A Guide To Caleta de Fuste In Fuerteventura

Caleta de Fuste or (El Castillo and Costa Caleta, as it is also known), is now one of the most popular holiday resorts on the island of Fuerteventura.

The small coastal town is also the closest resort to Fuerteventura Airport. This makes transfers to and from the airport very quick, simple and cheap.

In this guide, we answer the many frequently asked questions people want to know before travelling to the resort. We have tried to make it easier for you to navigate this page, by providing you with a quick reference menu. Simply click on the heading of the topic you would like to know more about and you will be taken to the relevant section of the page.


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Firstly, a couple of things you may want to know before travelling are: Where it actually is and is it worth going?


Is Caleta de Fuste Worth Visiting?

Caleta de Fuste In FuerteventuraCaleta de Fuste, is a popular resort with couples and families of all ages. The resort has so much to offer, that it has now become one of the more popular resorts on the island. As the resort grows, so does the number of return visitors, which answers the question itself. With so many return visitors each year, it must be doing something right!


The beautiful beachfront hotels, soft sandy beaches, clear waters, relaxed atmosphere and long coastal walkway are just a few things that make Caleta de Fuste worth visiting.




Caleta de Fuste Accommodation:

There are many different types of holiday accommodation in Caleta de Fuste. As a result, there is something for all preferences, requirements and budgets. No matter whether you are looking for cheap accommodation in Caleta de Fuste, private accommodation or luxury, you will not be disappointed. As with most things related to travel, one thing does not suit all. As a result, what might be suitable for one person or family, may not be suitable for another.

However, the introduction of many holiday rental websites such as Airbnb, Booking.com and VRBO, have certainly made finding and booking accommodation much easier. They allow you to view the properties in a more beneficial way, as well as speak with the owner or rental agents before booking. Whether you book your accommodation independently or through a website is a personal preference. If you do choose the independent route, just ensure you go through the correct channel to ensure your booking is secure.

 Find The Best Deals On Accommodation In Caleta de Fuste 

Below are some of the most popular types of accommodation in Caleta de Fuste:

  • Hotels
  • Self Catering Apartments
  • Villas – Villas With Private Pools

Whether you are wanting a quiet relaxing holiday or something a little livelier, you will not struggle for choice. Each different type of accommodation, offers its own benefits. Obviously, the type you choose, will be one that best suits your own needs, requirements and budget. Below is just a very simple overview of each different type of accommodation and their benefits.


Hotels obviously offer a convenient place to stay with everything you need at hand. This is even more so, if you stay at a hotel on an ‘All Inclusive’ package. The hotels in Caleta de Fuste all offer a wide range of facilities to keep all ages entertained. The majority of hotels are located in different places but you will find most hotels on the beach and a few hotels near the golf course.

You can take a look at all the best hotels in Caleta de Fuste lower down this page, as well a Caleta de Fuste Hotel Map.


Apartments are great if you want a quiet holiday, at your own pace. They offer the choice for you to cook your own meals or eat out. The majority have access to a shared swimming pool and sunbathing area. Not only that but they allow you and your group to enjoy quality time together socialising. Another advantage of apartments is that they are generally cheaper to rent than most other forms of accommodation. This is especially the case if there are several people travelling in your party.


Private villas in Caleta de Fuste are the perfect choice of accommodation. They offer you the comfort of your own privacy and space to relax. The majority of villas to rent in Caleta de Fuste have private swimming pools and gardens. Due to this fact, they provide the ideal choice of accommodation in Caleta de Fuste for families. Once again, renting a villa in Caleta de Fuste allows you to enjoy the company of your group, under one roof.

As you can see, there really are a number of different types of accommodation to suit everyone. As previously mentioned what might be right for one, may not be suitable for another. However, take a look and consider all the needs and requirements you want from your accommodation. As a result, you will find the best choice to suit your needs, requirements and budget. 


How Far Is Caleta de Fuste From Airport:

One of the main advantages about the resort of Caleta, is its proximity to the airport. Located just 4.3 miles (6.9 kilometers) from the airport, makes the resort a very popular holiday destination. Airport transfers to the resort are just 10-15 minutes, which is great if you are travelling with children. 

