Corfu Airport (CFU) Guide

Corfu International Airport (CFU) or “Ioannis Kapodistrias” as it is also known, is the main airport that services the island of Corfu.

Where Is Corfu Airport

Conveniently located approximately just 2 kilometers South of Corfu town itself, Which makes it very easy to get to and from the airport to Corfu Old Town. Due to its close proximity to the old town of Corfu, Corfu Airport is a popular destination with travellers throughout the year.

Over the past few years, the airport has expanded and a new terminal has now been built to help accommodate with the growth of visitors to the island and make it easier for passengers arriving and departing from the airport.

Flights To Corfu Airport

There are now a large number of flights to Corfu throughout the year, from countries throughout Europe and from a number of different major airlines, offering both scheduled and charter flights.

Although Corfu Airport receives a large number of flights throughout the year, it can become very busy during peaks season, when more charter flights are put on for travellers throughout the Summer months.

Landing at Corfu Airport is certainly a lovely approach, as the runway, is literally on the edge of the sea and provides passengers with a fantastic view of Pontikonisi, Mouse Island, the hills of Kanoni and the Vlaherna Monastery situated next to the beautiful small marina.

Getting From The Airport

If you are landing at Corfu Airport and wanting to reach Corfu old town, then getting to the old town from the airport, is very easy. Due to the proximity of the old town to the airport, transfers are not only simple but cheap. Below are the most popular forms of transfer options to get from Corfu Airport to the old town.


Bus servicres operate at regulat intervals throughout the day from the airport to Corfu old town and the journey takes approximately 10-15 monutes. The bus service from Corfu Airport to the old town is bus number 15 and runs from the airport to the bus station in San Rocco Square in the city centre. From there, you can catch a number of different buses to a number of different destination and resorts throughout the island. Tickets for the bus can be purchased from the driver of the the bus on the day of your travel.

The bus from Corfu Airport to Corfu old town, is certainly a cheap and cost effective form of transfer, especially if you are travelling alone or on a budget.


Taxis from Corfu Airport provide a quick and convenient form of transfer but are more expensive, especially if you are travelling alone. The cost of a taxi from the airport to Corfu old town is approximately between 12-15 euros (at the time of writing) but it is advisable to check with the taxi driver how much the journey will be, before getting in the taxi.

Taxi can be found outside to the left opposite the main arrivals terminal.

Shuttle Bus:

Many coach operators provides shuttle buses from Corfu Airport to a large number of popular tourist destinations on the island. If you are visiting one of the resorts on the island of Corfu, that is further afield, then a shuttle bus transfer, may be a good option. Shuttle buses from Corfu Airport, provide a quick and easy form of transfer, at a reasonable and affordable price. The added benefit is, they will drop you at your desired destination and hotel.

Car Hire:

As with any other international airport Corfu Airport has a number of car hire companies located onsite. Car hire is a popular option with many passengers, as it provides a very quick and convenient form of transfer and has the added bonus of providing you with transport throughout your visit. Car hire can certainly be a cost effective option, especially if there are several of you travelling, where the cost can be shared.


As daft as it may sound, walking from the airport to Corfu Old Town or the hotels around the bay, is definitely an option and I have done it myself to see how long it takes. Obviously, if you have a number of bags or heavy luggage, this is certainly not a wise choice, nor is it for anyone with restricted or limited mobility. However, if you are reasonably fit and are travelling with hand luggage or small case with wheels, it is worth considering.

Walking From Corfu Airport Directions

Walking From Corfu AirportThe walk from Corfu Airport to the bay area, will take you about 15-20 minutes. Simply turn left when exiting the main arrivals terminal and you will see in the distance the football stadium. Head tdown the road owards the football statium and then once you reach the stadium, turn left. Simply then follow the road all the way around and you will eventually come to the sea front and the bay area. Once you have reached the bay area, you will be able to see the Fortress and old town in the distance to the left. If you wish to reach the old, simply follow the promenade walk around to the left, in the direction of the Fortress. If you wish to reach the Mon Repos Palace Hotel, take a right and head towards the windmill.


If you have purchase a package holiday to Corfu, which has your transfer included, you will probably be met at the airport in the Main arrivals lobby by your tour representitive. They will take your name and details, and provide you with the relavent information regarding you coach and transfer. The coaches are usually located directly opposite the main terminal building.

Flight Time To Corfu From UK

Surprisingly, the flight time to Corfu from the UK, is around 3 hours, depending on which airport in the UK you are flying from. The short flight rime from the UK, makes Corfu a great destination for a weekend city break or few days holiday in the sun.

Airlines That Fly To Corfu Airport:

Aegean Airlines

Aer Lingus


Austrian Airlines


Blue Air


British Airways

Brussels Airlines









Thomas Cook




Wizz Air