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Compare Car Rental Companies Worldwide In One Click:

Using the car hire comparison tools below, will allow you to ensure you find the best deals on car rental! Obviously, it is your choice as to which car rental company you choose. However, we have listed below some of the most popular and trusted car hire comparison websites currently Online. They all consistently offer competitive prices, which we are sure you will be happy with.  Each offers Free Cancellation, which allows you to book with confidence knowing if the price drops, you can cancel and re-book!


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  • Free Cancellation - Upto 48 before pick up time
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Holiday Autos

  • Upto 40% off car rental
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Holiday Extras

  • Save up to 20%
  • Car hire from £3 per day
  • Over 60000 locations worldwide
  • Free cancellation


Please Note: We believe in transparency and would therefore like to let you know that we are affiliated with these companies. This simply means we receive a small commission if any bookings are generated via our website. However, this does not affect the price you pay and you will not be charged any more for your booking to cover our commission. These small commissions help us run and maintain our website and provide you with content, that will help save you time, stress and money.


What Is Hire Car Comparison:

Compare Car Hire PriceHire car comparison is the easiest way to find the best deals on car hire throughout the world.







A simple search allows you to check all the latest prices on car hire for your chosen dates and destination. Instead of having to visit each car rental companies website individually, you can now search them all in one go, in seconds!

Simply enter the dates you require and your chosen destination, the car hire comparison tool will then display all the latest deals.


How Much Is Car Hire Per Day:

There is no set universal rate for car hire per day. The price of car hire does fluctuate on a regular basis and is determined by many different factors. As a result the rate you pay for any specific day, will vary on the location and destination to which you book your car rental. To learn more about what factors determine the price of car hire, please visit the following page: How much is car hire per day


Which Car Hire Company Is Best: 

There are now so many car rental companies throughout the world and naming one as the best is impossible. Each car hire company has its own policies, terms and conditions, which in turn provides their own advantages and disadvantages. As a result, what might be the best car rental company for one person, may not be the best for another.

Most people are familiar with the major car rental companies such as:

  • Avis
  • Budget
  • Hertz
  • Enterprise
  • Europcar


All these can be found at most popular major destinations throughout the world. They all have offices at airports and most have offices in major towns and cities. As a result, travellers feel very confident booking with the major car rental companies. However, there are also a large number of smaller independent car hire companies, that offer great deals and customer service too. The smaller car rental companies are generally local companies based in specific destinations.


Why Has Car Hire Become So Expensive

There is no doubt that the cost of car hire has become much more expensive. This is certainly more evident in certain destinations. The big question though is “why has car hire become so expensive?”.


There are several key factors, as to why car has has become more expensive and they are as follows:



Covid effected so many businesses but travel was one industry that suffered heavily. As a result, the car rental companies made significant losses during Covid. As you can imagine, the car rental companies want to recoup as much of this lost revenue as possible. One of the quickest ways to achieve this is to simply increase the prices of car hire. This then leads on to another factor, which is testing the market.


How Much They Can Actually Charge:

In any market, there is a cap as to how much customers will actually pay! This means that the car rental companies increase their prices to test the market and to see just how much you the customer are actually willing to pay! Doing this, will eventually set a new standard price which isn’t too high or too low. Hopefully, this will then be a price to which both parties are happy with.



As we have previously mentioned, supply and demand is a large factor in determining the price of car hire. The size of the car rental companies fleet of cars, will determine how much they charge. Not only this but how much it costs the car rental company to lease their cars, will be passed on to the customer. It seems that everything has increased in price and this is also the case for running costs for the car rental companies too. There overheads will have soared in price and once again, these increases will then be passed on to the customer. As a result, your car hire is now much more expensive that is was previously!


Is It Cheaper To Book Car Hire In Advance

Booking your car hire well in advance is generally cheaper, however, this may not always be the case. If you know you will be travelling during busy peak periods, then it is strongly advisable to book your car hire in advance. This will not only save you money but will guarantee you get the car of your choice.


 Tip: If you are a little reluctant or apprehensive about booking in advance because you think the price might come down, don’t worry! Most of the major car hire comparison websites offer Free Cancellation on their bookings. This means that if you book your car rental and the price drops or you find a better deals elsewhere, you can cancel your booking free of charge!


Where Is The Cheapest Place To Hire A Car

This simply depends on the location! As a result, you will find that it is cheaper to hire a car from the airport in some countries and in others, it might be cheaper from the city.Once again, it can all depend on availability and how large the fleet of cars is. If the fleet of cars at the airport is smaller, then the price of rental from the airport may be more expensive. This is simply down to supply and demand. 


We hope you have found this short guide useful and helped you compare car hire price for your travel.