A Simple Travel – What To Pack List

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Below is a comprehensive packing checklist for travel. Whether you are wonder what to pack for a 3-day trip, road trip or Summer holiday, it will help!

Obviously, there are many items that you may need to pack, that may not be on the list. The printable packing list below is designed to be a guide to help ensure that you pack all the essential items you need for your travels.

Hopefully, the printable travel packing list, will help remind you about other items you may have forgotten!

Tip: Don’t leave packing until the last minute, plan ahead. Start packing or preparing your items to pack, a couple of days before you travel. Use the checklist below (print it out) and tick off the items you have packed or have prepared.

Holiday Packing Checklist

PMT: Passport, Money (cards), Tickets

Visa: If you require a Visa to travel, ensure you have it in your documents.

Vaccination Cards: If you have had to have vaccinations before you travel, ensure you have all the correct documentation required to travel.

Travel Documents And Travel Information: All maps, addresses and directions of accommodation.

Itinerary: If you have multiple flights, connections, hotel bookings, transfers, pick ups, meetings or bookings, ensure you have a full itinerary with each one listed and documented and the times, dates, contact details and references included..

Vouchers and Booking Confirmation: Ensure you have printed any vouchers you will need such as, Airport Parking Vouchers, Hotel booking Vouchers, Car Hire Vouchers, airport transfer or any other confirmation receipts or booking references.

Tip: Always email a list of booking references and voucher codes to yourself so that you have them all in one place in case you lose any.

Travel Insurance: Never travel without travel insurance it just is not worth the risk and some countries now require you to have medical insurance cover before they allow you entry. For the small amount of money it costs to take out travel insurance, you should ensure you are covered before travel.

European Health Insurance Card: If you are traveling in Europe, you will need to have a European Health Insurance Card to entitle you to receive medical treatment at a reduce cost or in some cases for free and will not have to pay anything

Bank Cards: If you are taking any bank cards, always let your bank know that you will be abroad and that you may be using your card whilst you are away. This will ensure that the bank does not put a stop or block on your card resulting in you not be able to use your card whilst you are away. Most cards have a telephone number on the back which you can call to let them know about before travel.

Currency: Don’t forget your money if you have exchange currency or bought Travellers Cheques

Driving Licence: If you have hired a car or intend hiring a car whilst yo are away, ensure you have packed your driving licence.

ID Card: Some countries may require to see your ID card, if you have one, take it with you. However, a Passport is your best form of ID.

Certification: If you are planning undertaking any form of activity (such as Scuba Diving or Sailing) whilst you are away that requires you to present proof of your qualifications or certification, don’t forget to pack them.

Charge Electrical Items: Ensure you have charged any electrical equipment you are taking with you before you leave home. This will ensure you have enough charge whilst you are traveling. Most airports, ferry ports and train stations do have plug sockets which you can use but it is best to have a full charge before you travel, just in case!

Travel Plug/Adapter: Ensure you have at least one travel plug/adapter packed in your luggage and make sure that it is the correct socket for the country you are travelling to.

US work on 110 volts – Other countries throughout the world work on 220 – 240 volts.



□ Head Torch – Hand Torch

□ Headphones

□ Memory Card(s) □ Memory Stick(s)

□ Pad Locks

□ Plastic Bags For Dirty Laundry


Baby Holiday Checklist

□ Baby Car Seat

□ Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash and Wipes

□ Baby Clothes (at least two changes a day)

□ Socks

□ Booties

□ Baby Food

□ Baby Products

□ Baby Sling

□ Baby Wipes

□ Bedding

□ Bottles (pack extra bottles and nipples)

□ Buggy

□ Car Booster Seat

□ Changing Bag

□ Changing Mat

□ Disposable Nappies

□ Don’t Forget Baby!

