Gatwick Express – A Simple Guide

What Is The Gatwick Express

How Often Are The Trains


How Long Is The Journey Time

Prices For Tickets

Discount On Group Tickets

Season Tickets

Where Can You Buy Your Tickets

Why Choose The Express Train

Being one of the busiest airports in the UK, means that Gatwick Airport needs to provide regular, reliable connections to and from the airport for its passengers. One of the most popular forms of transport to and from Gatwick Airport is the Gatwick Express train.

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What Is The Gatwick Express

The Gatwick Express is a fast non-stop train that runs between Gatwick Airport and central London. The non-stop train provides direct links to and from London for passengers arriving at and departing from the airport.

Which Station In London Does The Gatwick Express Depart From And Terminate

The Gatwick Express train runs to and from London Victoria station, which mean passengers visiting landing at the airport can be in central London very quickly.

How Often Are The Trains

The Gatwick Express train depart every 15 minutes throughout the day which means passengers never have long to wait for the next train. The timetable can be subject to change for reasons such as maintenance (especially on Sundays) and it is advisable to check the times before travel.

Gatwick Express Timetable

What Time Is The First And Last Train

London Victoria To Gatwick Airport: The first train from London Victoria station to Gatwick is 03.30am and then the next train is 04.30am. Then from 05.00am, the trains run every 15 minutes throughout the day until the last train at night.

The last trains from London Victoria to Gatwick Airport are 00.01am and then 00.32am

Gatwick Airport To London Victoria: The first trains from Gatwick Airport to London Victoria depart the airport at 04.35am and then 05.20am. The trains then run every 15 minutes throughout the day from 05.50am until the last train from Gatwick at night.

The last trains from Gatwick Airport to London Victoria station are 00.50am and then 01.35am.

How Long Is The Journey Time Of The Gatwick Express

The train is a non-stop train and this means that the journey time from the airport to London and vice-versa is just 30 minutes. This is why this service is very popular with passengers wishing to get to and from the airport is the quickest time possible.

Gatwick Express Prices For Tickets

There are several tickets available to passengers and the cost of your ticket will obviously be determined by which ticket you purchase. Passengers can choose from Single and Return tickets and have a choice of ‘Anytime Day Return’ and ‘Off-Peak tickets’. There are also many other options available for passengers such as ‘Web Duo Anytime Return’, ‘First Class Anytime Single’, ‘First Class Anytime Return’ and ‘First Class Off-Peak Day Return’ and Carnet (10 for 8) offers.

The Gatwick Express regularly runs offers on its website that entitle passengers to some great saving if they book their tickets Online. If you know your dates of travel and are in a position to book your train tickets in advance before travel, you can generally find that you can save a considerable amount of money by boking your tickets early.

The best deals can be found when you book your tickets Online in advance.


Gatwick Express Discount On Group Tickets

If you are travelling in a group, you can save a great deal of money by taking advantage of one of the offers on ‘Group’ tickets. The ‘Group’ tickets allow passengers travelling in groups to save up to 50% on the cost of their train ticket and this can mean large savings when booking in groups of 3 or more people. The most common ticket for passengers travelling in groups in the ticket that allows you groups of 3 or 4 people to travel for the price of 2 adults. This ticket is available to groups of people where there are 3 or 4 more people travelling.

Please Note: If there are children travelling in your group which are the age of 5-15 years of age, there needs to be at least 2 paying adults travelling in that group. There is also a 5 for 3 offer that is available for groups of 5 people and there should be at least 3 paying adults in the group to be eligible for this offer.


Season Tickets

Season tickets are a great way to save money on the cost of your travel, if you are a regular travel. These season tickets are great for business professional who find themselves making regular trips to and from the airport. Taking advantage of these seasons tickets allows you to eliminate queuing for your tickets and means you can enjoy a substantial saving throughout the year. There are currently several options for the Season tickets and they are:

Weekly Season Ticket

Monthly Season Ticket

Annual Season Ticket


Where Can You Buy Your Tickets For The Gatwick Express Train

Tickets should be purchased before you board the train and there are now ticket gates in place at Gatwick Airport station and London Victoria Station. Once you have purchased your ticket, you should retain your ticket whilst you are on the train for inspection and for exit at the station.

The best and most cost effective way to purchase your tickets is Online. Purchasing your tickets in advance Online will ensure you receive the cheapest price possible. It is advisable that if you can, you should always purchase your tickets Online. When you purchase your tickets Online, you then have a number of ways to receive your tickets. You can print choose to receive an e-Ticket and then print this at home. You can have the ticket sent to your mobile phone or you can collect your tickets from the vending machine at the station on the day of travel and this is known as ‘Ticket On Departure’.

However, if this method is not possible, you have several other options available to you to purchase your tickets.

You can purchase your tickets at the station at Gatwick Airport or London Victoria station.

Also, you can purchase a ticket from one of the ‘Self Service’ vending machines at the stations.

You can purchase a ticket from the Gatwick Airport Onward Travel Centre.

Many airlines also sell the Gatwick Express tickets on board the aircraft during flight.

Certain Currency Exchange bureaus (such as Travelex & TTT MoneyCorp) at the airport also sell the train ticket.


Why Choose The Gatwick Express

The Gatwick Express train is well known for its fast, reliable and regular services to and from the airport. The train provides an affordable no hassle form of transfer to and from Gatwick Airport. It allows passengers arriving at and departing from Gatwick to avoid the hassle of taking their own cars to the airport and means that you can relax and enjoy the peace of mind that you will arrive at the airport or in central London stress free!

Taking the Gatwick Express train to and from the airport eliminates all the stress of having to fight your way through traffic, stood in queues and worrying whether you are going reach your chosen destination in time. If you are travelling on business, it allows you to catch up on any last minute work you may need to do or simply allows you to sit back and chill before your meeting of flight.



The Gatwick Express train provides a fast and convenient connection for passengers wishing to get to and from Gatwick Airport to central London. It provides a cost effective means of transfer and eliminates all the hassle of traffic and queuing in the crowds allowing you to have a stress free transfer to and from the airport. If you do not want to pay large amounts of money for a taxi, hire a car from the airport or do not want the hassle of catching several forms of public transport, then the Gatwick Express train could be the perfect solution for you.