Istanbul Airport Information Guide

Istanbul Airport (IST) is the main airport servicing Istanbul. The airport is also known as ‘Ataturk airport’, as it is named after the founder and first president of The Republic of Turkey.

Istanbul Airport TurkeyIstanbul International Airport is situated in the Marmara region of Turkey. It is approximately 24 klms (15 miles) West of the City of Istanbul itself.

The airport is regarded as one of the top 40 busiest airports in the world and has over 30 million passengers passing through it each year. It has seen quite a large amount of investment over the past few years and as a result, has had a vast amount of modernisation.



Airport Codes:

The code for Istanbul Airport:

IATA Code is IST



The airport has 4 terminals that cater for both International and domestic flights, as well as having a seperate terminal for cargo flights. The terminals offer passengers a wide range of facilities, you would expect from a major International airport.


Many of the shops in the airport, are open 24 hours a day. Passengers can enjoy a variety of gift shops selling traditional Turkish items and a large Duty Free shop, with a very wide choice of goods.

Although the airport is very busy, it has a very modern and efficient system in place, that handles this capacity very well.


Getting To and From Istanbul (Ataturk) Airport

Getting to and from Istanbul Airport is very easy. This is due to the good ground support systems that are in operation at the airport. Passengers arriving at and departing from the airport, have a wide range of transfers options to and from the airport. There is a range of different transport, that cater for all needs and requirements and budgets. Which one you choose, is simply down to personal preference and budget.

Bus, car hire, coach, taxi, light rail and sea bus are all available from forms of transfer to and from the airport or close by.

Bus: There are several local bus services that operate to and from the airport to many of the local villages and towns close by. The local bus is a cheaper option for airport transfer but is a slower form of transport.

Car Hire: Car hire is a popular choice with passengers as it offers many advantages. To read more about car hire and find the best deals, please visit the following page: Car Hire Istanbul Airport

Coach: There are several coach servces that operate from the airport and they services are generally operated by Havas. Havas is one of the largest ground handling companies in Turkey and they of coach services to many destinations from the airport including: Akmerkez Aksaray Bakırköy, Etiler Taksim Square, Kozyatağı (Anatolian side) Yenikapı.

Taxi: There are many taxis that operate from outside the main arrivals area. It is always advisable to check how much the fare will be before you actually get in any taxi and start your journey. A very popular option with passengers is to pre-book their taxi in advance and there are several reasons why this is strongly recommended.

Light Rail: Istanbul airport is connected to Istanbul itself by a light rail service. The service links passenger fro the airport to an area in Istanbul called Aksaray, which means “White Palace”. The journey time on the light rail is around 35 minutes and the cost of travel, is very cheap.


Car Hire Istanbul International Airport – A Popular Choice

Istanbul Airport rental car is a popular choice with many passengers traveling to Istanbul airport. There are many good reasons why passengers choose to rent a car from Istanbul Ataturk airport and hopefully this page will highlight the many points why this is so.
One of the main advantages of hiring a car from any airport, is simply that it provides travellers with the freedom to plan their own schedule, without waiting around the airport for other passengers or waiting for public transport.

Along with providing you with the freedom as soon as you land at the airport, renting a car also means that you have transport for the full duration of your stay. Having transport throughout your stay, means you can explore Turkey and see many of the beautiful sights you may not have had the opportunity to see, had you not hired a car.

One thing is certain when you land at any airport and that is you need to get from the airport to your chosen destination. Unless you have a friend or relative to meet you at the airport, it generally means that you will need to pay for airport transfer. Car hire from Istanbul airport can be a viable option for transfer, especially if there are several people traveling in your party and you can split the cost. There are several car hire companies that operate from Istanbul airport and all are major reputable companies and all offer competitive rates.