□ Dummies

□ Intercom

□ Night Light

□ Plastic Cutlery

□ Plastic Plate/Bowl/Mug (lightweight)

□ Powdered Milk

□ Portable Cot

□ Inflatable Bay Bathtub (if you have space)

□ Pushchair

□ Sterilising Equipment

□ Story Books

□ Toys

□ Tissues

□ Travel Cot

□ Travel Highchair

□ Blankets

□ Washable Bibs

□ Sun Hats

□ Formula and Juices

□ Breast Pump (If you are using one)

□ First Aid Kit

□ Sling or Baby Carrier

□ Disposable Plastic Nappy Bags

□ Sippy Cups

□ Swimsuits

□ Buoyancy Aids

□ Digital Thermometer



□ Arm Bands

□ Beach Bag

□ Beach Mats □ Picnic Blanket □ Windbreak

□ Bucket and Spade □ Beach Toys

□ Cool box

□ Mask □ Snorkel □ Fins (Flippers) □ Wet suit

□ Folding chairs

□ Frisbee

□ Goggles

□ Ice packs

□ Inflatables □ Dingy□ Lilo

□ Kite

□ Picnic Box □ Thermos flask

□ Sports Equipment

□ Surf/Body Board


Clothing – Men and Women

□ Belt

□ Blazers

□ Bras □ Bodysuits □ Petticoats □ Slips □ Girdle

□ Braces

□ Dress Shoes

□ Gloves

□ Hats (Sun hats and casual/Dress hats)

□ Jacket □ Fleece □ Waterproof

□ Jeans

□ Long Sleeve Dress Shirts

□ Pants □ Trousers

□ Polos & T-Shirts

□ Robe

□ Robe

□ Sandals/Flip Flops □ Pool/Beach Shoes

□ Sarong

□ Scarves

□ Shoes (Smart and Casual)

□ Short Sleeve Shirts (Casual and Smart)

□ Shorts

□ Sleepwear

□ Slippers

□ Slippers

□ Socks □ Ankle Socks □ Walking Socks □ Ski Socks

□ Stockings □ Tights

□ Suit(S)

□ Suspenders

□ Sweaters

□ Swimwear □ Swimsuits □ Trunks □ Swim Shorts □ Bikinis

□ T-Shirts

□ Ties

□ Trainers

□ Underwear □ Thermal Underwear □ Base Layer □ Vests

□ Wedding Garments

Tip: Pack a carrier or bin bag to put your dirty laundry in for when you are packing for your return journey.


Casual Clothing

□ Casual Shoes

□ Jeans

□ Shorts

□ Swimsuit

□ Tank Tops

□ T-Shirts


Outer Wear

□ Belts

□ Gloves

□ Hats

□ Jackets □ Coats □ Fleeces □ Waterproofs

□ Jewellery

□ Raincoat □ Rain Gear

□ Scarves & Gloves

□ Specialist Sports Clothes/Shoes/Boots

□ Walking Boots/Shoes



□ Lipstick

□ Makeup

□ Makeup Remover

□ Mascara


Electrical Items

□ Alarm Clock

□ Camera (Spare Memory Cards) and Charger

□ Curling Tongues

□ Hair Straighteners

□ Diving Computer

□ Dvd Player – Dvd’s

□ Electric Razor

□ Electric Toothbrush

□ Gameboy

□ Go Pro

□ Hair Straighteners

□ Hairdryer

□ iPad

□ iPod

□ Kindle

□ Laptop and Chargers

□ Mini DVD Player

□ Mobile Phone

□ MP3 Player

□ Portable Speakers

□ Sat Nav

□ Tablet

□ Video Camera

Tip: Don’t forget to pack all the chargers needed for each item!


Eye Care

□ Contact Lenses and solutions

□ Glasses and Spare Pair

□ Copy of Prescription

□ Lense Cleaning Cloth and Solution

Tips: If you have any samples of products take them with you, they are much lighter to pack than the larger products. If you are travelling with hand luggage only, then sample packs are great because they do not exceed the maximum liquid allowance you can take in your hand luggage. However, just remember that wherever you are travelling to in the world, they will no doubt have shops where you can buy certain toiletries and buying them when you arrive, is certainly an easier and lighter way to travel.

If you are carrying any liquids in your hold luggage or hand luggage, don’t forget to place them inside sealable plastic bags just in case they break, leak or the lids come off during travel. This will mean that the liquids will not leak onto any of your clothes or electrical equipment you may have in your luggage.

