Discover The Aberdeen Airport Lounge

In this short guide we take a look at the Aberdeen Airport Lounge. Hopefully, it will answer any questions you may have before travelling to Aberdeen International Airport (ABZ).


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Does Aberdeen Airport Have A Lounge:

Yes, Aberdeen Airport does have a Lounge. In fact, there are currently two lounges at Aberdeen Airport. These lounges are:

  • The Northern Lights Executive Lounge
  • British Airways Lounge


The Aberdeen Airport Northern Lights Executive Lounge:

Located on the first floor after Security is the Northern Lights Executive Lounge. The lounge provides its guests with a range of complementary foods, drinks and snacks. The food is fresh and locally sourced and prepared by an in-house chef in the lounge. Not only that but it offers comfy seating and facilities that can be enjoyed whilst taking in the great views over the runway.


Watch The Video For The Northern Lights Executive Lounge:

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Aberdeen Airport Northern Lights Lounge Opening Times:

The Northern Lights Lounge is open daily throughout the week. The general opening times are:

Monday – Friday: 04:00 am – 18:00 pm

Saturday – Sunday: 04:00 am – 17:00 pm

However, please note that the opening times may change during the Summer months. As a result, it is always best to check in advance before travelling.


Aberdeen Airport Lounge Access:

The Northern Lights Lounge:

The Northern Lights Executive lounge area is available to all passengers travelling from the airport. However, to be eligible for access to the lounge, passengers must either:

  • Be travelling with an airline ticket that allows them lounge access 
  • Hold a loyalty or membership card for the airport lounge such as Priority Pass and Dragonpass
  • Pay the appropriate entrance fee.


Aberdeen Airport Lounge Price:

How Much Is Aberdeen Airport Lounge:

As previously mentioned, it is possible for all passengers to use the Northern Lights Lounge. However, if you are not travelling with an airline ticket that allows you access or you do not hold a loyalty or membership card, you will need to pay and entrance fee.

It is always advisable to pre-book your Lounge entrance in advance, for many reasons. This is simply because you will get a better deal and also, it will guarantee you entry. If you turn up on the day, it will cost more and you may not be able to get in, if the lounge is busy.

The prices are:

Adults: Pre-Book In Advance from: £25.00 – Walk-In price on the day: £35.00

Children: Children aged between 4-17: £18.00

Babies under 3 years old: Free of charge

There is also a ‘Premium’ Lounge entry package, which costs: £47.50


The British Airways Lounge:

The popular British Airways Lounge at Aberdeen Airport is available to all British Airways passengers who are either Silver, Gold or Club World members.

The British Airways lounge is located on the first floor after Security. The lounge offers its guests a comfortable environment to relax in, as well as providing a range of complimentary food and drinks.


Aberdeen Airport British Airways Lounge Opening Times:

The British Airways Lounge at Aberdeen Airport is open:

Monday – Friday: 05.00am until the last British Airways flight of the day.

Saturday and Sunday: 05.30am until the last British Airways flight of the day.


Why Use The Aberdeen Airport Lounge:

As we have mentioned previously in another article, ‘Airport Lounges’ are a great way to relax before your flight. Not only that, but they can actually even save you money! Let’s face it, airports are not cheap places to eat. Even buying just a coffee, sandwich and a bar of chocolate can cost you well over £10. If you have a meal and an alcoholic beverage, it can be double that price. If you have a delay and need to buy another meal, the cost soon mounts up. However, in an airport lounge, you have unlimited access to food and drink, during your stay. You also have access to the business facilities, comfy seats, television and more.



The airport lounges at Aberdeen Airport are the perfect place to chill out and relax before your flight. The lounges offer a range of complimentary hot and cold food, as well as a variety of soft and alcoholic drinks. They have a large amount of facilities that ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable stay. The Northern Lights lounge is available to all passengers and entry can be gained by travelling with an airline ticket that allows access, being a loyalty card or membership holder or paying an entrance fee.

The lounge area is certainly worth considering, especially if you are planning on having something to eat and drink at the airport. This is simply because it can actually work out more cost effective, especially if you have several drinks and several things to eat.

We hope you have found this short guide useful and it has helped answer any questions about the Aberdeen Airport Lounge before travel.