5 Star Hotels In Nicosia

Discover the best 5 star hotels in Nicosia Cyprus.

There are now 4 luxury hotels in Nicosia that have been awarded a 5 star rating. However, 2 are located on the Southern side of the city and 2 are located on the Northern side of the city.

5 Star Hotels In Nicosia CyprusNicosia is one of the only cities in the world that is still divided by a border. The Southern side of the border is Greek and the Northern side is Turkish.

In this guide we take a look at all the 5 star hotels in the capital city of Nicosia on both the North and South sides of the city.

Hopefully, the guide will help you find the right hotel for your stay whilst saving you time, stress and money.




A List Of 5 Star Hotels In Nicosia Cyprus – North and South

Below, you will see a list of the four hotels in Nicosia, which are 5 star. We have listed the hotels under ‘Northern’ and ‘Southern’ Cyprus, so that you know which side of the city all the hotels are located.

Southern Cyprus (Greek Side):

  • Hilton Nicosia
  • MAP Boutique Hotel

The 5 star Hilton Nicosia hotel:

Whether you are visiting the capital city of Cyprus for business or leisure, the Hilton hotel in Nicosia is the perfect choice. Ideally located approximately just 2 miles (4 kilometers) from the city centre of Nicosia, the Hilton offers its guests a great base during their visit. Stay in one of the luxury hotels in Cyprus, whilst visiting the unique historic city of Nicosia.

Watch the video of the Hilton hotel:

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MAP Boutique Hotel:

With easy reach to the city centre and The Byzantine Museum, the MAP Boutique Hotel is another popular choice with visitors to Nicosia. Guests staying at the hotel can enjoy a variety of facilities to help make their stay comfortable. The MAP Boutique Hotel, offers the perfect base for exploring the city of Nicosia and surrounding areas.


Northern Cyprus (Turkish Side):

  • Concorde Tower Casino & Convention & Spa:
  • Merit Lefkosa Hotel & Casino


Nearest Airport To Nicosia:

The closest airports to Nicosia are Ercan Airport (ECN) In Northern Cyprus and Larnaca International Airport (LCA) in Southern Cyprus.

Larnaca Airport to Nicosia: The International Airport in Larnaca is located just 33 Miles (53.5 Kilometers) from Nicosia.

Ercan Airport to Nicosia: Ercan Airport in Northern Cyprus is located approximately just 15 Miles (24 Kilometers) from Nicosia itself.


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