A Guide For The Barcelona Airport Bus To Salou

In this short guide, we take a look at the Barcelona Airport Bus To Salou.

If you are flying into Barcelona Airport and wanting to get to Salou, hopefully this guide will answer any questions you may have.

Barcelona Airport Bus To SalouSalou is now one of the most popular holiday resorts on the Costa Daurada. The resort attracts a large number of visitors each year. Many of which fly into one of the airports in Barcelona.




So, how do you get from Barcelona Airport To Salou?

The first thing you need to consider is which airport you are flying into. Barcelona International Airport (BCN) is the main airport that services Barcelona and this is the airport we will be talking about today. However, many of the low cost budget airlines that now fly into smaller airports in the region, actually advertise them as ‘Barcelona’.

As well as Barcelona International Airport (BCN), the other two airports that are advertised as ‘Barcelona’ are:

  • Girona – Costa Brava Airport (GRO) 
  • Reus Airport (REU) 

This can be a little misleading as both Girona and Reus are a considerable distance from Barcelona itself. However Reus Airport is actually the closest airport to Salou, out of the three.


Distances To Salou From The Three Barcelona Airports:

  • Barcelona Airport (BCN) – 100 kilometers
  • Girona – Costa Brava Airport (GRO) – 193 kilometers
  • Reus Airport (REU) – 13.4 kilometers


Is There A Bus From Barcelona Airport To Salou

Yes, there is a bus from Barcelona Airport To Salou. Barcelona International Airport (BCN) is the main airport to service Barcelona. Due to Salou being one of the popular holiday destinations close to Barcelona, you can now catch a bus direct.


Where Do You Catch The Bus:

The bus service to Salou from Barcelona Airport departs from outside the airport terminals. The bus Picks Up from outside the airport Terminal. You will need to check which terminal the bus departs from, at the time you wish to catch the bus. 

You can catch a free courtesy bus to transfer you between Terminals 1 and 2 at Barcelona Airport.


Plana Bus Barcelona Airport To Salou:

The company that operates the Barcelona Airport to Salou bus is ‘Plana’. 


Shuttle Bus From Barcelona Airport To Salou:

As well as the scheduled bus transfer from Barcelona Airport To Salou, operated by Plana, there is another shuttle bus option available.

Using one of the shuttle bus services is a perfect way to get from Barcelona Airport to Salou. The shuttle bus services have several advantages over using the ‘Plana’ bus and they are:

  • Corresponds with your flight arrival and departure times
  • Drops you off at and picks you up from your hotel
  • Very cost effective

Click the following link to compare the best shuttle bus transfers from Barcelona Airport to Salou.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Get From Barcelona Airport To Salou:

The cheapest way to get from Barcelona Airport to Salou, depends on a few different factors. The main factor is how many people are travelling in your party. If you are travelling alone, then the public bus service is definitely the cheapest option.

However, if there are several people travelling in your group, then hiring a car from Barcelona Airport may be worth considering. The reason why car hire can be a cheaper option is obviously because the cost can be shared. The added bonus is that it provides you with transfers to and from the airport. Another advantage is, that is provides you with transport for the duration of your stay, which can save you a fortune in taxi fares, bus fares or train fares.


Can You Get A Train From Barcelona Airport To Salou:

No, there is no direct train from Barcelona Airport to Salou. If you are wanting to catch the train from Barcelona to Salou, you will first need to take the train from Barcelona Airport to Barcelona. From Barcelona, you can then catch the train to Salou

The train service is operated by RENFE and run between Barcelona Sants station and Salou. The train runs at regular intervals throughout the day and the journey time is approximate 1 hour 25 minutes.


How Much Is A Taxi From Barcelona Airport To Salou:

The cost of a taxi from Barcelona Airport to Salou is approximately 150 euros. Taxis are available from outside the main airport terminals.

Note: It is always advisable to ask the driver before you get in the taxi, how much the taxi fare will cost. To ensure you don’t pay too much for your taxi, it is a good idea to pre-book your taxi in advance before you travel to Barcelona. Pre-booking means you pay for your taxi in advance, which eliminates any worries about the price.


Watch The Video Of Saluo From Above:

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We hope you found this guide useful on helping with any questions you may have about the Barcelona Airport bus to Salou.