How Long Is The Flight Time – Atlanta To Miami

The flight time – Atlanta to Miami is approximately 1 hour 50 minutes. However, the flight time may vary, depending on weather conditions.


How Far Is Atlanta From Miami By Air:

Flight Time Atlanta To MiamiThe distance from Atlanta Airport to Miami Airport is approximately 596 miles (959 kilometers). 

This makes flying between Atlanta and Miami relatively quick and certainly much quicker than travelling by road.



Which Airports In Atlanta Fly To Miami:

The two main major airports for both destination are:

  • Atlanta: Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson – ATL
  • Miami: Miami International – MIA

The airports are used by a large number of passengers each year, travelling on this route.

Which Airlines Fly From Atlanta To Miami:

Several airlines now operate scheduled flights from Atlanta to Miami. This means that there are a number of flights every day to Miami from Atlanta.

Below is a list of the airlines that currently fly from Atlanta Airport to Miami:

  • American Airlines
  • Delta Airlines
  • Frontier Airlines
  • Spirit Airlines


Flight Codes And Numbers:

Below are the flight numbers and codes for the flights that depart Atlanta to Miami throughout the week.

  • American Airlines: AA241 – AA1368 – AA2591 – AA1046
  • Delta Airlines: DL1588 – DL1324 DL1386 – DL1589 – DL1328 – DL1330 – DL1332 – DL1323
  • Frontier Airlines: F92338 – F92340 – F91514
  • Spirit Airlines: NK3101 – NK1827


Watch Tak-Off From Atlanta William B Hartsfield Airport:

By Aero World Pictures HD: As found on Youtube

Time Zones:

The time is the same in both Atlanta and Miami. 


Driving From Atlanta To Miami:

The driving distance from Atlanta to Miami is approximately 665 miles (1070 kilometers). The drive time is around 10 hours but this can certainly vary depending on driving and weather conditions.

Due to the distance and long drive, it is definitely worth considering flying from Atlanta to Miami. There are now many cheap flights available, so it is also worth taking a look to see how much they are in comparison to driving.

We hope you found this short guide useful and it helped provide the answer on how long the flight time Atlanta to Miami is.