Car Hire In Alicante Airport Spain – A Simple Guide

Alicante is a popular destination with tourists throughout the year and it is the gateway to many of the resorts that are situated along the ‘Costa Blanca’.

If you are planning a trip to Alicante and would like to hire a car, then you have several options as to where and how you can book your car and also where you can collect your car hire from.

Car Hire From Alicante Airport

Alicante airport is one of the major airports in Spain and has a large number of passengers passing through it each year. These are both passengers on leisure and business and of which many wish to hire a car for the duration of their stay in Spain. Obviously, one of the best places to hire a car if you are landing at Alicante Airport is the airport itself, which has several major car hire companies located inside the airport terminal.

You have two choices with regards to booking car hire Alicante Airport and these are pre-booking your car hire in advance or simply turning up at the airport and purchasing car hire upon arrival at the airport. It is advisable to always pre-book your car hire Alicante Airport in advance, simply because you will receive a much better deals. It is only recommended purchasing car hire at the airport last minute, if you have no other choice!

Car Hire Companies Alicante Airport

There are several major car hire companies located inside the airport terminal at Alicante Airport.




Enterprise Atesa


Gold Car Rental


Record Go


Car Hire In Alicante

As with any destination throughout the world, you can collect your car from in the city of Alicante and there are designated car rental offices in Alicante. If you hire your car through one of the major car rental companies, they should have one of their offices either in the city or close by. If they do not, then many of the larger car rental companies will either arrange to drop off your car at your chosen location or will come and collect you from where you are staying and take you to their offices so you can collect your car.

Why Book Car Hire When In Alicante

Car hire will certainly provide you with freedom during your stay and allow you to see much more of the area than you would were you not to hire a car. There are many attractions in the city of Alicante but some of the best attractions are a little further afield and you will need a car to visit them. Relying on public transport does not always allow you to see the places you wish to visit and can restrict you timetable due to the schedule of the public transport.

As well as providing you with the freedom, car hire from Alicante Airport also provides you with transfers both from the airport to your accommodation and then back to the airport on your return. In fact, if there are several of you in your party where the cost can be shared, it can sometimes work out a cheaper option!

Places To Visit Close To Alicante With A Car

Alicante Airport is the main airport that services the resort of Benidorm and as a result, many people associate Alicante and the surrounding area with the fast pace lifestyle and nightlife that Benidorm is famous for. However, this could not be further from the truth and in and around Alicante, there are some great places to be explored. Having a hire car will certainly allow you to explore these great places and ensure you make the most out of your car hire and stay in Spain.

If you enjoy lounging on the beach, then the sun derenched beaches along the coast will be of great appeal to you. The Costa Blanca and the province of Alicante have some great beaches that enjoy over 300 days of sunshine each year. You can certainly make the most of your car rental in Alicante by visiting some of the best beaches along the coast.

El Palmeral: The El Palmeral is a park located just outside Alicante on the outskirts of the city and offers wonderful waterfalls, lakes and palm trees.

Dénia: Situated at the North end of the Alicante province is the beautiful town of Denia. From the city of Alicante to Denia is approximately 91klms and will take you between 60-90 minutes to drive depending on traffic.

Javea: Approximately 80klms from Alicante, Javea offers plenty to see and do including the harbour, museums, churches, restaurants, bars and a nice golden beach.

Alcoy: Is most famous for its fiesta of the Moors and Christians, which takes place in April around the time of St George’s Day. Another thing that Alcoy is known for is it viaducts and bridges which are an impressive sight to see.

Guadalest: Guadalest is a mountain village that is set on the mountain ridge at the foot of the Sierra de Aitana and is 2 hours drive from Alicante and approximately 25 miles from Benidorm.

The Fuentes del Algar: Located quite close to Guadalest  you can follow the road to Callosa d’en Sarriá where you will find The Fuentes del Algar signposted. The waterfalls are located a bit off the beaten path but there are car parking facilities close by. You will be required to walk to the waterfalls so don’t forget to wear suitable footwear.

Above are just a few places you can visit during your stay in Alicante but there is so much to see and do if you have car hire in Alicante. If you do a little research before you go, you can plan your days accordingly and really make the most out of both your trip to Alicante and also the car you hire.

Cheap Car Hire Alicante

The best way to find the best deals on car hire from Alicante Airport and Alicante itself, is as usual to compare all the major car rental companies that offer car hire in Alicante. Using the car hire comparison page will help you find the best deals for your dates on car hire Alicante.