Which Is The Best Train Station Near Bakewell

In this short guide, we take a look at the best train station near Bakewell.

If you are visiting Bakewell and are wanting to go by train, you may have several questions. Hopefully, this page will help answer some of the questions you may have. As a result, making your travel less stressful!

Does Bakewell Have Its Own Train Station

Train Station Near BakewellNo, Bakewell no longer has an operational station. The train station at Bakewell closed for passenger services on 06 March 1967. The line continued to be used but only for trains which passed through the station. After a short while, the line was then fully closed in 1968.

The train station at Bakewell is still standing and is now a Grade II Listed Building. However, sections of Bakewell train station and line, now forms part of the ‘Monsal Trail’ in the Peak District. The area between the lines and platform have been filled in to provide a safe trail for users. The Monsal Trail can now be used for walking, horse riding and cycling and stretches a distance of approximately 8.5 miles.

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Is There A Train Station Near Bakewell:

Although there isn’t a train station in Bakewell, there are three train stations close to Bakewell, that are a popular choice with people travelling to the town. These stations are:

  • Matlock Station: Matlock train station is the closest train station to Bakewell and is approximately 8.5 miles.
  • Buxton Train Station: Buxton train station is approximately 12 miles from Bakewell.
  • Chesterfield Station: Chesterfield is approximately 13 miles from Bakewell

However, as you can see from the list above, the stations are a little distance from Bakewell itself. This means that if you are wanting to get to Bakewell by train, you will not be able to go direct. Firstly, you will have to go to one of the above train stations. Secondly, you will then need to take a local bus from the train station (or close by) to the town of Bakewell.

Due to this being a popular route for people travelling to Bakewell, there are now several local bus services in operation. The local bus services operate throughout the day, providing connections between the three station to Bakewell.

The bus services currently in operation are:

Buses From Train Station Near Bakewell:

Matlock To Bakewell Bus:

6.1 Service:

Bus number 6.1 runs from Matlock Interchange to Bakewell every hour and is operated by . The journey time takes between 35-40 minutes depending on traffic.

172 Service:

In addition to the 6.1 service, the bus number 172 also runs from Matlock to Bakewell but is less frequent than the 6.1 and takes a little longer. The 172 service is operated by Hulleys of Baslow.

Note: The 6.1 bus service departs from Derby. If you are travelling to Derby by train and wanting to get to Bakewell, you can catch the bus from Derby. Obviously, the bus journey will be longer but it may save you having to catch a connecting train from Derby to one of the other train stations near Bakewell. As a result, it may work out less time travelling compared with changing trains but you would need to check both bus and train times before travel.

Buxton To Bakewell Bus:

Transpeak Service:

Transpeak bus service is operated by ‘High Peak’ and runs every hour during the day. The journey takes approximately 45 minutes, depending on traffic.


Chesterfield To Bakewell Bus:

170 Service:

You can catch the 170 Chesterfield to Bakewell bus service from the stop adjacent to the train station. The service is operated by Hulleys of Baslow and the journey time is 1 hour, depending on traffic. The 170 bus service runs hourly throughout the day.

Take A Look At The Latest Bus Routes and Times

Another alternative, is to catch a train to either Derby or Sheffield and then take the bus. Buses run to Bakewell from Derby and Sheffield at regular intervals throughout the day. However, as we mentioned previously, the journey time will be longer on the bus.



The following is a list of some of the most frequently asked question about Bakewell.  We hope that they provide you with uselful information about the town and surrounding areas.

Where Is Bakewell In The UK 

Bakewell is located in a region known as the East Midlands in England. It is just 20 miles from Sheffield and 27 miles from Derby. It sits on the banks of the river Wye, which provides an idyllic setting for the town.


Is Bakewell In Derbyshire:

Yes, the market town of Bakewell is located in the county of Derbyshire, in England. 


Is Bakewell In The Peak District:

Yes, Bakewell is in a region known as the ‘Peak District. The historic town is regarded as one of the most picturesque towns in Derbyshire, with plenty to see and do. As a result, the town is visited by tourist from near and far.


Is Bakewell Worth A Visit:

If you are in the region of Derbyshire, then yes Bakewell is certainly worth a visit. The picturesque market town attracts a large number of visitors throughout the year and for good reason. In view of this fact, the quiant town and idyllic setting, is the perfect place to visit in Derbyshire. Indeed, if you want to experience an historic English market town. Whether you are wanting to visit the market, take a stroll along the banks of the river Wye or simply wandering through the historic streets and visit the Bakewell shops, you will be glad you visited.

Furthermore, a visit to The Peak District is not complete without a trip to Bakewell.

Bakewell Accommodation:

Due to its popularity and large number of visitors, Bakewell has many different types of accommodation. Regarding types of accommodation, there is something to suit all requirements, tastes, needs and budgets. For Example: Some of the types of accommodation include:

  • Hotels
  • Bed and Breakfast
  • Campsites
  • Luxury Lodges
  • Cottages
  • Caravan Sites
  • Pub accommodation

Whether you are looking for a basic place to stay in Bakewell or something a little more luxurious, you won’t be short on choice. 

We hope you found this short guide about train stations near Bakewell useful.