Ludwigshafen and Mannheim.

It is a cheap option for passengers wishing to reach the various destinations that the bus services, especially if for passengers traveling alone.

The Hahn Express runs at various times throughout the day and the times are scheduled to coincide with flight arrivals and departures at the airport. The bus generally sticks to its time schedule and does not wait for delayed flights. The only time the bus will wait is late at night and will wait an extra ten minutes but this is simply down to the drivers discretion.

The buses start running to the airport early in the morning from the varies collection points. This is to ensure that passengers arrive at the airport in time for the first flight departures from the airport and they continue to run until late at night, to collect passengers arriving on the last flight into the airport.

The bus line is number 140 and the buses leave from outside the airport from the designated bus stop number 12 (at the time of writing).

Hahn Express Tickets
It is possible to purchase tickets from the driver on the bus or you can purchase them at the airport information desk in terminal 2 (at the time of writing). If you want to purchase your ticket from the driver, please note that you will only people able to pay in cash, cards are not accepted on the bus.

If there is a large group (over 5 people) of you traveling, you may need to book your tickets in advance. Registration must be made at least 3 days before the date of travel.

The ticket prices for the Hahn Expres vary depending on your destination.

Children under the age of 6 who are accompanied with one full paying adult travel free.

The ticket price includes two pieces of luggage per person.

The Hahn Express is just one of the options available for passengers looking for transfer to and from Hahn airport.


Frankfurt Hahn Hotel

Many flights to and from Hahn airport are either late night or early morning. There are coaches that operate from the airport to several destination and most of these services are scheduled to coincide with flight arrivals and departures. However, a popular choice for many passengers arriving on a late flight, is to book a hotel for the evening and then begin their onward journey the next morning.

There are many hotels near to Hahn airport and many offer a free shuttle service.


Flughafen Frankfurt Hahn Airport Arrivals And Departures

Hahn Airport Arrivals

If you are wanting to check all the latest flight arrivals information at Hahn Airport, the widget at the bottom of this page will allow you to keep up to date with arrival time at the airport.

Hahn Airport Arrivals Procedures

As your flight lands at Hahn Airport, your aircraft will then taxi to the parking bay on the Apron to which it has been allocated. Passengers on the aircraft will be required to remain seated until the aircraft has come to a complete stand still. Once the aircraft is stationary and the ‘Fasten Seat Belts’ sign has been switched off, passengers can then begin to prepare for leaving the aircraft. Passengers will not be allowed to exit the aircraft until the staircase or walkway has been attached to the aircraft and it is safe for passengers to disembark the aircraft. The Ground Staff at the airport will attach the staircase and once this is in place, you will be allowed to disembark the aircraft and then make your way to the Terminal building. Members of both the airline and airport staff will be on hand to guide you from the aircraft to the Terminal building. If you require assistance getting from the aircraft to the Terminal building, it is recommended that you contact the airline or airport in advance prior to your date of travel. This will ensure that there is a member of staff waiting to meet you from your flight and also ensure that they have all the relevant facilities that you may need for your transfer.

Security And Passport Control At Hahn Airport Arrivals

Please Note: Germany is part of the Schengen Zone and if you are travelling from a country that is part of the Schengen Zone you may not be required to show your passport.

Once you have entered the Terminal building at Hahn Airport, as you would expect in any major International airport you will be required to clear security and Passport Control. You will be required to present your passport and any other documentation that is required to enter Germany (this is not required if you are travelling from a country that is part of the Schengen Zone). It is advisable to check before you travel what you need and to ensure you have all the correct paperwork before you leave.


Baggage Reclaim

Once you have successfully cleared Security and Passport Control, you can make your way to the Baggage Reclaim area. The Baggage Reclaim area is where you can collect any items of luggage that you may have checked-in for your flight. In the Baggage Reclaim area there are several carousels and one of them will be allocated for your flight. Each flight arrival at Hahn Airport is allocated its own carousel and each carousel will have a flight number displayed on the overhead monitor located above it. All you need to do is locate the carousel that has your flight number displayed and wait for your luggage to appear.

The Ground staff at Hahn Airport do their best to get the luggage from the aircraft to the Baggage Reclaim carousels as quick as possible, obviously at peak times when several flights arrive at the same time, the process can take a while longer but in general, you will not be waiting that long.

After collecting your luggage, you can then make your way to the exit doors and into the main Arrivals Lobby area. Obviously, if you are travelling light and only have hand luggage with you, you can bypass the Baggage Reclaim process and head straight towards the Baggage Reclaim exit doors and into the Main Arrivals Lobby area.


The Main Arrivals Lobby Area

The main Arrivals Lobby area is generally the main meeting point for passengers at the airport. If you are being collected at the airport by family or friends, then this is probably the place that you will be greeted. Also, if you have pre-booked your airport transfers in advance or are travelling on a package that has transfers included, then this is normally where you will be met by your representative. If you are unsure as to where you will be greeted, it is advisable to contact the company that you booked your transfer of travel with.

The arrivals area, is where you will find the car hire companies and if you have pre-booked a car or simply want to hire one at the airport, you will need to make your way to the appropriate desk. You will be required to present the relevant documentation and this normally includes, driving licence, credit card, booking reference or voucher. Once you have completed your reservation and necessary paperwork, you will be issued with the keys to your car and shown where your car is located.

The main arrivals area is also where you will find the many various types of transport for transfers to and from Hahn Airport. There are public bus services that run at regular times throughout the day and these services connect passengers to Frankfurt and many other smaller towns and villages close to the airport. If you are unsure as to which bus would be the best option for you, simply ask a member of staff at the Information desk and they will happily assist with your enquiry and point you in the right direction.

Outside the main arrivals area, you will find local taxis. If you are wanting to take a taxi to your final destination, it is recommended that you ask the driver how much the fare will be before you actually get in the taxi.

Up To Date Information On All Hahn Airport Arrivals.

It is always a good idea to check flight arrivals, especially if you are collecting passengers from the airport. unfortunately, delays do occur and being informed about them in advance save you from turning up at the airport to early.


Hahn Airport Departures

As an International airport the Hahn airport departures procedures as just like any other International airport. Passengers are required to check-in to their flight prior to boarding and failure to do so, will result in the passenger not being allowed to fly.

It is advisable to be at the airport in good time before your flight and this is usually 2 hours before you departure time. Airport check-in area do become busy, especially during peak time when there are several flights departing around the same time.

There are several check-in desks at the airport and if you choose to use this method, you will be required to present your passport and any other documentation required to staff at the check-in desk. You will then be issued with your boarding pass, which will be needed for security and for boarding the aircraft.

Many airlines now allow passengers to check-in online. If you use the online check-in facilities, please ensure you print off your boarding pass and take it with you to the airport. If you fail to present your boarding pass at the airport, many airlines will charge you a fee and they are pretty costly!

Having checked-in, you will then be required to clear passport control and security. As with any other airport, security rules and regulations apply and must be adhered to. Once you have successfully cleared security, you can then make your way to the main departure lounge at Hahn airport. Here you will find many different shops, cafes and restaurants, where you can pass the time before boarding you flight.


Keep Up To Date With Hahn Airport Departures

It is always advisable to check Hahn Airport Departures, especially if you are traveling at peak time when the airport is at it’s busiest and delays can occur.


Hahn Airport Address – Flughafen Frankfurt-Hahn GmbH, 55483 Lautzenhausen, Germany Tel: 0049 (0) 65 43 – 50 92 00