A Simple Guide To Haworth In Yorkshire England

Haworth, is one of Yorkshire’s most popular tourist destinations. This page is designed to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the historic village.

Haworth In YorkshireHopefully, it will answer some of the questions you may have before you visit.

We have set out this page so that it is easy for you to navigate and easily find the topic you are looking for. The first section is simply the frequently asked questions about Haworth.



The second section is an A-Z guide, answering commonly asked question about the village itself. We have also provided a ‘Quick Reference’ index for your convenience. Simply click on the topic you wish to learn more about and you will be instantly taken to the relevant section of the page.


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Where Is Haworth Located In England:

The pretty and idyllic village of Haworth, is located in the county of West Yorkshire in the UK. The county of West Yorkshire is located in the North of England. The region where the village is located is commonly known as ‘Bronte Country’.

There are many other popular tourist destinations in Yorkshire, located close to Haworth. The following are just a few of them, as well as their distances from Haworth.


Keighley: 3.8 Miles (6 Kilometers)

Hebden Bridge: 8.3 Miles (13.3 Kilometers) 

Bradford: 9.3 miles (15 kilometers) 

Halifax: 10.2 Miles (16.4 Kilometers) 

Skipton: 13 Miles (21 Kilometers)

Leeds: 24 Miles (39 Kilometers) 

Harrogate: 26.4 Miles (42.4 Kilometers) 

York: 60 Miles (96.5 Kilometers) 

As you can see, Haworth is within easy reach of many other famous and interesting towns and cities in Yorkshire. This means that if you are visiting the county of Yorkshire, you can visit many of the great towns, villages and cities close by.


Is Haworth Worth Visiting:

Yes, the village of Howarth is definitely worth visiting if you are in West Yorkshire. The Airedale village, now attracts a large number of visitors every year for many reasons. Haworth has so much history, as well as a number of great attractions to see and events throughout the year. These attractions include:

  • Brontë Parsonage Museum
  • Haworth Main Street
  • Central Park, Haworth
  • St Michael & All Angels Church, Haworth
  • Lower Laithe Reservoir
  • Keighley & Worth Valley Railway
  • Pubs
  • Restaurants
  • Coffee Shops
  • Shops


Is Haworth Pretty:

Haworth is certainly a picturesque and pretty village, that is blessed with beautiful surroundings. The rolling hills and stunning Moors, provide the perfect atmospheric backdrop all year round. Visiting Haworth in Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter all have their own unique charm and character.


Is Haworth In The Yorkshire Dales:

No, Haworth is not in the Yorkshire Dales but is actually situated in the Pennines. However, it is very close to the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, which start in Skipton. Skipton is just 15 miles from the village, which makes it very easy to reach the Yorkshire Dales, if you want to visit.


A-Z Guide:


1940’s Weekend Haworth:

Haworth now plays host to one of the largest 1940 weekends in the UK. Each year (generally in May), the village comes to life and celebrates the 1940’s. The whole village is transformed into a celebration with lots going on over the weekend. Vintage cars and other types of vehicles are on display. An array of stalls line the streets, with people dressed in traditional 1940’s attire. There are live bands playing in the streets, along with singing and dancing and even a flypast of 1940’s aircraft take place.

Obviously, parking in Haworth at this time is very difficult, as the streets are not accessible by vehicles. 


A great way to arrive in the village on the 1940’s weekend is by train. 

Free parking is provided in the neighbouring villages Ingrow and Oxenhope. From there, you can take the short journey to Haworth by train. 

If you enjoy a little nostalgia and a trip down memory lane, then the 1940’s weekend is a must!

Tip: If you are wanting to visit the 1940’s weekend and stay in one of the hotels in Haworth, then it is advisable to book early. As you can imagine, the event attracts a large number of visitors to the region, many of whom will also be wanting to stay overnight.



1960’s Weekend:

As well as the 1940’s weekend in May, the village also hosts a 1960’s weekend too. The 1960’s weekend is usually held in June and if you are a lover of the swinging 60’s, then this might just be up your street!



Types Of Haworth Accommodation:

There are several different types of accommodation in Haworth itself and close by. Whether you are wanting to stay in a hotel or self catering, there is something to suit your requirements.

