A Simple Guide To Hotels By Alton Towers

In this short guide we take a quick look at the best hotels by Alton Towers theme park in the United Kingdom.

Alton Towers is now one of the most visited theme parks in the UK. As a result of its popularity, there are now several hotels close by.

Types Of Accommodation Near Alton Towers:

Hotels By Alton TowersThere are certainly enough different types of accommodation to suit all needs, requirements and budgets. Whether you are looking for an All-Inclusive package hotel or just a self catering style accommodation, there is something for you.

If you are visiting Alton Towers and wish to stay either at the resort itself or close by, you have several options.

The following are just a few different types of accommodation available:

Hotels in Alton Towers Resort
Independent Hotels
Self Catering Cottages
Log Cabins


Choosing The Right Hotel:

There are two main factors that will determine what type of accommodation will best suit you and they are:

Personal requirements

Obviously, the closer you wish to be to Alton Towers, will generally affect the cost. Proximity to the Theme Park, will then play a major factor on the overall price of your accommodation.

Another major factor in price you pay, will be the time you are visiting Alton Towers. If you choose to visit Alton Towers during the peak months, then the price of accommodation will be premium. However, there are often great deals to be found, even during the peak season.


Hotels In Alton Towers Resort:

The closest hotels to Alton Towers is the ‘Alton Towers Hotel’, ‘Splash Landings Hotel’ and ‘CBeebies Land Hotel’. The hotels are located onsite in the grounds of the theme park. The hotels are all themed hotels that caters for all the family and conveniently situated just a few minutes walk from all the attractions.

The hotel also has a number of facilities including restaurants, bars, swimming pool and a spa.

Resort Cottages:

As well as a hotel, Alton Towers also has a number of cottages fro rent. The cottages provide ideal and conveniently located accommodation close to Alton Towers main attractions. The cottages also have hot tubs and kitchenettes for self catering.

Other Types Of Accommodation At Alton Towers:

If you are wanting to stay in accommodation that is a little different, the Alton Towers allows you to do so. Not only does it provide traditional types of accommodation such as hotels and cottages but it offers something a bit different such as:

  • Woodland Lodges
  • Star Gazing Pods
  • Luxury Treehouses

Guests can also enjoy early access to Alton Towers theme park.

Watch the video to see the different types of accommodation at Alton Towers:

Hotels Or B&B Close To Alton Towers:

If you are not restricted to specific dates, then it is easier to find cheap hotels near Alton Towers. Being flexible with your dates, will ensure you can take full advantage of any offer that is available.

Although the larger hotels do tend to cost more, as we have mentioned previously it is possible to find great deals. If you cannot find a hotel to suit your budget, then A B&B is another option.


Bed and Breakfast Near Alton Towers

If you do not want to stay at one of the larger hotels, then a bed and breakfast near Alton Towers, may be worth considering. There are now several B&Bs close to Alton Towers, that offer the perfect place to stay during your visit.

Family Hotels Near Alton Towers

As you can imagine, Alton Towers is a place for all ages. This means that the majority of hotels close to Alton Towers are suitable for families. The hotels inside the theme park, are certainly set up to cater for families.


Hotels Near Alton Towers With Pool:

What better way to relax after a day at Alton Towers than to go for a quick dip in the swimming pool. There are several hotels near Alton Towers with swimming pools. However, the closest hotels of them are the hotels onsite themselves. The hotels are located onsite in the grounds at the theme park and provide the perfect places to stay. 


Alton Towers Hotel

The hotel is located just a 2 minute walk from the waterpark, which has a range of activities including water slides, interactive water features for children and shallow pools.


Splash Landings Hotel

The Splash Landings hotel at Alton Towers is another hotels located onsite. The hotel is a themed hotel with unique individual rooms and close access to the water park.

Please Note: There is a separate charge for entry to the water park but there are always special offers and discounts to be found throughout the year.

We hope you found the information in this guide beneficial and that it provided a little more insight into the hotels by Alton Towers.