A Simple Guide About The Flight Time LAX To Tokyo

In this short guide we answer the common question “what is the flight time LAX to Tokyo Japan?”

Flight Time LAX To TokyoLos Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Tokyo International Airport (HND) is a popular flight, that is used by many travellers each year. It is an essential route that connects the passengers from the USA to Japan. It is also a route that is used by both business and leisure travellers. If you are considering taking a flight from California to Japan, then you may be wanting to known the actual flight time before travel.

What Is The Flight Time LAX to Tokyo?

The ‘Non Stop’ flight time from LAX to Tokyo Japan is approximately between 11 and 12 hours. However, this flight time will fluctuate, depending on weather conditions.


What Is The Flight Distance Between LAX and Tokyo:

The distance by air from Los Angeles to Tokyo, is approximately 5475 miles (8811.158 Kilometers). 

Flying at an average speed of 500 mph, gives you an average flight time of 11 hours 35 minutes. Obviously, as we mentioned previously, there are several other factors that will determine the actual time of this flight on any specific day.

Equivalent to 500 miles per hour:

805 Kilometers per hour 

434 knots


Los Angeles (LAX) to Tokyo Flight Path:

Los Angeles To Tokyo Flight PathThe majority of flight departures from Los Angeles to Tokyo, will usually first head North after take off. The flight path North, will normally keep close to the coastline. After its flight North, it will then start to head West as it approaches the Southern part of Alaska. Its onward journey will then make its way to the Kamchatka Peninsula, with its final approach being to its destination of Tokyo in Japan.

Watch Takeoff From Los Angeles LAX Airport:

By JustPlanes As Found On Youtube

Time Difference Between Los Angeles and Tokyo:

Don’t forget that if you are intending to fly from Los Angeles to Tokyo, you will need to take into consideration, the time difference.

Tokyo is 17 hours ahead of Los Angeles Or Los Angeles is 17 behind Tokyo, which ever way you want to calculate it.

As well a ensuring all your onward travel requirements are in place correctly, regarding the dates and time difference, Jet Lag is also something you should take into account. To read more about Jet lag and how you can avoid it, please take a look at the following page. What helps jet lag

We hope you found this short guide helpful in answering how long the flight time LAX to Tokyo Japan is.