Billund Airport Information And Guide

Does Billund Have An Airport:

Yes, Billund does have an airport, that services the region.

Where Is Billund Airport

The location of Billund Airport (BLL) Denmark or ‘Billund Lufthavn’, is situated just over 1 mile North East of Billund itself. It is in the Jutland peninsula region of Denmark.  The airport is the second largest airport in Denmark and has over 2 million passengers passing through it each year. 


Brief History:

The airport was originally opened in 1964 and has now become even more popular due to it’s proximity to Legoland, which is located in Billund. Legoland itself, is situated just under 3.1 miles (5 klms) from the airport. In 2002 the airport opened a new terminal, designed to accommodate the steady growth of passenger traffic. The new terminal now provides many facilities, which helps make procedures at the airport run much smoother.


What Is The Billund Airport Code

Every airport throughout the world has its own code and the majority of airports have two. The main code that you will normally be more familiar with is the IATA code, this is the code you normally see on your travel documents. There is also another code known as the IACO code but this is not usually used for passenger travel.

The IATA Code For Billund Is: BLL

The IACO Code For Billund Is; EKBI


Getting To And From Billund Airport And Airport Transfers

Getting to and from the airport is relatively simple and you have a choice of options regarding transport and transfers. These include car hire, coach, bus, taxi or private shuttle. The Ground Support at Billund is very efficient and most of the coaches are scheduled to coincide with the flight Arrivals and Departures at the airport. Which form of airport transfer you will choose from the airport is obviously determined by personal preference and budget.

The following are the different types of transfer options available from the airport.


Car Hire Billund Airport:

Billund Airport car hire is a popular choice with passengers arriving at the airport for various reasons and it can sometimes work out a more viable option. Car hire Billund is a popular choice with both tourists and business professionals and offers independence from as soon as you land at the airport. There are a few of the major car hire companies that operate from inside the airport terminal.

Avis – Budget Rent-a-Car – Europcar – Hertz – Sixt Rent A Car, are the major companies and consistently offer competitive prices on Billund Airport car rental, which makes it a viable option for means of airport transfer.

Car rental from Billund, not only provides a quick means of transport but it also has the added bonus of providing you with transport for the whole of your stay in Denmark. This not only means you have do not have to rely on public transport but also means you have the freedom to explore places at your own leisure.

Billund Car Hire, A Cheaper and More Convenient Alternative

If you are travelling in a small group, car hire might work out cheaper or if not cheaper, just a little more than you would spend using public transport. Passengers whom are traveling to destinations of considerable distance, may find that hiring a car is a better option financially and more convenient in regards to airport transfer.

To find the best prices on car rental, please visit the following page:

Best Prices On Car Hire From Billund Airport



Billund Airport Bus: There are regular bus services to many destinations throughout Denmark and a new shuttle service to Copenhagen is in operation.  Outside the airport terminal, you will find bus stands that are designated to the various destinations, simply make your way to the bus stands and you will be able to find the appropriate bus service for your destination. If you cannot find the appropriate service, you can asked a member of staff at one of the information desks for help. The local bus service that run from the airport provide a very reliable and cost effective form of transport to and from the airport and are a great option for passengers travelling alone or on a limited budget.

Billund Shuttle: This is a FREE shuttle bus (Line 384) that transfers passengers to Billund via many hotels and Legoland and also from Billund itself to the airport. (This service only runs through July and August).



Taxi: There are many taxi companies that operate from the airport and many offer Limousine transfers.  It is always a good idea to ask the driver how much the journey will cost before entering the taxi.


Lego Billund

Legoland is one of Denmark most popular attractions and has a large number of visitors throughout the year. Legoland Billund is located just 4.1klms from the airport which makes getting to and from Legoland very easy. There is a local bus that you can catch from the airport to Legoland and the journey takes approximately 10 minutes.


Hotels Near Billund Airport

Passengers arriving or departing from the airport and wishing to stay in one of the hotels near the airport have a choice of several hotels. The nearest hotel to Billund airport is the Zleep Hotel which is located just a few hundreds metres (0.2 miles) from the airport itself. Hotel Legoland and Hotel Propellen are both located 1.2 miles from the airport and the Hotel Svanen is situated 1.4 miles from the airport.



There is parking facilities at the airport for passengers and people collecting or dropping passengers at te airport. There are several parking areas at the airport and there is a shuttle bus that connects passengers from the airport terminal to the parking areas. Several of the parking ares are within walking distance to the airport terminal.


Airport Lounge At Billund

The King Amlet Lounge provides passengers with a variety of facilities such as newspapers, Internet access, conference facilities and a selection of refreshments. Please Note: You will need the appropriate pass or ticket to be eligible for entry to the airport lounge at Billund. Find the best price on the Airport Lounge at Billund Airport


Tourist Information Desk

The Tourist Information desk is located outside the Customs area in the terminal and you can acquire a large number of brochures and guides from the desk that will provide you with relevant information you need to plane your trip.


Luggage Storage At The Airport

It is possible to leave your luggage in storage at the airport and there is a small charge for doing so. The charge is based on a daily fee of 4 euros (at the time of writing) and the luggage storage office is located opposite the car rental desks


Lost And Found

If you believe you have lost and item of luggage or have left something in the airport, you should contact the ‘Lost and Found’ department as soon as possible on the flowing number: 0045 76 50 50 67. The office is open between 08.00 – 10.00 a.m.


Free Wifi

The airport provides passengers with free internet access during their time inside the airport terminal.


Billund Airport Arrivals

If you are wanting to check flight Arrivals at Billund Airport, you can keep informed and up to date using the widget at the bottom of this page.

As your flight lands at Billund Airport, your aircraft will then taxi to the Apron and into the parking bay to which it has been allocated. You will be required to remain in your seat until the aircraft has come to a complete stop and the ‘Fasten Seat Belt’ signs have been switched off. Once the aircraft is parked, the Ground Staff at the airport will attach the staircase or walkway for passengers to disembark the aircraft safely. When the staircase or walkway has been securely attached, you will be asked to exit the aircraft and make your way to the main terminal building. Upon leaving the aircraft, ensure you have all your belongings with you and don’t forget to check the overhead lockers to ensure you have not left any item in them.

There will be members of the airline and Ground staff on hand to ensure your transfer from the aircraft to the airport Terminal building is a safe one. If you require assistance getting from the aircraft to the Terminal building, it is advisable to either contact the airline or airport prior to your travel date. This will ensure that there will be a member of staff waiting to meet you off your flight and assist you with getting to the Terminal building.



How Do I Get From Aarhus To Billund?

There are a couple of ways to get to Aarhus from Billund Airport. There is a direct bus service to Aarhus bus station (Banegårdsplads/Banegårdspladsen) from the airport. Alternatively, you can catch the local bus from Billund Airport to the train station in Vejle and then catch the train from Vejle to Aarhus.

The journey time takes between 1 hour 30 minutes and 2 hours, depending on traffic.

How Much Is The Bus From Billund Airport To Aarhus:

The price of a bus ticket from Billund Airport to Aarhus is approximately between £12-£20.