Staycations in the UK have certainly become a popular choice for many families, couples and groups of friends. It is a word that is becoming more commonly used in today’s society. The term has become more popular, especially due to recent events but what does ‘staycation’ mean?

This page is designed to help shine a little light on Staycations UK.  It will also answer the frequently asked questions and provide you with a few ideas.


What Is A Staycation:

A ‘Staycation’, is simply when you take a holiday, in your own country or take day trips from your own home, without staying overnight.

Staycations UKThe word ‘Staycation’ is derived from both the words ‘Stay’ and ‘Vacation’ 

Originally, if you mentioned ‘Staycation’, it  would mean visiting a place(s) close to your home or embark on activities nearby. You would then stay at home overnight and do something different the next day.

However, today the term ‘Staycation’ is more widely used and refers to taking a break in your country of residence.

For example: If you live in the United Kingdom, a ‘Staycation’, would involve visiting a destination, within the UK and not abroad.


Staycations UK Ideas

Watch the playlist below and discover some of the most popular travel destinations to visit in the UK. Beautiful drone footage of places to visit in England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. Including popular resorts and seaside towns such as Filey, Bournemouth, Portree and Skegness.

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Why Are Staycations UK Better?

Everyone is different! Some people love to go on holiday in their own country and would never dream of going abroad. Others, would never consider taking a Staycation in their own country and can’t wait to visit different countries.

There is nothing to say, that Staycations UK are a better option. Unfortunately, there are times, when there is no other option for people but to stay in their own country. People’s circumstances change and with these changes, they have to adapt to their current circumstances.

Here are just a few reasons why a Staycation may be a better option:

  • Illness or medical reasons, that prevent you travel abroad.
  • Having a baby and do not want to fly or take a long journey with a newborn baby or young children. 
  • Financial restrictions and budget.
  • Pandemic.
  • Work Commitments.


Where Can I Go On A Staycation UK?

Wow, what a question! If you asked 100 different people this questions, you would probably receive 100 different answers. The UK has so much to offer, with so many places to visit and things to see and do.

It isn’t until you actually start looking into the best places to visit in the UK, that you realise the sheer beauty of Great Britain and the UK.

It is so hard to pinpoint the best places for any one individual to staycation or visit, simply because everyone’s taste is different. However, whether you enjoy long scenic walks, beautiful sandy beaches, stunning lakes, amusement and theme parks, museums and galleries, ancient ruins and castles, rolling hills and mountains, nightclubs and bars, shopping and restaurants and everything in between, you will not be disappointed with what the UK has to offer.

You really do have such a wide choice of places to visit in the UK and each one of the for countries in the UK holds its own beauties, character and charms. From bustling cities to quaint  sleeping villages or tourist beaches to quite secluded coves, you will find them all throughout:

  • England
  • Scotland
  • Ireland
  • Wales
Most Popular Places For Staycations UK

As we have previously mentioned, the UK is an amazing place to explore, with so many places to visit. The UK, really does have something for everyone and all ages. The list below, is just a few of the most popular travel destinations in the UK for Staycation holidays and breaks.

  • London
  • North Yorkshire
  • Lake District
  • Norfolk Broads
  • Pembrokeshire
  • Peak District
  • Devon
  • Cornwall
  • Dorset
  • Cotswolds
  • Edinburgh
  • Isle Of Scilly
  • North wales
  • Scottish Highlands
  • Isle Of Wight


Benefits And Advantages Of Staycations UK Holidays:

Obviously, there are many advantages to taking a holiday in your home country. The convenience of being able to just pack your bags and drive to your destination, is one of the major appeals to holidaying at home.

Not having to have a passport, exchange money, travel to the airport, take a flight or ferry and no language barrier are just a few more advantages.


Disadvantages Of A Staycation Holiday:

As with the many advantages of a holiday in your own country, there will always be disadvantages but they are few and far between. One of the main disadvantages about staying in the UK for your holiday, is the weather! The warm sunny weather is not guaranteed in the UK, as it is in many of the destinations abroad and this can be a major downside, especially if it rains!

Although you may think it will be a lot cheaper to holiday in your home country, this is not always the case. It can actually be cheaper to book a package deal for a holiday abroad or book flights and accommodation independently, than a holiday in the UK.

Obviously, if you do not have the option to travel abroad, comparing the cost will not be a factor. If you are restricted to a budget but would prefer to travel abroad, then it is always worth shopping around and doing a little research first to see what offers are available.

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Staycation Ideas For Couples UK

If you and your partner are looking for a few ideas as to what to do or where to go in the UK, hopefully the following may provide you with a few ideas.

  • Visit one of the beautiful villages in the UK
  • Have a Theatre break
  • Go Glamping
  • Visit the seaside
  • Treat yourself to a spa break
  • Visit the beautiful Lake District
  • Take City Break
  • Walk on the Jurasic Coast
  • Visit one of the many Theme Parks
  • Wine and Dine