4 Star Hotels In Manchester City Centre

Manchester now has over fifty, 4 star hotels located in the city centre and if you are visiting the city and looking for the best 4 star hotels in Manchester, then hopefully this short guide will help you choose the right one.

4 Star Hotels In Manchester

Manchester is certainly a city with culture and one that is constantly growing in statue. Due to the popularity of Manchester and more and more people visiting the city each year, Manchester now has some great four star hotels to accommodate all tastes, preferences and budgets.

If you have never visited Manchester before and are a little lost as to which hotels will best suited for your stay, then hopefully the information provided on this page will help shed a little light on your questions.

To help make finding your hotel in Manchester easier, we have provided a ‘Hotel Map Locator’ below, that displays all the available hotels for the dates you enter, as well as displaying the price of each hotel, for the duration of your stay. The map not only displays the available hotels for your dates but also shows you the location of each hotel and allows you to see its location, in relationship to where you want to be.


One of the most important factors you should consider (apart from your budget), when choosing a hotel in Manchester, is its location. If you are visiting the city for a specific reason and need to be close to a venue, landmark or attraction, then I obviously makes sense, to try to choose a hotel located close by. Obviously, this will all depend on your budget and whether there is a hotel close by within your budget but this should be your first priority.

Staying at a hotel, that provides easy and convenient access to the place you need to reach, will eliminate a lot of stress during your stay. Whether you are visiting Manchester on business or leisure, you will definitely be able toi find a 4 star hotel that suits your need and budget.

What Do You Need

As we have previously mentioned, location is key and as well as finding a hotel that is close to where you need to be, what do you yourself want during your stay?

If you are simply visiting Manchester and just want a nice hotel with a nice room, then it will probably be easier for you to find a suitable hotel for your stay. However, you are looking for a 4 star hotel in Manchester with a spa, swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi, then your choice will obviously be a little more limited.

Hotel Prices

As we have mentioned on previous pages, hotel prices in Manchester fluctuate throughout the year. Manchester has a large number of events taking place on an annual basis and if you try booking a hotel during this period, you may find that the price is higher than at other times in the year.

The price you pay for a hotel room, will vary and the price you pay for one night, may not be the same the following night. This is simply due to ‘Supply and Demand’ and how busy the hotel is at anyone period.

It is not always easy to avoid some of the major events but if you can put off visiting the city during these times, then you will general find you will be able to get a better deal on hotels in Manchester and you will probably get more ‘hotel’ for your money.

Some of the main events throughout the year include:

New Year

Chinese New Year

Manchester Pride

Jazz Festival

Christmas Markets

If you are visiting Manchester for any of the major festivals or concerts that are held in the city, then it is advisable to book your hotel room well in advance to avoid disappointment and guarantee you get the hotel of your choice. Delaying booking a hotel during one of the busy periods, will only result in the hotels becoming full and not available or the price increasing due to demand.

Tip: As we have mentioned in other articles, if you see a hotel you like, at a good price, it is often worth seing if you can book the hotel on a ‘Free Cancellation’ option. Doing this, allows you to secure your hotel booking but gives you the option to cancel your booking Free of charge, if you no longer want to stay at the hotel or find it at a cheaper price!

Manchester Hotels Map

Take a look at the locations of all the 4 star hotels in Manchester on the map below and find the best deals on hotels for the dates you require.


Why Choose A 4 Star Hotel In Manchester

If you want a little more luxury during your visit to Manchester, then why not pay a little more and enjoy a few more luxuries that many of the 4 star hotels in Manchester have to offer. If you are visiting Manchester for a special occasion, anniversary, meeting or social event, then having facilities such as s spa, sauna, Jacuzzi and fitness centre, will certainly help you unwind and relax throughout your stay.

Having a nice bar and restaurant that you can meet in with friends, will help start a good night out and if you are visiting on business, then having business facilities will certainly be a plus point.

Having all these facilities are available at your disposal, are why so many people choose to stay in a 4 star hotel.

As with several of the 5 star hotels in Manchester, many of the 4 star hotels cater for guests who are visiting Manchester for a special occasion and as a result, offer a number of packages including:

Spa Weekends

Romantic Breaks

Theatre Weekends

Afternoon Teas and more.

From The Airport

If you are visiting Manchester and are flying into Manchester International Airport, then reaching the hotels in Manchester is very easy. Getting from Manchester Airport to the city centre can either be done by car or by using public transport. Regular bus and train services run from Manchester Airport to the centre of Manchester throughout the day. Once you arrive in Manchester city centre, you can either take the Metro, bus, taxi or walk to your hotel.

We hope you found this brief overview of the 4 star hotels in Manchester UK. Take a look at 5 Star Hotels In Manchester