Ski Hire Arinsal Andorra – A Simple Guide

Finding ski hire in Arinsal (Andorra) is very easy. The ski resort of Arinsal is a popular choice with many skier and snowboarders throughout the Winter season. As a result, Arinsal now has a number of ski rental shops, which cater for its visitors to the slopes.

Ski Hire Arinsal AndorraIf you are planning to visit Arinsal and are wanting to rent skis during your visit, hopefully this short guide will help.






Ski Hire Arinsal Andorra Cost:

In general, Andorra is famous for its low prices and this is reflected in ski hire too. Compared to many other ski resorts in Europe, ski rental in Arinsal is very reasonable. Obviously, the cost of your ski hire will vary and is determined by several different factors, these include:

  • Number of days you wish to rent your skis
  • Types of skis you hire
  • What package you purchase (i.e. skis only, ski and boots, ski, boots and helmet)
  • If you take out ski insurance cover
  • Which location/shop you hire from
  • Time of season

All the above factors are what will determine the price you pay for your ski rental in Arinsal. As you can see, there are several things that will affect the price you pay for any period of rental.

Arinsal Ski Rental Packages:

As with most ski rental shops, there will be several different packages on offer. The ski hire packages are generally geared towards the level of skier you are. As a result, the ski rental packages usually start off for beginners through to the more advanced/expert skier. The beginners packages are the lower end skis, that are more forgiving. However, the advanced/expert skis are much more technical and high performance! Due to these facts, it is generally reflected in the price of the ski hire package. The ‘Beginner’ packages are much lower priced, whereas the ‘Advanced/Expert packages are much more expensive. The packages have different names, depending on which shop you hire your skis from but popular names are:

  • Economy – Evolution – Performance – Excellence
  • Bronze – Silver – Gold – Platinum
  • Beginner – Intermediate – Advanced – Expert

Obviously, you would need to decide which package best suit you and your requirements, to find the best deal on your ski hire.

Ski Hire Arinsal Andorra Prices:

As we previously mentioned, one of the factors that can affect the price you pay is the time of season. Most ski resort have low season, mid season and high/peak season. As you can imagine, during the high/peak season is when the prices will be at there highest. Due to this fact, the time of season you visit Arinsal, will also influence the price you pay for your ski hire.

Cheapest Ski Hire Arinsal Andorra:

One of the best ways to ensure you find the best deals on your ski hire is to shop around. Ski hire comparison is a good option and will allow you to see which is the best price. However, another alternative is to pre-book your ski hire in advance, as it provides you with several advantages. Pre-booking your ski hire in advance will ensure you secure the ski/ski package(s) you require. Not only that but it also allows you to control your budget, as you will now exactly how much it will cost. This will also help to manage any other extras you may require before travelling to Arinsal.

Best Ski Hire Arinsal Andorra:

If you would like to see the different types of ski hire packages, as well as all the prices, we have provided a link below. It will allow you to search via SkiSet (one of the largest ski hire agents) and you will be able to pre-book your ski hire in advance.
We hope you found this short guide useful and it helped answer any questions you had about ski hire in Arinsal Andorra.