Also, don’t forget that if you are only travelling with hand luggage and have any liquids in your bag, you will be required to place them in a see through plastic bag at Airport Security. Packing a couple of spare plastic bags (such as food bags) will save you having to buy any at the airport.


If you are on any prescribed medication, it is always advisable to ensure you have enough medication to take with you and that will last you for the entire duration of your stay.

Tip: If you have enough room in your luggage, it is sometime a good idea to take extra medication but pack it in two separate bags. Carry one set in your hand luggage and then the other in your hold luggage. This means that if you lose one set, you always have spare!

When you are traveling, it is always a good idea to pack basic medication for any unforeseen medical issues that may arise on your travel. The following is a list of basic medication that is lightweight to pack but is always useful to have handy.



□ Allergy and Antihistamine Tablets

□ Anti-Bacterial Hand Wash

□ Antiseptic Cream

□ Antiseptics Wipes

□ Contraceptives

□ Cough Medicine

□ Cream for Bites and Stings

□ Dentures

□ Diarrhoea Tablets

□ First Aid Kit

□ Flu Remedies (such as Lemsips)

□ Headache Tablets

□ Hearing Aids and Batteries

□ Indigestion Pills

□ Inhalers/Nebuliser

□ Insulin Kit

□ Mosquito and Other Insect Repellent

□ Mosquito Net(s)

□ Nicotine Patches

□ Pain Relief

□ Painkillers

□ Plasters

□ Prescribed Medication

□ Prescriptions

□ Reading Glasses

□ Safety Pins

□ Tablets – Vitamins – Supplements

□ Travel Sickness Pills

□ Tweezers

□ Vaseline

□ Vitamins


Sun Care

□ After Sun

□ Hat

□ Lypsyl/Lip Balm

□ Sun Cream

□ Sunglasses


Miscellaneous Items In Your Hand Luggage

□ Address Book

□ Antibacterial Wipes

□ Chewing Gum

□ Copies of Credit Cards

□ Copies of Passport

□ Copies of Travel Documents

□ Credit Card Contact Information

□ Credit Cards

□ Earplugs

□ Emergency Contact Information

□ Hand Wash (you will need to place this in a transparent plastic bag at Security)

□ Hospitality Gifts

□ House Keys

□ Kindle

□ List of Medications

□ Luggage Tags

□ Medical Insurance Card

□ Membership/Loyalty Cards such as Airport Lounges

□ Mobile Phone

□ Motion-Sickness Remedy

□ Pens/Pencils

□ Playing Cards

□ Reading Materials

□ Sleeping Mask

□ Snacks, Sandwiches, chocolate

□ Sunglasses

□ Sweets

□ Tissues

□ Travel Locks & Keys

□ Travel Pillow & Blanket

□ Umbrella

□ Wallet/Purse

□ Watch



□ Body Lotions & Cleansers

□ Body Wash or Soap

□ Contraceptives

□ Cotton wool & Cotton Buds

□ Dental Floss & Picks

□ Deodorant

□ Facial Cleansers

□ Feminine Hygiene

□ Flannel

□ Hair Products – Curlers

□ Hairbrush or Comb

□ Hairdryer □ Curling Tongues □ Straighteners

□ Lip Balm

□ Mirror

□ Moisturiser

□ Mouth Wash

□ Nail Clippers

□ Perfume

□ Razors – Shaving Foam – Aftershave

□ Sanitary Pads and Towels

□ Shampoo & Conditioner

□ Shower Gel

□ Tissues

□ Toothbrush

□ Toothpaste

□ Tweezers


Travel Aids

□ Alarm Clock

□ Batteries

□ Binoculars

□ Guidebooks – Maps – Travel Guides

□ Itinerary

□ Language Guide

□ Maps & Directions

□ Money Belts

□ Phrase Book

□ Stain Removers

□ Travel Apps

□ Umbrella


Last Minute Check Before You Leave Your House

□ Switch off all electrical items

□ Lock all windows and doors that need locking

□ Turn water and heating down to the required settings

□ Secure any vehicles that are being left at your property

□ Check that you have all your documents


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