A Guide To The Best 5 Star Hotels On The Strip In Las Vegas

In this short guide, we take a look at some of the best 5 star hotels on the strip in Las Vegas. We also try to answer many of the frequently asked questions and hopefully answer some you may have yourself.


5 Star Hotels On The Strip In Las VegasOne thing is for sure, if you are visiting Las Vegas, you will not be short of hotels to choose from.

Whether yo are looking for a family friendly hotel, hotel with a casino or themed hotel, you will not be disappointed.

If you are hoping to stay at one of the luxury 5 star hotels in Las Vegas you may be thinking:


  • Which one is the best
  • Where should I stay
  • Which hotels are closest to the attractions
  • How much are hotels on Las Vegas strip
  • Which hotels have casinos

Plus so much more!


How Many 5 Star Hotels Are There On Las Vegas Strip:

There are over 15 five star hotels along the strip in Las Vegas. This means that you will be spoilt for choice when choosing your hotel. However, each one of the 5 star hotels in Las Vegas, has its own character and which one you choose, will simply be determined by personal preference.


Which Is The Best 5 Star Hotel In Las Vegas:

With regards to the question: 

‘Which is the best 5 star hotel in Las Vegas?’

Once again, this is determined by many different factors. If you asked several different people which hotel they thought was the best in Vegas, you would probably hear many different hotels mentioned. Everyone has their own opinion, as to which hotel is the best in Las Vegas, simply because it is based on personal circumstances and requirements.

Some people may wish to stay in a hotel with a casino. Others may want swimming pools and spa facilities. Whilst many may like to have entertainment for children and families. However, no matter what your own personal requirements and circumstances may be, there is plenty to choose from.

Below is a list of the most popular 5 star star hotels on the strip in Las Vegas. The hotels listed are all hotels that are considered to be the best hotels in Las Vegas. Although it is hard to actually name what is the #1 hotel in Las Vegas, take a look for yourself and decide, which is the most suitable for you.


Most Expensive Hotel In Las Vegas:

This is a very difficult question to answer accurately. The reason for this is simply because room rates constantly fluctuate

Obviously, 5 star hotels in general are more expensive than any other star rated hotel. However, you might be pleasantly surprised to hear that hotels in Las Vegas are actually very reasonably priced. Yes, even the higher 5 star rated hotels can often be found at good prices.

This means that you can often stay in a much better hotel than you originally thought your budget would allow you to stay in.

With regards to which is the most expensive hotel in Las Vegas, it really depends on which type of room you stay in. As we have mentioned, standard hotel rooms are quite cheap in comparison with many other destinations. The suites on the other hand, are what will set you back a lot of money!

For Example:

Suites can cost between £2000-£80,000 ($2000 – $100,000) per night.


List Of 5-Star Hotels In Las Vegas:

The list below is in alphabetical order and is not in any order of which hotel is best. There are several famous and iconic hotels, located on the strip, which you will already be familiar with. Hotels such as the Bellagio, Caesars Palace, The Venetian and Waldorf Astoria are just a few you might now. 

  1. ARIA Resort & Casino Las Vegas
  2. Bellagio Las Vegas
  3. Caesars Palace Las Vegas
  4. Conrad Las Vegas at Resorts World
  5. Crockfords Las Vegas at Resorts World
  6. Delano Las Vegas
  7. Encore Las Vegas
  8. Four Seasons Hotel Las Vegas
  9. Nobu Hotel Las Vegas
  10. The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
  11. The Palazzo at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas
  12. The Venetian Resort Las Vegas#
  13. Trump International Hotel Las Vegas
  14. Vdara Las Vegas
  15. Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas
  16. Wynn Las Vegas


Watch the video below to see some of the best hotels in Las Vegas:

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We hope this short guide has helped provide a little more information and answers to your questions.  Hopefully, it will allow you to choose the best 5 star hotels on the strip in Las Vegas to suit your requirements and budget.