A Guide To The Weather For Barcelona In February

In this short guide, we take a look at the weather for Barcelona in February.

If you are visiting the beautiful city of Barcelona in February, you may be wondering what the weather is like at that time of year.

We have tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions and hopefully answer ones you may have yourself.


How Hot Is Barcelona In February:

Weather For Barcelona In FebruaryYou may be be wondering ‘is Barcelona warm in February?’. Well, Barcelona in February is relatively cool, compared with the Summer months. The month of February is actually classed as Winter. Although the days can be sunny, unlike the Summer months, it is not usually sunbathing weather.





Average Temperature In Barcelona In February:

The average daily temperatures are still a comfortable 15℃ (59°F) and don’t really drop lower than 10℃ (50°F). At night, the temperature drops to around 8-5℃ (46°F – 41°F).


Hours Of Sunlight In Barcelona In February:

Due to the days being shorter during the Winter months in Barcelona, the average daily sunlight is approximately 5 hours per day.


Does It Rain In Barcelona In February:

February is actually known as the ‘Rainy Season’ in Barcelona. However, the good news is that it only generally rains a few days a month.


Sea Temperature In Barcelona in February:

The sea temperature for Barcelona in February is around 13℃ (55.4°F), which is a little too cold for swimming.


What To Wear In Barcelona In February:

As we have previously mentioned, February in Barcelona is mid Winter. Although the average daily temperatures are around 15℃ the weather can change. Due to this fact it is advisable to pack accordingly and ensure you take sensible clothing for the time of year.

Take a jacket or fleece, for the times that the sun may not be out and the temperature feels a little cooler. A jacket or fleece is certainly advisable at night, when the temperature drops, especially if you are walking around the city.

An umbrella is a good idea, simply because it is the rainy season and showers may occur.


Is February A Good Time To Visit Barcelona:

The moderate temperature in February actually makes it quite a nice time to visit the city of Barcelona. The advantage of visiting Barcelona in February is that due to the milder weather, it is more comfortable when walking and visiting the attractions. Visiting Barcelona in the Summer months can be very hot, especially if you have to queue. 

Another reason to visit Barcelona in February is simply that it is not as busy and as a result, there are less crowds and queues.

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We hope this short guide as helped answer the questions you may have about the weather for Barcelona in February.