Another plus point about the airport being so close to the resort, is that the cost of transfers is very cheap. As you can imagine, if you are travelling independently or on a budget, this is a great help to the cost of your holiday to Fuerteventura.

Transfers From Fuerteventura Airport To Caleta de Fuste:

As we have previously mentioned, transfer to and from Furteventura Airport is very easy. Passengers arriving at or departing from the airport, have a number of options in terms of transport. Due to Caleta de Fuste being one of the main holiday resorts on the island, it is very well connected to the airport. The main forms of transport which provide transfers are:

  • Bus
  • Taxi
  • Shuttle Bus
  • Car Hire

Each form of transport has its advantages and disadvantages but which one you choose, will obviously depend on your own circumstances, requirements and budget.

Bus Fuerteventura Airport To Caleta de Fuste:

Buses to Caleta de Fuste run at regular times from the airport throughout the day. The local bus services pick up and drop off outside the main terminal building. The bus stops outside the terminal building are clearly marked and there are signs inside the airport, directing  you to the buses too. The local bus service from Fuerteventura Airport to Caleta de Fuste, provide a quick and efficient form of transfer.

Not only do they provide an efficient service and form of transfer but one that is very cost effective, especially if you are travelling alone of on a limited budget. Obviously, the local bus services from the airport do not drop you off at your accommodation. As a result, you will need to get from the main bus station in Caleta to your hotel, apartment or villa. Depending on where you are staying, you may be able to walk to your accommodation or take a taxi from the bus station.

How Much Is A Taxi From Fuerteventura Airport To Caleta de Fuste:

Taking a taxi from Fuerteventura Airport to Caleta de Fuste, is one of the quickest forms of transport. A taxi from the airport to the resort of Caleta, costs approximately 15-17 euros (at the time of writing). However, it is always advisable to check the price of the taxi with the driver, before you get in the taxi.

Where To Catch A Taxi From Fuerteventura Airport To Caleta de Fuste:

Taxis are available from outside the main Arrivals area at the airport in Fuerteventura. Once you have cleared airport Security and have reclaimed your baggage, simply make your way to the exit doors. Once you enter the main Arrivals Lobby at the airport, you will see signs pointing you in the right directions for the taxis.

A Few Tips:

  • Ensure you take a taxi from the designated taxi rank outside the airport
  • Always ask the driver how much the taxi fare will be before you get in the taxi
  • Ask the taxi driver for a receipt.

Pre-booking your taxi is worth considering and is a popular option for many passengers. Pre-booking your return journey from Caleta de Fuste to airport at the same time, can often provide you with a better deal.

If you would like to pre-book your taxi from Fuerteventura Airport to the resort of Caleta, please visit the following page:

However, if you are travelling alone and are on a limited budget, taking a taxi from Fuerteventura airport to Caleta de Fuste may not be your first choice, as it may work out more expensive. 

How Long Is The Journey By Taxi From Fuerteventura Airport To Caleta de Fuste:

The journey time by taxi to Caleta de Fuste from the airport is approximately 10-15 minutes. Caleta de Fuste is the closest holiday resort to the airport, making taxi transfer an affordable option, especially if travelling in a group where cost can be shared.




How Far Is Costa Antigua From Caleta de Fuste

Costa de Antigua (also known as ‘Nuevo Horizonte’) is a small village/town located approximately 1.9 miles (3 kilometers) from Caleta de Fuste. 

Although Costa de Antigua is not a big town and is quite residential, it does have a few bars, shops, restaurants and a bakery. Antigua also has several hotels if you are wishing to stay in the town.

It is possible to walk to Antigua from Caleta de Fuste and the walk will take about 25-30 minutes along the coastal promenade walkway.

The coastal walkway that connects Caleta de Fuste to Antigua provides a lovely walk along the coastline. It is also a cycleway, so if you want to cycle to Antigua from Caleta, you can.

If you do not want to walk or cycle, there is a local bus service from Caleta de fuste to Antigua. 



As well as a large number of hotels, there are also a large number of apartments available for rent in the resort. Some of the apartments are privately owned and some are either owned by independent companies or the hotels themselves.

