Where Is The Best Parking For Blackpool Pleasure Beach

In this short guide, we take a look at parking for Blackpool Pleasure Beach. If you are driving to Blackpool by car, minibus or coach you will require parking.

Parking For Blackpool Pleasure Beach

If you are visiting the Pleasure Beach and would like to park close by, hopefully this guide will be beneficial.






Parking Close To Blackpool Pleasure Beach:

If you are visiting the Pleasure Beach, then it makes sense to park as near as possible. This is especially helpful, if you are travelling with children or anyone with restricted mobility.


Is There Parking At Blackpool Pleasure Beach:

Yes, there is parking at Blackpool Pleasure. However, when it comes to parking close to Blackpool Pleasure, there is both good news and bad news!

The Good News:

The good news is that there are actually quite a few places to park near the Pleasure. As a result, they provide secure parking, with very easy access to the Pleasure Beach itself.

The Bad News:

The bad news is that you will have to pay for parking and also, the car parks can become full quickly. This is more so the case during peak periods, such as school holidays.


Best Parking For Blackpool Pleasure Beach:

So, what is the best parking for Blackpool Pleasure? Well, obviously the best parking is the spaces closest to the Pleasure Beach! However, as we have previously mentioned, you will have to pay and these spaces come at a premium. 


Parking At Blackpool Pleasure Beach:

There are 3 designated car parks at Blackpool Pleasure and they are:

  • North Car Park: 3 Balmoral Road, FY4 1HR 
  • East Car Park: Bond Street, FY4 1HW
  • West Car Park: Ocean Boulevard, FY4 1PL


Blackpool Pleasure Beach Parking Balmoral Road:

The North Car Park on Balmoral Road, is the main car park for the Pleasure Beach in Blackpool. As a result, due to its proximity to the Pleasure Beach, as you can imagine it commands the highest fee. 


Blackpool Pleasure Beach Parking Prices:

As previously mentioned, you will have to pay to park your car at one of the car parks close to Blackpool Pleasure. 

 Note:  The prices below were correct at the time of writing this guide. However, prices are subject to change and it is advisable to check the current prices before your travel.

North Car Park: The Blackpool Pleasure Beach North car park is from £18 on the day. If you turn up on the day, the fee for parking is from £18. However, you can pre-book parking at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in advance Online for £20. As a result to booking Online for £20, you will be guaranteed a reserved parking space.

East Car Park: The East car park, which is located on Bond Street, parking prices start at £15.00 per day.

West Car Park: The West Car Park is located on Ocean Boulevard and the parking prices are also from £15.00 per day.


Is There Free Parking For Blackpool Pleasure Beach: 

Unfortunately, no there is no free parking at Blackpool Pleasure or around it perimeter. All the main major car parks close to the park are ‘paid’ parking. All the roads around the park are either metered parking, restricted parking or no parking zones. Even the hotels closest to Blackpool Pleasure Beach do not offer free parking to their guests.


Is There Any Free Parking Near Blackpool Pleasure Beach:

As we have previously mentioned, parking close to the park and areas around the park are paid for parking zones. However, there are certain roads further away from the Pleasure that do allow you to park for free or a limited time for free. Several roads in Blackpool will also allow you to park for free after 6pm at night until early the next morning. As a result of them being further away from the park, it obviously involves much more walking. Obviously this would not suit everyone and if the weather is bad, it makes it even worse!

Another disadvantage of trying to find free parking close to Blackpool Pleasure Beach is that the spaces are very limited. As a result, these spaces are taken very quickly and very early in the morning. Not only that but you can spend a long time driving around Blackpool trying to find a free, free parking space!


Alternative Parking In Blackpool:

As we previously mentioned, there are several other car parks located close to the Pleasure Beach in Blackpool. Below is a list of those car parks, that are very close or within a 10-15 minutes walk of the Pleasure Beach. We have included the addresses and postcodes for each car park, if you need them for your SATNAV.

  • 150 Bond Street Car Parking – FY4 1HW
  • Blackpool Carpark: Opposite – Blackpool FY4 1B
  • Boulevard Car Park – Coasters, Blackpool FY4 1PL
  • Ocean Boulevard Secure Car Park – 1 Watson Rd Blackpool, null FY4
  • Osborne Road – 24 Hours – FY4 1HR
  • Parking Blackpool – Closes at 10pm – 18 Balmoral Rd FY4 1HR
  • South Beach Car Park – 24 Hours – South Promenade, Blackpool FY4 1BB
  • South Car Park – FY4 1HU
  • Watson Road Arena Car Park – 4 Watson Rd, Blackpool FY4 1EH


Private Parking:

If you do not want to pay too much for your parking in Blackpool, an alternative is to look for private parking. Many people rent out there own private parking spaces for much less than the major car park charge. As a result, this option is becoming very popular, especially with people on a limited budget. These spaces may be their own private driveway or business premises and these are a really good cheap alternative. You can take a look at all the private parking spaces that are available in Blackpool via the link below.



As you can see, parking close to Blackpool Pleasure Beach is very restricted. Although there is plenty of parking available, the majority of it is paid parking. Unless you are very lucky to find a space on the road further away from the park that is free, unfortunately, you will have to pay.

We hope this short guide has been beneficial and helped answer any question you may have had about parking for Blackpool Pleasure Beach.