A Simple Guide To Airport Hotels:

Discover where to find the best deals for airports hotels around the world and save even more money on your booking. Ensure you start or finish your journey relaxed, refreshed and stress free!

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Eliminate The Stress

Why Stay At One

Late Night Flight Arrivals

Where To Find The Best Hotel Deals

Prices For Hotels At The Airport

Well, I  am sure that we have all experienced those early morning flight departure where you have to be up at 3am to ensure you get to the airport on time, haven’t we? However, even if your alarm clock goes off on time and you manage to wake up at the desired time, there is still all the hassle of getting ready, ensuring you haven’t forgotten anything in the early morning rush and then on top of all that, you still have to make your way to the airport! The journey to the airport can be equally as stressful, especially if the weather is bad or there are road works along the way, which only result in you watching the clock and having visions of your flight leaving without you! Plus there is always the other worry that your car may break down! The truth is, if you are late for your flight, the plane will not wait for you and if you are held up in traffic or your train or bus misses and you miss the check-in times, they will not be sympathetic! All they will say at the airport is “you should have left earlier!”, not really what you want to hear but understandably, you are no different to any other passengers on your flight and if they managed to make it to the airport on time, so should you. As with any other form of transport, planes have schedules to keep and at the end of the day, you know what time your flight leaves and just like all the other passengers, it is your duty to get to the airport on time!

Eliminate The Stress With An Airport Hotel

Airport Hotels Before TravelWe all put ourselves through so much unnecessary stress on the day of our flight departure and it is generally down to the journey to the airport and wondering if we will make it on time! There is a much easier solutions that more and more people are taking and that is to stay at one of the many airport hotels that are available at most major airports throughout the world. Now before you begin thinking that it costs an absolute fortune, it doesn’t! In fact, you may be surprised when you see how much you can book an overnight stay at one of the airport hotels for! If there are a couple of you travelling in your party, then the cost of a hotel room can be minimal and for the peace of mind you get by staying at a hotel near the airport, it is priceless!

Why Stay At An Airport Hotel

Staying at a hotel close to the airport has many advantages but one of the major benefits is that you are already at the airport or close by. You will have made your journey to the airport the night before and this means, that you will have allowed yourself enough time for any eventuality along the way. If your car breaks down you will still have time to get to the airport, if there are road works no problem as you will not be in a rush anyway and if the weather is bad, you simply take your time and drive safely according to the conditions. The simple fact is, you will have no stress about watching the clock and thinking “will the check-in close”. The other added benefits of staying at a hotel near the airport, is the fact that you will be able to get a good night sleep and stay in bed longer. When you wake up in the morning you can have a nice shower or bath, go down for breakfast and then grab your suitcase and simple walk from the hotel into the airport or onto the courtesy shuttle bus that is provided for you. It really is a great option and eliminates so much stress and means you can start your journey totally refreshed. The very fact that you will have had a good night sleep means that you will feel much better during your day of travel and will feel much less tired. Travelling on a lack of sleep is miserable and really can spoil the first day of your trip.

Late Night Flight Arrivals

Another great benefit of an airport hotel is when you have a late night flight and arrive at the airport late night or very early morning and have a long transfer to your final destination. It is much nicer to arrive at the airport knowing you can go straight to bed, rather than be thinking you have to face a long transfer on top of your flight. Booking into an airport hotel will allow you to get a good night’s sleep and then continue your journey nice and refreshed. It is also a much safer option than travelling at night, especially if you are travelling alone or driving.

Where To Find The Best Deals On Airport Hotels

There are a large number of hotels located either at the airports themselves or close by and these hotels usually have special deals running throughout the year. You will find a large number of major hotel chains such Hilton, Radisson, Mercure to name but a few at the airports and there are also many independent hotels to choose from. However, trying to visit each and every hotel’s website would be a complete nightmare and if you are looking for the best deals on airport hotels, the easiest way to find them is to use the hotel comparison websites that are available. Most have designated pages for airport hotels or allow you to search for them separately.

Prices For Airport Hotels

Regardless what people may think, the prices for hotel rooms at the airports are not really any different to what the hotels charge for rooms in their city hotels. As I mentioned earlier, most of the major hotel chains run special deals throughout the year and if you manage to secure one of these deals, you really can get them for a great price (Newsletter Link). Obviously, prices for a hotel room at the airport do vary and as you can imagine, these prices reflect the hotel, its location and its star rating. It goes without saying that you can expect to pay more for your airport hotel if you stay at one of the major leading hotel chains and also, if the hotel in located onsite at the airport.

Airport hotels really are the perfect solution to eliminating stress before travel and making your trip much more relaxed.



Airport Hotels Manchester

Manchester Airport (MAN) is one of the largest International airport in Europe and has a large number of hotels that service the airport. The hotels located close to Manchester International airport range from basic 1 star accommodation through to more luxurious 4 star rated hotels. All the hotels near Manchester Airport provided easy access to and from the airport and are specifically geared up to cater for passengers travelling to and from Manchester Airport.

The closest hotels to Manchester Airport are:

Name Of Hotel Star Rating Distance From Manchester Airport Hotel Address
Clayton Hotel Manchester Airport 3 Star 0.3 miles Outwood Ln Manchester M90 4HL
Premier Inn Manchester Airport 3 Star 1 Mile Runger Lane Manchester M90 5DL
Radisson Blu Hotel Manchester Airport 4 Star Onsite Chicago Ave Manchester M90 3RA
Crowne Plaza 4 Star 0.5 Miles Ringway Rd Manchester M90 3NS
Hilton Hotel 4 Star Opposite Terminal 1 Outwood Ln Manchester M90 4WP