Gdansk Airport Information and Guide

Gdansk Airport (GDN) or ‘Gdansk Lech Walesa Airport’ (named after the former president of Poland, ‘Lech Walesa’.), is situated approximately 12 klms (7.5 miles) North West of the city Gdansk itself.  Although it is one of the smaller airports in Poland Gdansk airport is seeing steady growth in passenger traffic and is now receiving over 1.1 million passengers per year. This is largely due to the many low cost airlines that now service Gadnsk airport and also because of the great sightseeing opportunities it offers visitors.

Gdansk airport is also ideally situated to the neighbouring town of Sobot and about 23 Klms from Gdynia, both of which offer attract a large number of visitors each year.

Airport Transfer Gdansk Airport

Getting to and from Gdansk airport to the city centre is relatively straight forward.  There are a number of options for passengers and it all depends on your preference and budget as to which one you choose.

Car hire, bus, coach and taxi are all available at the airport.  Below, you will find out more information about each mode of transfer from the airport.


Gdansk Airport Bus

Bus transfer from the airport is a cheap alternative. There are a few bus services in operation that connect passengers from Gdansk airport to Gadsk city centre and the local train station.

Bus services (Route 110 & Route B) connect passengers from the airport to Wrzeszcz train station and Gdansk city centre.

Gdansk-Wrzeszcz Train Station to Airport: 110

Gdansk Głowny train Station to Airport: 210 (there is a night bus service operating, bus number N3)

Bus service 510 connects passenger from the airport to Gdynia train station.

Tickets for these bus services can be purchased from the driver on the bus.


Taxis From Gdansk Airport

The taxi rank is situated outside the airport terminal.

Please Note: Many illegal taxis operate close by the airport and it is advisable not to accept a lift from drivers approaching you and asking if you would like a taxi.  The best way to ensure you catch a legitimate taxi, is to go to the first taxi in the queue outside the airport terminal.

Also, another useful tip, is to make sure that the taxi meter is set to the correct ‘rate’ number.  Taxis have 3 rates and are set for different times of the day.  These rates are numbered 1, 2 & 3.

Rate 1: Is the normal day time fare – Rate 2: Is week day evening fare and Rate 3: Is Weekend evening.

As you can imagine, if the rate is set at number 3 and you are traveling in the day, you will be charged the most expensive fare and I am sure you do not want to pay that! Many unfortunate passengers will be none the wiser and end up paying much more than they should but these little pieces of info help keep the money in your pocket!

A taxi from Gdansk airport to the city centre will usually cost you around 70 zloty (roughly between £15 – £18 depending on exchange rate)

Tip: Pre-booking a taxi in advance from Gdansk Airport, is a popular choice with many passengers, simply because it has many advantages. If you would like to learn more about pre-booking a taxi and find out how much one will be, please visit the following page:

Pre-book taxis from Gdansk Airport


Car Hire Gdansk Airport

Compare And Search Car Hire From Gdansk Airport

Car hire Gdansk airport is a very popular option for many passengers travelling to the airport. There are several reasons why passengers choose car rental from Gdansk airport but the major ones are that it reduces the waiting time at the airport, allows you freedom to plan your own schedule and provide you with transport for the duration of your stay in Poland.

Car hire can also be a very viable solution for airport transfer, especially if there are several people traveling in your party. The cost of car hire may surprise you and all of the car hire companies that offer car rental from Gdansk airport, all provide competitive rates and good service.


Finding The Best Deals On Car Hire Gdansk Airport

Car hire seems to be cheaper the earlier you book. Leaving it until the last minute or when you are actually at the airport, will only result in one thing and that is it costing you more money. Not only will it probably cost you money, it may also mean that you do not get the vehicle you want or maybe not get any vehicle because the car hire companies has no cars available.

I know just how much of a nightmare searching for the best car hire deals can be. Visiting each and every car hire website is very time consumer and I would strongly recommend using a car hire comparison website that will search all the major car hire companies and then return results on the best deals available at that time.

I have also listed a number of car hire companies that consistently offer the best deals on car rental. Obviously, it is up to you who you choose but I am pretty sure that if you use the list on the following page, you will find a deal to suit your requirements and budget.

