A Simple Guide To Luggage Store – Kings Cross Station

In this short guide we take a look at the luggage store – Kings Cross station in London.

Luggage Store Kings Cross StationIf you are travelling to London King’s Cross station and want to know about luggage storage, hopefully this guide will help save you time, stress and money.






Can You Leave Luggage At King’s Cross Station:

Yes, you can leave your luggage at King’s Cross station in London.There are now several luggage stores available,  either located inside the station itself or close by.


Are There Luggage Lockers At Kings Cross Station:

The ‘Left Luggage’ storage inside London King’s Cross station is a manned facility. This means you do not have to operate the locker yourself. You simply turn up with the luggage you wish to leave and your luggage will be securely stored. Upon your return, you will be given your luggage for your onward journey.


Why Use Luggage Storage At Kings Cross:

Leaving your luggage at a luggage storage facility is becoming a popular choice with many travellers. If you are departing from King’s Cross station later in the day and would like to explore the city, a luggage store is a perfect solution.

Leaving your luggage in a luggage store allows you to drop off your luggage and then collect it later before your departure. This means you will have the freedom to explore London luggage free!

If you are arriving at King’s Cross station and have a flight late evening, maybe you will want to leave your luggage somewhere secure. Once again, the storage facilities at King’s Cross station offer the perfect solution.


24 Hour Luggage Storage King’s Cross:

As well as leaving your luggage for just a few hours, there is also the option to leave it for longer. If you require a longer period in which you wish to leave your luggage, that is not a problem.


How Much To Leave Luggage At Kings Cross Station:

The price you will pay, will simply be determined on how long you leave your luggage. There is a minimum charge up to 3 hours and you will be charged per item. 

The prices are charged for:

  • Upto 3 Hours
  • Up to 24 Hours
  • Up to 48 Hours
  • Up to 72 Hours
  • Over 72 Hours – There is an additional charge per day.


As we have mentioned previously, the luggage storage facility inside King’s Cross station in London, is a manned facility. It also has:

  • 24 hour CCTV monitoring
  • Security screening for all luggage prior to being store at King’s Cross.

By Radical Storage: As found on Youtube

We hope this guide was useful and it helped answer any questions you had about the luggage Store Kings Cross station.