The different types of accommodation in Haworth, include:

  • Pubs with accommodation available.
  • B&B (Bed and Breakfast)
  • Guest Houses
  • Self catering private rentals
  • Hotels with Hot Tubs
  • Luxury accommodation
  • Self Catering Cottages
  • Camping
  • Airbnb Rentals
  • Houses For Rent
  • Log Cabins

If you need any other requirements such a disabled access, child friendly, pet friendly accommodation, there are plenty available.


Many of the pubs have rooms for guests to stay in. Staying at one of the many pubs located in the village, certainly provides you with an ideal base for your visit. In just a few steps, you will be in the main village and so close to all the shops, restaurants and coffee shops. Not only that but you will be also very close to some of the main attractions such as the Parsonage and church.


If you are looking for a traditional home from home feeling, then a B&B, may be the perfect place to stay. Bed and Breakfast is a popular choice with many people staying in the village. The cosy homely and intimate feel that many of the B&B’s provide is what makes them so popular with visitors.

Guest Houses:

Another popular type of accommodation is the traditional Guest House. Just like the B&B’s guest houses provide guests with an intimate homely feeling. The small guest houses in the village, offer great places to stay and provide you with great access to the main tourist area and amenities.

Self Catering:

Self catering options offer many different advantages. As a result, they are a very sort after type of accommodation. Self catering accommodation is available in many different types such as apartments, cottages, house and cabins. This type of accommodation can be a cheaper option, especially if there are several people travelling in your group.

Many of the accommodation has parking available.


Places To Stay Haworth:

As we have mentioned previously, there are a number of different places to stay in Haworth. However, where you stay is determined on your own personal requirements and budget. The good news is that there are places to stay that cater for all requirements, needs and  budgets. Whether you are looking to stay in a basic Bed and Breakfast style accommodation or whether you would like something a little more luxury, there is something for you.


Where To Stay In Haworth Yorkshire:

Haworth is only a small village, which means that no matter where you stay in Haworth, you will be within easy reach of the village itself. Obviously, there are a number of places to stay in Haworth, that are located a little further out of the village but still offer a great base to stay. As you can imagine, accommodation close to the centre of Haworth is generally more expensive.

If you would like to take a look at some of the best places to stay in Haworth, please take a look below:

  • Ashmount House
  • Haworth Hideaway
  • Haworth Old Hall
  • No11 Bistro Rooms & Rooms
  • The Apothecary Guest House
  • The Black Bull
  • The Fleece Inn
  • The Old Registry Guest House
  • The Old White Lion Hotel & Restaurant
  • Weavers Of Haworth


Afternoon Tea:

Can You Get Afternoon Tea In Haworth:

Yes, there are now several places in Haworth that offer Afternoon Tea. Afternoon Teas in Haworth are becoming a popular choice with many visitors to the village. The Afternoon teas are a perfect treat, whether you are celebrating a special occasion or are simply just wanting a little indulgence after exploring the area.

Where To Find The Best Afternoon Tea In Haworth:

The following are just a few of the most popular places that serve Afternoon Tea.

  • Cobbles & Clay
  • ForTeas 1940s Tea Room
  • Villette Coffee House and Bakery



Haworth Airbnb:

Airbnb has certainly become a popular choice with many people visiting Haworth. The different types of accommodation that are available is one of the main reasons why Airbnb can be a good choice. As well as the wide range of places to stay in Haworth Airbnb offers, another plus point is having local hosts.

Having local hosts provides you with the perfect homely feel, as well as having local knowledge literally on your doorstep! The wealth of information that your local host can provide is so valuable. It can save you so much time and money during your stay in Haworth.


Types Of Haworth Airbnb Accommodation:

As previously mentioned, Airbnb has a wide range of places to stay in Haworth. Below are just a few of the different types of property that are available:

  • Cottages
  • Cotages With Hot Tubs and Saunas
  • Apartments
  • Entire Homes
  • Room Only

If you enjoy the homely feel and would enjoy taking advantage of a local host and their knowledge, Airbnb might just be the perfect choice for you. It really does offer you the perfect Haworth hideaway, to suit all your needs and requirements during your visit.



Which Is The Nearest Airport To Haworth:

The closest International Airport to Haworth, is Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA).

