A Guide To Blackpool Hotels By Pleasure Beach

In this short guide, we take a look at Blackpool hotels by Pleasure Beach.

Blackpool Hotels By Pleasure BeachBlackpool is certainly one of the most popular holiday resorts in the UK. As a result of its popularity, it now attracts a large number of tourists each year. One of the main attractions in Blackpool is the Pleasure Beach. If you are visiting Blackpool with the intention of visiting the Pleasure Beach, then it makes sense to stay as close to the Pleasure as possible.

Located on the South Shore of Blackpool’s Golden Mile, the Pleasure Beach has been welcoming visitors since 1896. Since then, it has become one of the largest theme parks in the UK, entertaining visitors of all ages.


Which Blackpool Hotels Are Close By The Pleasure Beach:

There are several hotels that are located within walking distance from Blackpool pleasure. All the hotels vary in size and star rating. Due to this fact, it means that there are plenty of options for all needs, requirements and budgets.

As previously mentioned, although there are a number of hotels located near the Pleasure, the closest larger hotels are:

  • Boulevard Hotel
  • The Big Blue Hotel

Both the Boulevard and The Big Blue Hotel, are actually located right next to the Pleasure Beach. They both provide quick and convenient access to the Pleasure beach (via private access entrance), as well as the perfect place to stay in Blackpool. Not only are they located next to the Pleasure Beach but they are also located just across the road from the beach.


Boulevard Hotel:

The 5 star boulevard hotel is actually located onsite at the Pleasure. In fact, the hotel has a private direct access entrance to the Pleasure beach. As a result, you really couldn’t stay in a hotel any closer! 


The Big Blue Hotel:

The 4 star Big Blue hotel is the other hotel that is actually located right next to the Pleasure Beach. Just like the Boulevard, The Big Blue also has its own private access to Blackpool Pleasure Beach.


How Much Are Blackpool Hotels By Pleasure Beach:

The prices for hotels near to the Pleasure Beach in Blackpool do vary. There are many different factors that determine the price you pay but generally, it is simply down to supply and demand. As with most hotels in any other destination, times, dates and local events play a big part in determining prices.

As you can imagine, the hotels that are located closest to the Pleasure Beach, will often command a much higher price. This is simply due to the convenience of staying there and the proximity to the Pleasure Beach itself.

There are a large number of events held in Blackpool throughout the year, which increase hotel prices. Obviously peak periods such as school holidays, Blackpool Illuminations and festivals will all be classed as peak season. Therefore, visiting Blackpool during these times will unfortunately cost more. However, this said, there are certainly some great deals to be found throughout the year, especially if you are flexible with your times and dates.


Blackpool Hotels Near Pleasure Beach With Parking:

Both the Boulevard and The Big Blue hotels in Blackpool offer onsite parking for their guests. However, parking is not free and there is an additional daily charge for parking. Also, parking spaces are limited, so it is advisable to first check with the hotel, prior to your arrival.

Other hotels located near the Pleasure Beach in Blackpool generally all operate the same. Parking is very limited around the Pleasure Beach and the majority of street parking is ‘Paid Parking’. This simply means that there are parking meters on the street or there are restrictions in place. However, there are several large car parks close to Blackpool Pleasure, if you cannot secure a parking space at your hotel.


Free Parking At Hotels In Blackpool:

In some cases, the smaller hotels in Blackpool may offer free parking but this will be very limited. If a hotel does offer free parking, then it will normally be on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. 


Other Hotels Near Blackpool Pleasure Beach:


Hampton By Hilton

The Hampton by Hilton is another of the larger hotel chain, that is located relatively close to the Pleasure Beach in Blackpool. Although The Hampton by Hilton is not actually next to the Pleasure Beach, it is only a 5-10 minutes walk.


Smaller Hotels Near Blackpool Pleasure Beach:

As we have previously covered, the main two hotels closest to the Pleasure Beach are the Boulevard and The Big Blue. However, there are many other smaller hotels that are located close by. Although they are not located right next to the Pleasure Beach, they are well within 10-15 minutes walking distance.

Many of the smaller hotels are family run and often offer cheaper deals than the larger hotels, closer to the Pleasure Beach. This is simply because they are a little further out but still provide a great place to stay in Blackpool.


Apartments Close To Blackpool Pleasure Beach:

Renting an apartment in Blackpool is a popular choice with many visitors, especially families. Apartments offer much more than a hotel room, if there are several people in your group. Having an apartment in Blackpool, means that all your party can be together. A self catering apartment will also allow you to take advantage of the kitchen facilities, unlike a hotel. Not only that but it also allows you to relax and be together and enjoy each other’s company, instead of being in separate hotel rooms. All in all, an apartment offers you more space to relax as a group, instead of being separated.

There are now a large number of apartments to rent in Blackpool, that accommodate all sizes of parties. Many of the apartments for rent in Blackpool are located within easy walking distance from the Pleasure Beach and other attractions in Blackpool.


We hop that you found this short guide beneficial and it helped you choose the best Blackpool hotels by Pleasure Beach.