Renting an apartment is a popular choice with many visitors, as an apartment offers so much more than staying in a hotel room. This is especially true if you are travelling in a group or with family.

Apartments provide you with the space you require and means that all your group can get together in one room to socialise.

There are many different types of apartments for rent in Caleta de Fuste including 1, 2, 3, 4 bedroom apartments. Some of the apartments have shared swimming pools, some are known as Apart/hotels and allow you to use the hotel facilities. Many apartments that belong to the hotels offer Half Board, Full Board and All Inclusive packages. These types of packages are great because you receive all the benefits that an apartment offers, as well as having your food included too!


Atlantico Shopping Centre

The Atlantico shopping centre is a popular place to visit with many tourists visiting Caleta de Fuste. The reason it is so popular is because of what it has to offer. Not only does the Atlantico shopping centre have a large range of shops, it also has leisure and entertainment facilities too.

Ideally located on the main road and just a short distance from both the airport and Puerto del Rosario, is another reason why it is popular with visitors to the island. The shopping centre is also located opposite the beach, with easy access from the promenade/boardwalk. As a result, it makes the perfect place to visit on route if you are walking on the boardwalk from the centre.

The local buses all stop right outside the shopping centre, which makes it very easy if you do not have a car or do not want to walk to and from the Atlantico.

Hotels Near Atlantico Shopping Centre:

There are also several 4 & 5 star hotels located close to the Atlantico shopping centre in Caleta de Fuste. These are all withing easy walking distance from the shopping centre which. The closest hotels to the Atlantico shopping centre in Caleta de Fuste are:

  • Elba Sara Beach & Golf Resort
  • Elba Carlota Beach & Convention Resort
  • Sheraton Fuerteventura Beach, Golf & Spa Resort

Leisure Complex:

  • The leisure complex at the Atlantico shopping centre boasts a 1000 seat cinema, which also has 3D rooms.
  • Several restaurants and cafes
  • Children’s outdoor play area
  • Bowling Alley
  • Arcade
  • The Atlantico Shopping Centre is also located opposite the 18 hole golf course in Caleta de Fuste. 

If you want a change from lounging around the pool and basking in the sun, then a trip to the Atlantico might be worth considering. It is perfect for a little retail therapy and if you are with anyone who does not enjoy shopping, there are plenty of places to enjoy a drink or two!


Barcelo Hotels In Caleta de Fuste

There are two main Barcelo hotels in Caleta de Fuste. However, each hotel has a ‘Royal Level’, which is separated from the main hotel. The Royal Levels have two areas, one which is for families and the other being Adults Only. 

The two Barcelo hotels in Caleta de Fuste are:

  • Barceló Fuerteventura Castillo
  • Barceló Fuerteventura Mar

Both the hotel resorts are four star rated and ideally located close to the beach and marina.

Barceló Fuerteventura Castillo:

The Barcelo Castillo hotel is located closest to the marina in Playa del Castillo. The hotel has 301 rooms which comprise of both studio and bungalows. As a result, it is the perfect hotel for families.

Due to the hotel being very popular with families, it has a large number of facilities and activities to suit all ages.

Barceló Fuerteventura Mar:

The Barceló Fuerteventura Mar is located close to the town centre with easy access to the main beach. Once again, the hotel is the perfect hotel for families with a range of facilities and activities. 



Although Caleta de Fuste is not as lively as Corralejo, it certainly has enough bars to suit everyone. The resort has a number of different types of bars ranging from traditional bars to late night disco bars.

Whether you are just wanting a nice quiet drink or would prefer something a little livelier, you will not be disappointed. The best Caleta de Fuste bars can be found in the main centre of the resort. However, there are many bars situated along the back streets and close to the hotels, if you do not want to venture into the centre.