Car hire prices fluctuate and it is always a very good idea to compare prices. The price on car hire, is usually determined from several factors and the best prices are usually found, the earlier you book. Supply and demand is also a big factor on determining the cost of car hire and this is another reason why booking early is to your advantage. If you leave booking your car hire until later or at the airport, not only will the price have increased, you may not be able to hire the car of your choice!

There are so many websites online offering car hire and visiting each and every individual websites then having to enter your details over and over again is time consuming. It is recommended to use a car hire comparison website that will search all the major car hire companies and return the best deals from each one in seconds.

Below are a list of car hire companies that consistently offer the best deals. Obviously, it is up to you which company you choose but I am sure you will find a deal that suits your requirements and budget.

Find the best deals on car rental at Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport Arrivals Procedures

As you can imagine, Istanbul airport arrivals is a very busy part of the airport and having the large volume of passengers that pass through it everyday, it is not hard to see why.

However, the staff at the airport operate a system that means the arrivals procedures are kept efficient and run smoothly.

Just like any other major International airport, passengers are required to present their passport and any other documentation needed at the passport control desk on entering the airport terminal. It is advisable to check before traveling to Turkey, that you have all the required documents needed to enter the country.

Once you have successfully cleared passport control, you can then make your way to the baggage reclaims area in the terminal building.
Here, you will find several carousels, each one is allocated a flight number and you will need to locate the carousel that displays your flight number and await your luggage. Simply wait for your luggage to appear and once you have reclaimed your luggage, you can proceed to the main arrivals exit area.

If you are traveling without any hold luggage, you can bypass the reclaims area and make your way to the exit area.
At the main arrivals exit area, you will find all the various forms of airport transfer such as bus, coach and taxi. All the car rental companies are located in the arrivals area and if you have pre-booked your car hire or wish to purchase car hire at the airport, you will need to make your way to the appropriate desk.

If you have pre-arranged your airport transfer prior to traveling, here is where you will generally be greeted by your representative.
Live up to date information on all Istanbul Airport Arrivals.

It is always advisable to check Istanbul Airport Arrivals, especially if you are collecting passengers from the airport. Keeping informed with all the latest information, will ensure you arrive on time and don’t turn up at the airport far too early.


Istanbul Airport Departures Procedures

As one of the busiest airports in Europe, Istanbul airport departures area can become very busy at times, especially when there are several flights scheduled to depart around the same time. For this reason, it is advisable to allow yourself plenty of time to get to the airport and it is generally recommended to arrive at the airport 2 hours prior to your departure time.

As with any other major International airport, Istanbul airport has procedures that passengers need to adhere to and all passengers wishing to fly must check-in before boarding the aircraft. Failure to check-in to a flight will only result in the passenger not being allowed to fly.

There are several check-in desks at the airport and each flight will be allocated a check-in desk. Passengers wishing to check-in to a flight will need to locate the appropriate check-in desk and await their turn. Any passenger wishing to check-in at the airport will be required to present their passport and any other documentation needed to fly to the check-in staff. The check-in staff will then issue a boarding pass that will need to be shown at security and also before boarding the aircraft.

Many airlines now allow passengers to check-in online. If you use the online facility ensure you take your boarding pass with you to the airport! Some airlines will charge you for issuing an additional boarding pass and these fees are costly!

Having successfully checked-in, you will then need to make your way to passport control and security before entering the departure lounge. On entering the departure lounge, you will find a large selection of gift shops, Duty Free shops and restaurants. This is then the ideal time to relax, have a drink and bite to eat before boarding your flight.

Up to date information on all Istanbul International Airport Departures.

It’s always a good idea to keep informed about Istanbul Airport Departures. Istanbul airport is one of the busiest airports in the world and as you can imagine, get very busy in peak periods, especially during the summer months when tourists flock to the airport. Unfortunately, at busy periods, delays do occur and using the widget below, will keep you informed about all the departures from the airport.

Istanbul Airport Address: Ataturk Dhmi, Istanbul Yesilkoy, 34830, Turkey

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