Throughout the world, in most major cities, towns and villages, there are a large number of tourist Attractions. These attractions come in all shapes, forms and sizes yet can be enjoyed by anyone who visits. Although not all of the attractions will appeal to everyone, it is always good to have a little knowledge as to what is on offer before you go.

Tourist AttractionsThis page is designed to be a one stop portal in providing information on a wide range of those world tourist attractions allowing you to plan your visits and save money.




One of the main purposes of this page, is to help save you time and money. We hope that by using this page, it will help you plan your next trip to the many different attractions you are hoping to visit or provide you with a few ideas of where you can visit and find exciting things to do.

The list of attractions throughout the world is endless and it would be impossible to list them all on one single page. However, we hope that over time and with the help of our visitors, we can list a large number of major and most popular attractions throughout the world. As a result, we then hope to provide you with useful information that will be beneficial to you and other visitors.

What Are Tourist Attractions

Basically, a tourist attraction is simply a place of interest where people visit an it can be in any shape or form and in any country.


Types Of Tourist Attractions

No matter where you are or which country you may be visiting, there are only two main types of attractions and they are:

Man Made and Natural

Man Made Attractions: Man made attractions are attractions that have been built by people. These types of attractions include such things as Monuments, Building, Theme Parks, Museums, Castles etc.

Natural Attractions: Natural attractions are attractions that have been formed by nature such as Mountains, Lakes, Forests and beaches.

Every major city throughout the world has a number of attractions and these attractions provide a large source of tourism and revenue for the country. Every country in the world has different types of attractions and these are popular for many different reasons. Many countries and cities are very popular and attract tourism for their ‘Man Made’ attractions whilst others attract visitors simply for their Natural attractions.

Places such as Florida are famous for ‘Man Made’ attractions like Disneyland, Wet & Wild and Universal Studios. Although these attractions are all ‘Man Made’, they attract a huge amount of visitors throughout the year. Man Made attractions such as Theme Parks are very popular and are a major source of revenue for the country.

Places such as Lake Garda in Italy, Lake Windermere in the UK and Mont Blanc in France are famous for their natural beauty and also attract large numbers of visitors throughout the year generating revenue for local industry and businesses. The difference in these types of places and attractions is that most of the ‘Man Made’ attractions such as the Theme Parks charge an entrance fee whereas the Lakes and Mountains can be enjoyed for FREE.

However, this said no matter where you visit in the world, wherever there is a major attraction, it will normally cost you money at some point! Even if you do not have to pay an entrance fee to the attraction, there will always be people trying to get your money. Centred around every major attraction, is tourism and tourism always attracts business. If you are planning on visiting any attraction in the world, wouldn’t you prefer to have access to information that will save you money?


Most Popular Tourist Attractions In The World

There are so many great attractions throughout the world that have a large number of tourists visit them each year. However, there are several attractions that receive more visitors than the rest and we have tried to compile a list of the most popular visitor attraction in the world.


Hidden Costs When Visiting Tourist Attractions

Whatever country, town or city you wish to visit and whichever attraction you would like to see, there are many other costs that you need to factor in to your budget. As well as the entrance fee to the attraction (if applicable), you need to consider hotels, travel, car hire, coach travel, flights, parking, food and much more. There are many ways that you can reduce the cost of your visit to any of the attractions you may wish to visit and we will be discussing them throughout this website. The easiest way to save money is to simply register for our FREE Service.

Be Smart And Save Money!

Throughout your lifetime, you will visit many different countries, cities, towns and villages whether it is on holiday, business or leisure. As a result of this, you will no doubt have the opportunity to visit and see a large number of attractions. Some of these attractions are FREE of charge to visit but some cost money. Visiting every single one of the attractions in the place you are visiting can become very expensive, especially if you are taking your family. The most popular time for visiting attractions is when you are on holiday and obviously, this period is when you spend the largest amount of money. Nobody enjoys spending more money than is necessary and as we discussed early, if you are paying for the whole family to visit these attractions, you need to try and keep the cost to a minimum.

Throughout the year most major attractions have Special Offers and promotions running and this is simply to encourage people to visit. The smartest thing that you can do is to ensure you are kept up to date and fully informed about all of these Special Offers and Discounts that are running throughout the year. Not only will it save you a lot of time and money but it is also a great way to pre-plan your holidays or excursion, knowing that you will save money.

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