Below is a list of just a few of Caleta de Fuste bars:

  • Bar Aloha Gardens
    Bar Elite
    Bar Gory
    Bar Little Havana
    Bar Oliver
    Bar Studs
    Blues Bar
    Flower Of Scotland
    Goose and Firkin
    Happy Mondays
    Heroes Sports Bar & Diner
    Legends Bar
    Malibu pool bar
    Millenum Bar
    Molly’s Irish Bar
    Pieros Music Cafe
    Red lions pub
    Saxophone Bar
    Sixties Bar
    Spirit Bar
    Step Inn
    Sunrise Terrace
    The Cors Bar
    The Dog & Duck Pub
    The Jack
    The Kings
    The Lord Nelson Bar
    The music bar
    The Zanzibar
    Tommy Nutters Bar
    Tropical Terrace
    View Bar & Restaurant

As you can see by the list above, there are plenty of bars in the resort serving a wide range of drinks.



What Is The Beach Like In Caleta de Fuste:

One huge plus point about the island of Fuerteventura is that it has some amazing beaches, probably some of the best in the Canaries. There are actually two beaches in the resort of Caleta de Fuste. The main beach in Caleta de Fuste is located in front of the Barcelo Fuerteventura and Barcelo Castillo hotels.

The beach is a man made beach, which is set in a small bay in the resort. Although the beach in Caleta de Fuste is not one of the largest beaches on the island, it certainly provides the ideal place to relax. Due to the beach being in a bay, the water is generally calm, very clear and is relatively shallow. The sand is fine, with a lovely light colour, which turns into small pebbles in the shallow water.

Beach Facilities:

The main beach has a range of facilities, with sunbeds available to hire. There are several cafes and restaurants close to the beach, that sell food, drinks and a range of other snacks. There are also several other shops close by, including a chemist and mini store that sells products for the beach such as lilos, inflatables, sun cream and towels.

Other facilities on the beach include:

  • Volleyball Court
  • Children’s Play Area
  • Easy Access For Wheelchairs Via Wooden Walkway
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Water Sports
  • Toilets

La Guirra Beach

The second beach is known as ‘La Guirra Beach’. This is located just a short walk along the boardwalk/promenade in front of the Sheraton and Elba Carlota hotels. This beach is not as big as the main beach but the sand is a nice golden colour, with crystal clear waters and several facilities. There is a nice bar/restaurant that is located on one of the jetties, which provides a great place to have a drink and something to eat.

If you are looking to find the best beaches in Fuerteventura, then you will need to venture to the popular resorts of Corralejo, Morro Jable and Jandia. In these resorts, you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in the whole of the Canary Islands. The added beauty of many of these beaches is that they are generally empty or very quiet, whenever you go.


Boat Trips:

There are many different types of boat trips available from Caleta. The boat trips generally depart from the marina at specific times during the day. There are many shops and kiosks in the resort of Caleta de Fuste that sell boat trips and you can usually book the boat trips via your hotel or travel representative. You can also pre-book the boat trips independently by yourself (which can be cheaper) and if you would like to take a look at some of the boat trips on offer, please take a look at the following page.

Alternatively, you can book your boat trips from one of the kiosks on the marina on the day you wish to go.

 Types Of Boat Trips Available From Caleta de fuste:

  • Dolphin
  • Fishing
  • Catamaran 


Buses and Bus Station:

Caleta de Fuste, has an efficient bus service, which links the resorts to the many other towns and villages on the island of Fuerteventura. The local bus services run at regular times throughout the day from early morning to late at night. The main bus company that operates on the island of Fuerteventura is called ‘Tiadhe’.

The buses depart from the local bus station in Caleta de Fuste, which is located close to the roundabout at the top end of town, as you enter the resort.

From there, you can catch buses to the airport, Puerto Rossario, Morro Jable and salinas.

If you wish to catch a bus to Corralejo, El Collito or further afield, you will need to catch the bus to Puerto Rossario and change buses there.

At the bus station in Caleta de Fuste, you will find that the buses all have there own designated bays. These bays are clearly marked for your convenience, simply find the bay designated for the bus service you would like to take and wait next to it.

If you have to wait for your bus and the sun is strong, there is a canopy upstairs, to which you can shelter from the heat.


