A Simple Guide To The Airport Lounge Leeds Bradford (LBA)

In this short guide, we take a look at the airport lounge Leeds Bradford Airport (LBA).

If you are flying from Leeds Bradford International Airport and are considering using one of the Executive Lounges, hopefully this guide will answer some of the questions you may have. Also, we hope it will help you to decide which is the best lounge at Leeds Bradford Airport for you.

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Does Leeds Bradford Airport Have A VIP Lounge:

Yes, Leeds Bradford does have VIP/Executive Lounges at the airport, available to passengers departing from the airport.


How Many Lounges Are Available At Leeds Bradford Airport:

Airport Lounge Leeds BradfordThere are currently 3 lounges available at Leeds Bradford International Airport, which are:

  • The Yorkshire Lounge
  • The 1432 Runway Club
  • The White Rose Suit



Who Can Use The Airport Lounge Leeds Bradford:

The airport lounges at Leeds Bradford Airport, are open to all passengers, regardless of which airline you are flying with and class you are flying. Passengers who wish to use any of the lounges at the airport, can either book in advance or pay at the desk on day of departure. However, it is strongly recommended to book your Lounge access in advance if possibly, simply to avoid disappointment if you cannot get in on the day.

The Leeds Bradford Airport lounges can become busy. especially during peak times and this is why it is recommended to book your reservation in advance.


Can You Use Priority Pass At Leeds Bradford Airport:

Yes, Priority Pass holders can use the Lounges at Leeds Bradford Airport but this is access with Priority Pass is subject to availability.


Why Use The Lounges At Leeds Bradford Airport:

There are so many advantages to using one of the Lounges at LBA. Leeds Bradford Airport is not a large airport and at peak times, it can become very busy. The bars and restaurants do get crowded and seating in the Departures area is limited. This means that it can sometimes be hard to get a seat and you can also experience queues. Visiting one of the Lounges eliminates all the hustle and bustle of the main Departures Lounge and allows you to wait for your flight in comfort.

Make Delays More Comfortable

Unfortunately, delays do happen and if your flight is delayed, it is much better being in one of the Lounges for the duration of your delay, than out in the main Departure area. Using an airport lounge at Leeds Bradford will help you relax before your flight, as well as eliminate any discomfort, should you incur a delay.

Other Advantages Include:

  • Complimentary Drinks and Snacks
  • Spacious, Comfortable Seating
  • Charging Points
  • Free Wifi
  • TV
  • Great Views Of The Runway


How Long Before My Flight Can I Enter The Lounges At Leeds Bradford:

Passengers can have access to the Lounges upto 3 hours before their scheduled departure time.


Are Children Allowed In The Airport Lounges At Leeds Bradford:

Yes, children are welcome in both the Yorkshire Lounge and White Rose Suite at the airport. However, must be supervised and bookings will need to be made by an adult over the age of 18.

Please Note: Children under the age of 12 are not allowed in The 1432 Runway Club Lounge.


Group Access:

Access to the Lounges is limited to a maximum of 6 adults per group. However, if you would like to book entry for larger groups, you will need to contact the airport Lounge directly.


Which Cards and Passes Can Be Used To Access The Lounges At LBA:

Several of the more popular Lounge Passes and Cards such as Priority Pass, Dragon Pass and Lounge Key are accepted for entry to The Yorkshire Lounge. However, entry using these cards is subject to availability on the day and you cannot pre-book your Lounge entry in advance with any of these cards.


Mobility Access To Lounges:

All the Lounges at Leeds Bradford Airport are accessible for Wheelchair users.


Is There A Dress Code For The Airport Lounges At Leeds Bradford:

Yes, there is a smart casual Dress Code in place for entry to the Lounges and the following attire is no allowed:

  • Sportswear
  • Team or Tour Shirts
  • Baseball Caps
  • Clothing With Offensive Slogans
  • Shorts (Unless they are Tailored)
  • Men’s Vest Tops


Leeds Bradford Airport Lounge Opening Times:

The airport Lounges are open to passengers from 05:00am until 20:00 and are designed to correspond with flight departures from Leeds Bradford Airport. The last entry to the Lounges is 18:30pm.


The Yorkshire Lounge:

Located ‘Airside, one the first floor after Airport Security, next to Boarding Gates 4 & 5 you will find The Yorkshire Lounge at Leeds Bradford Airport.

The Yorkshire Lounge Leeds Bradford Airport, offers passengers the perfect place to relax before their flight. Passengers in the Yorkshire Lounge can enjoy a range of foods throughout the day.

Food and Drinks:

  • In the morning fresh fruit, cereals and hot snacks are available.
  • At lunch and tea, you can look forward to a variety of pasta or jacket potatoes, along with a choice of sweet snacks for those with a sweet tooth.

You will also find a range of both soft and alcoholic drinks available at the bar or teas and coffee.

Watch The Short Video Of The Yorkshire Lounge – Leeds Bradford Airport:


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The White Rose Suit:

The White Rose Lounge Leeds Bradford is situated next to Boarding Gates 4 & 5 on the first floor of the Departures area ‘Airside’.

A selection of hot and cold snacks are available throughout the day. For breakfast, passengers can enjoy fresh fruit, cereals and hot and cold breakfast food. For lunch and later in the day, a selection of salads and pasta, followed by a selection of chocolate and cakes from the buffet.

A range of soft and alcoholic drinks are available, including Barista service, fresh ground coffee and selection of teas, wines, beer and spirits.

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The 1432 Runway Club:

The 1432 Runway Club is strictly for persons 12 years and older.

Once again, The 1432 Lounge Leeds Bradford Airport is located ‘Airside, on the first floor next to Gates 4 7 5 after Security.

The Leeds Bradford Airport 1432 Runway Lounge, offers the best views of the runway, while you enjoy relaxing in comfort.

Enjoy a range of seasonal foods from breakfast to lunch, including food such as fresh fruit, cereals, pastries, cake and salads.

A range of soft and alcoholic drinks are available including , speciality teas, coffee, wines, prosecco and continental beers. 

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