Car Hire From Gdansk Airport


Gdansk Airport Arrivals And Procedures

As you flight touches down at Gdansk airport, the aircraft will then taxi to the parking bay to which it has been allocated. Passengers will then be required to stay in their seats until the aircraft has come to a complete stand still and the seatbelt signs are off. The Ground staff at the airport will then secure the staircase or walkway to the aircraft so that passengers can disembark the aircraft safely. When it is safe to disembark the aircraft, you will then be required to make your way to the main airport Terminal. If you require assistance with making your way from the aircraft to the Terminal building, it is recommended that you contact the airline to which you are traveling with or the airport prior to arriving at the airport, so they can ensure someone will be there to meet you.

If you need to contact Gdansk Airport to arrange assistance, you can do so on the telephone number or webpage:

Gdansk Airport Telephone Number: 0048 58 348 11 63  – Assistance Form For Gdansk Airport


Security And Passport Control

As you can imagine, Gdansk airport arrivals procedures is no different to any other major International airport. As you arrive at the Gdansk airport Terminal building, you will be required to clear passport control. On entering the airport terminal building, you will be required to present your passport and any other documents that you are required to carry on your person (this will depend on your nationality) on your travel to Gdansk airport. This procedure is generally quite efficient and you should not be to long at passport control.


Baggage Reclaim

Once you have successfully cleared Passport Control, you can then make your way to the Baggage Reclaim area. The Baggage Reclaim area is where you can collect any luggage you may have checked-in for your flight. In the Baggage Reclaim are you will find baggage carousels and each flight arrival at Gdansk airport is allocated its own carousel. There are overhead monitors located above the carousels and each one of the carousels displays the flight number to whose luggage it is processing. You will need to find which carousel is processing your flight and the easiest way to do this is by watching the monitors and waiting for your flight to number to appear. When your flight number is displayed on the monitor, simply locate the correct carousel for your flight and await your luggage.

The Ground staff at Gdansk Airport are normally quite efficient and manage to get the luggage from the aircraft to the carousels relatively quickly.

Trolleys are available to passengers in the Arrivals area to help assist them with their luggage. There are also toilets inside the Baggage Reclaim area should you need to pay a visit or simply freshen up after your flight.

After reclaiming your luggage, you can then make your way to the exit doors and make your way through to the main Arrivals lobby area.

After you have managed to reclaim your luggage successfully, you can then make your way to the main arrivals area. Obviously, if you are traveling without any hold luggage, you will not need to wait in the Baggage Reclaim area and you can go straight to the exit doors.


The Main Arrivals Lobby Area At Gdansk Airport


The main Arrivals Lobby area is generally the main meeting place at the airport and it is where most passengers are greeted by their family and friends or any other person that is collecting them from the airport. If you have pre-booked your transfers to and from the airport prior to your arrival, this is normally the place that the transfer company will greet you. It is also where your representative will greet you if you have booked your travel and transfers are included. It is a good idea to check with the company you booked your travel through to confirm where your representative will meet you.

The main Arrivals Lobby area is also where you will find all the different modes of transport for transfers to and from the airport. The car hire desks are also located in the arrivals area and if you have pre-booked car hire (which is advisable), this is where you will need to go. You will need to make your way to the car hire desk that you have taken out your car rental with and present the relevant documents such as driving licence, credit card, booking reference or voucher. You will then be issued with your car and car keys and the member of staff will explain where your car is parked.

Public transport is available outside the main Arrivals area and there are bus services that run at regular interval throughout the day to the centre of Gdansk and also to many of the neighbouring villages and towns. Public transport provides passengers with a cheap option for transfers, especially if you are on a limited budget or travelling alone. If you are wanting to catch the bus but are unsure which one is the best option for you, simply ask a member of staff at the Information desk at the airport and they will happily assist you with your enquiry.

There are taxis available outside the main arrivals area and if you are hoping to catch a taxi to your final destination, it is always advisable to ask the taxi driver how much the fare will be before you actually get in the taxi outside Gdansk Airport.