How To Get From Corralejo To Caleta de Fuste By Bus:

There is no direct bus service from Caleta de Fuste to Coralejo. If you wish to travel from Caleta de Fuste to Corralejo by bus, you will need to first catch a bus to Puerto Rossario. From there, you can then take the bus from Puerto Rossario to Corralejo. Buses run at regular intervals throughout the day from the bus station and return tickets are just a few euros. To learn more about the buses and bus times to Corallejo, please see below:

Bus Timetable Caleta de Fuste To Corralejo:

There is no direct bus from Caleta de Fuste to Corralejo. If you are wanting to travel from Caleta to Corralejo by bus, you will need to catch 2 buses. However, this is relatively simple and straight forward. You must first catch the bus from Caleta de Fuste bus station to Puerto del Rosario. You will then need to change buses at Puerto del Rosario bus station and take the bus from Puerto del Rosario to Corralejo.

Which Buses Do You Need To Catch To Corralejo:

Line Number 3:

The bus you need to catch from Caleta de Fuste to Puerto del Rosario is Line 3 (Number 3). Buses depart from the bus station at regular times throughout the day. The bus journey from Caleta to Puerto del Rosario, takes approximately 15-20 minutes, depending on traffic.

Line Number 6:

The bus you need to catch from Puerto del Rosario to Corralejo is Line 6 (Number 6). The departs from the main bus station in Puerto del Rosario at regular times during the day.


Car Hire:

Car hire in Caleta de Fuste is a popular choice with many visitors. Although you do not need a car to get around the tourist area itself, if you want to explore the island more, car hire is worth consider.

In Caleta de Fuste, there are several car rental shops. Each one offers a range of cars, at affordable prices. You can choose to rent a car from Caleta de Fuste for just a day or several days, depending on your circumstances.


Why Hire A Car From Caleta de Fuste:

As previously mentioned, you do not need a car to get around the resort itself. Caleta de Fuste is not a big town and has a beautiful promenade walkway. However, if you want to visit other resorts, towns and villages on the island of Fuerteventura, then hiring a car is a good choice.

The public transport network on the island is very good and efficient but it is limited as to where it can get you. Not only will you be limited as to where you can go, it will also take much longer travelling on public transport.

Hiring a car will allow you to reach many of the great places on the island that buses simply cannot reach. Hiring a car, also allows you to set your own time schedule and not be dictated to by bus timetables.

Please Note: Before you rent a car, always check to see what insurance they offer with the car rental and always ensure you read the ‘Terms and Conditions’ and small print.

If you want to ensure you are fully covered whenever you rent a car, it is worth consider taking out your own ‘Car Hire Excess’ cover.


Car Hire From Hotels:

The majority of hotels in Caleta de Fuste offer car hire. These deals are generally through local car rental shops in the resort. The hotel will normally organise the car rental for you or at least put you in touch with the car rental shops it uses.


Car Hire From Fuerteventura Airport:

If you are wishing to hire a car for the duration of your stay in Fuerteventura, then hiring a car from Fuerteventura Airport, may be worth considering. Not only will you have a car for the duration of your stay but it will provide you with quick and convenient transport to and from the airport!

If you wish to hire a car from Fuerteventura Airport, it is always best to book your car in advance. Booking in advance, ensures you will receive the best deals for your desired dates, as well as securing the vehicle of your choice. Hiring a car from the airport not only provides you with transfers to and from the airport but also provides you with transport for the duration of your stay. 

To find the best prices on car hire from FUI, please click on the link below:



Which Is Better Corralejo Or Caleta de Fuste:

This really is down to personal preference and does depend on what you want from your holiday in Fuerteventura. Both resorts have their own unique charm and character. As we have previously mentioned, Corralejo is the livelier resort of the two. If you are looking for a holiday that offers plenty of nightlife, lovely beaches and things to do, then Corralejo would be the perfect choice.

If you are wanting a quiet holiday by the pool or on the beach, with a choice of bars and restaurants then Caleta de Fuste, would provide these.

The laid back lifestyle of the resort, with nightlife close by if you want it, is the perfect mix for many people who visit the resort.

The beauty about Caleta de Fuste, is that it never gets too busy, even through the peak months. 


Caleta de Fuste To Corralejo:

How Far Is Caleta de Fuste From Corralejo:

The popular holiday resort of Coarralejo is just 28.5 miles (46 kilometers) from Caleta de Fuste. Due to its close proximity to Corralejo, it is very easy to visit Corralejo for the day. The journey time to Corralejo takes about 40 minutes by car depending on traffic.


