Segway Tours

If you are looking for a unique, fun and exciting way to see the sights and attractions in the destination you are visiting, then why not try one of the popular ‘Segway Tours’. Segway Tours have certainly grown in popularity over the past few years and Segways, have now become a popular sight themselves, throughout many major tourist destinations and cities.

What Is A Segway

Segway ToursBasically, a Segway, is a two wheeled balancing scooter, that was originally launched in 2001 by Segway Inc. They were originally known as Segway HT, with the HT being an abbreviation of ‘Human Transporter’. Now it is referred to as PT, and the PT being an abbreviation of ‘Personal Transporter’. Since its launch in 2001, the Segway has been used by many different people and organisation including the Emergency Medical Services and Special Police forces during the Olympics. One industry that has really made use of the Segway, is the Travel and Tourism industry, that now takes full advantage of the Segway’s versatility and ability to enhance its easy use, to get around and have fun!

Why Choose A Segway Tour

Segway tours provide a different experience for exploring a destination, as well as being a fun way to take in the sights. Not only are they fun but they provide an easy way to cover a large distance without effort, which is a real plus point if you struggle with mobility or have any issues with walking long distances. Using a Segway is also a really good way to get your bearings, if you are visiting somewhere that is new. It will allow you to see a large area in a short space of time, which will then help you decide the places you would like to revisit and spend a little more time in.

Save Your Feet

Let’s face it, walking around a large town or city can be hard work, especially on a hot day. Even if you are with someone who knows their way around, it doesn’t alter the fact that you have to walk! A Segway, is the perfect solution for tired feet or a safe preventative for getting them!

How Hard Are They To Ride

Many people believe that riding a Segway will be difficult but are then really surprised when they find how easy it is. After the initial tuition and then a few minutes practicing on a Segway, you will have the hang of it and be ready to ride around your destination, taking in the sights you want to see.

If you are a complete novice and beginner on a Segway, then certainly do not let that put you off. All the tours are conducted by experienced guide, who will cater for all your needs and requirements. They will provide you with the tuition you need to get you started and ensure you feel confident and competent to ride the Segway, before you set out on the tour.

How Long Are The Segway Tours

Each tour is different and each city offers a different type of tour, which obviously means that the length of the tours vary. The majority of Segway tours, usually last between 1-3 hours, which is enough time to enjoy yourself, take in the sights and have great fun!


There are minimum age restrictions with the Segway tours and it is always best to ensure that whoever is in your party, are old enough to ride one. Obviously, this is important if you are travelling with children.


Depending on the type of Segway, there may be a weight restriction

Types of Segway Tours

There are now many different types of Segway tours and in a large number of towns and cities in numerous countries. Some of the Segway tours, take you to the most iconic sights and attraction in the world, in some of the most popular destinations. Below are just a few of the great Segway Tours, that are available in major cities and destinations, throughout the world. Be inspired and find the best deals and join in the fun of riding and sightseeing on a Segway!:

Watch The Videos Below Of Just A Few Different Types Of Segway Tours That Are Available:

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Adelaide: Adelaide Riverbank Guided Segway Tour

Brisbane: Brisbane Segway Sightseeing Tour

Coldstream: Yarra Valley Segway Tour

Perth: Perth Segway Tour


Cape Verde:

Santa Maria: Segway Tour of Santa Maria

Costa Rica: Segway Tour in Quepos



Split: Split Segway Tour


Czech Republic:

Brno: Brno With a Touch of History Segway Tour

Prague: Prague Segway Tour – Three-Hour Prague Segway Tour – Prague Private Urban Segway tour – 1 Hour Winter Segway Tour – Private Evening Segway Tour of Prague



Annecy: Annecy Segway Tour

La Rochelle: La Rochelle Seaside Segway Tour – La Rochelle’s City Segway Tour

Lyon: Lyon Segway Discovery tour – Lyon City Highlights Segway Tour

Montpellier: Montpellier Segway Tour of the Old and New Montpellier

French Polynesia: Papeete Segway Night Tour – Papeete’s Waterfront Segway Tour  – Introduction to the Practice of Segway in Papeete – Discover Papeete by Segway

Paris: Segway Tours in Paris – Paris City Segway Tour – Paris Evening Quest Game on Segway – Segway Tour with Eiffel Tower Views



Berlin: Berlin Segway Tour – Berlin Segway Rental – 60-Minute Segway Rental in Berlin

Dusseldorf: Segway City Tour in Dusseldorf – 2.5 Hour Segway Tour in Dusseldorf – 1.5 Hour Segway Tour in Dusseldorf – Rhine Segway City Tour in Dusseldorf

Munich: Munich Segway Tour – Munich Segway Tour During Oktoberfest



Athens: Acropolis of Athens Segway Tour

Rhodes: Combo Segway Tour in Rhodes – Medieval Segway Tour in Rhodes – Rhodes by Night Segway Tour



Reykjavik: Reykjavik Segway Tour



Florence: Florence Night Segway Tour – 1-Hour Segway Tour of Florence

Milan: Milan Segway Tour by Night – Milan Segway Tour – 1.5-Hour Milan Segway Tour – 3-Hour Milan Segway Tour

Naples: Naples Segway Tour – Naples Segway Grand City Tour – 90 Minutes Naples Segway Tour

Pisa: Pisa Segway Tour

Rome: Rome: Segway Tour with Lunch – Trastevere Express Tour by Segway – Ancient Rome by Segway – Private Segway Tour in Rome – Segway Rome Historic Tour – Roma’s Night Segway Tour – Rome by Night Segway Tour – Rome in a Day Segway Tour – Ancient Rome Tour by Segway Ninebot – Private Tour: Rome Highlights by Segway – Rome’s Fountains and Square Segway Tour – Private Tour: Rome Highlights by Segway – Segway tour of Appian Way in Rome – Hills of Ancient Rome Segway Tour