Leeds Bradford Airport is the main gateway to West Yorkshire and services all the cities, towns and villages in the county. There are now a large number of flights to Leeds Bradford Airport from countries around the world. The distance from Leeds Bradford Airport to Haworth is approximately 15.8 Miles (25.4 Kilometers).

However, although Leeds Bradford Airport is the closest airport to Haworth, Manchester International Airport is also another option in terms of airports. Although Manchester is a little further in distance, it is still within easy reach of the famous village.

Manchester International Airport (MAN) is located approximately 54.7 Miles (88 Kilometers) from Haworth.


Other Major Airports Include:

Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LPL): Liverpool Airport is located approximately 64 miles (103 kilometers) away. This makes Liverpool another airport to consider if you are flying to the UK.

Teesside International Airport (MME): Teesside Airport is located a little further and is approximately 78 miles (126 kilometers) in distance. Although it it the furthest away, the drive is just 1 hour 45 minutes.

If you are flying into any of the UK airports and are wanting to hire a car, you can find the best deals here. Car hire from UK airports


Haworth B&B:

One of the most common types of accommodation in Haworth is the B&B (Bed and Breakfast). As you can imagine, such a village as Haworth, really is the perfect place to stay in a traditional B&B style property. Whether you are wanting a quaint Yorkshire stone cottage or a traditional pub, there are a variety of different establishments offering Bed & Breakfast in Haworth.

As we have previously mentioned in this guide, staying at a B&B in Haworth, offers a traditional homely feel. In fact, it offers a different type of atmosphere and one that you would not find in a large hotel. Many of the family run Bed and Breakfast establishments in Haworth, all have their own unique character, charm and personal touch.

A stay at one of the Haworth B&B’s is certainly worth considering, especially if you wish to experience the warm and welcoming atmosphere of this Yorkshire village.

Due to the smaller size of the majority of B&B’s, it is generally worth booking well in advance if possible. As you can imagine, the Bed and Breakfast properties are very popular with visitors and tend to get booked up very quickly. This is especially true in the peak seasons and also when there are special events taking place in the village.

The B&B properties that are located in the centre and on the main cobbled high street are constantly in demand. This is simply because of their unique location and proximity to the main attractions and amenities. However, if you do not mind being located a little further out of the main centre, there are also some lovely Bed and Breakfast properties in neighbouring villages such as Oxenhope, Oakworth, Cross Roads, Stanbury and Lumbfoot.


Bars and Pubs:

Bars In Haworth:

Haworth has a range of traditional pubs and as well, has several modern bars too. The many bars in the village, all provide their own character and charm, with a great atmosphere you would expect from such a village. As a result, they also provide the perfect places to enjoy a glass of your favourite tipple and in many, something to eat.

The traditional pubs in Haworth, include:

Haworth Old Hall
Haworth Steam Brewing Co
The Black Bull
The Fleece Inn
The Hawthorn
The Kings Arms
The Old Sun Inn
The Old White Lion Hotel & Restaurant


Industry Barista
Mill Hey Brew House
Steam Brewery
Tap and Tonic
Treehouse Bar & Kitchen


Bronte Sisters:

Why Is Haworth Famous:

Haworth is probably best known as being the home to the famous Brontë sisters. The sisters who grew up in the village and who’s lives are very well documented, have attracted visitors to the village worldwide.

The Brontë Parsonage museum, is now one of the most popular attractions in the village. 


What Were The Three Famous Bronte Sisters Called:

The three Brontë Sisters were called Charlotte, Emily and Anne.

Charlotte was the oldest of the sisters born on 21 April 1816. Emily was born two years later on 30 July 1818 and then Anne was born on 17 January 1820. 



How Do I Get From Leeds To Haworth By Train:

There is no direct train service from Leeds to Haworth. You will have to catch the train to Keighley and then take the bus from Keighley to Haworth. The train journey from Leeds to Keighley takes approximately 25 minutes, with no changes. The bus journey from Keighley then takes approximately 15 minutes. Buses depart from Keighley bus station every 20 minutes.


Thank you for visiting this page and we hope that the short guide has been beneficial. We hope it has helped answer any questions you may have before travelling to Haworth in Yorkshire. If so, please share the page and help others.