Day Trips:

There are many different day trips available from Caleta de Fuste. Whether you are wanting to go on an organised day trip or by yourself, there is plenty of choice.

Organised Day Trips From Caleta de Fuste:

There are now a large number of day trips available from the resort. The organised day trips, tours and excursion range from leisurely guided tours to more energetic activities. The day trips allow you to see more of the island of Fuerteventura and experience some of the local cultures. Below are just a few of the most popular day trips, tours and excursion from Caleta de Fuste.

  • Glass Bottom Boat Tours
  • Lobos Island Catamaran Tours
  • Catamaran Trips
  • Guided Buggy Tours
  • Fuerteventura Discovery Tours


Independent Day Trips, Tours And Excursion By Yourself:

One of the beauties of Fuerteventura is that the island is not  very big. As a result, it means that you can get around the island very quickly. It also means that many of the popular sights and attractions are very accessible from Caleta de Fuste.

Visiting naighbouring resorts, towns and villages is very easy using local public transport and even easier, if you have hired a car in Fuerteventura. Obviously, hiring a car during your visit will allow you set set your own schedule and plan your day trips accordingly. Visiting other popular resorts such as Morro Jable, Costa Calma, Puerto Rossario and El Cotillo is relatively easy using public transport. Several bus services run at regular intervals throughout the day from the bus station, allowing you to have many day trips during your stay.


Day Trips From Caleta de Fuste To Corralejo:

Day trips from caleta de fuste to corralejo are certainly a popular choice with visitors to the island. As we have previously mentioned, the resort of Corralejo is only 28.5 miles (46 kilometers) away. Due to this, visiting Corralejo for the day is easily achieved, either by bus or by car. Corralejo offers plenty to do and see, with something for everyone no matter what age.




Which Town Is Caleta de Fuste In

The holiday resort of Caleta de Fuste, belongs to the municipality of Antigua, Las Palmas. The municipality of Antigua, Las Palmas is the largest of all the communities belonging to Fuerteventura.


Is Caleta de Fuste North or South of Fuerteventura?

Caleta de Fuste, is located in the North of the island of Fuerteventura. Other main tourist resorts in the North include Corralejo and El Cotillo. The main tourist resorts that are located in the South of the island include:

  • Costa Calma
  • Jandia
  • Morro Jable
  • La Pared


Marina – Puerto Castillo:

One of the main focal points in the resort of Caleta de Fuste is the Castillo’s Marina. This is also known as ‘Peurto Castillo’. The Marina is a great place to visit for all the family, with plenty of things to see and do. Located at the far end of the bay, the Puerto Castillo, the Marina is a prominent landmark in the resort. Visible from the beaches, the Marina provides a beautiful backdrop from all angles. As you walk along the promenade or sunbathe on the beach, you can see the Marina.

The Marina is popular with tourists to the resord, as is offers a range of activities. The activities include:

A water park, which consists of a range of inflatables

  • Jetski hire
  • Boat hire,
  • Boat trips
  • The famous Sea Lions

The Barcelo Castillo hotel is also located adjacent to the Marina. There is direct access from the hotel to the Marina for guests.


Caleta de Fuste Marina Restaurants:

Situated along the Marina front, you will find several restaurants. The restaurants serve a range of food and drink and provide the perfect place to relax. Enjoy a quiet drink watching the activities in the Marina or a bite to eat while socialising with family and friends.



Is Caleta de Fuste Lively:

Compared with Corralejo, Caleta de Fuste is a much quieter holiday resort in terms of nightlife. However, although it is a much quieter resort, it certainly has enough pubs and bars to keep you entertained! Throughout the resort, you will find a number of bars, catering for all tastes, as well as several nightclubs. Whether you are wanting a quiet drink or something a little more lively, you have a good choice of bars to choose from as we have listed previously in this guide. The resort has a wide range of bars including quiet traditional pubs, karaoke bars, disco bars and bars providing live music. All the bars serve til late into the night, with many going through til 2am.


We hope you found this guide useful and beneficial and hope it provides you with the answers to your questions. Hopefully, the guide will help you plan your trip before travelling to the resort of Caleta de Fuste in Fuerteventura.