A Simple Guide To ‘Fuerteventura Airport El Matorral’ Spain

In this guide, we take a look at Fuerteventura Airport El Matorral (Spain). If you are travelling to the island of Fuerteventura by air, hopefully this page will be of benefit. We have tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the airport. As a result, we hope this guide will help answer some of the questions you may also have yourself. 

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Just before that, here are a few of the most common and frequently asked questions:


What Is The Airport In Fuerteventura Called

Fuerteventura Airport El Matorral SpainThe airport in Fuerteventura is simply called ‘Fuerteventura Airport’ (FUE).  Due to its location, it is also known as El Matorral or Fuerteventura Airport El Matorral.





Is This The Only Airport Fuerteventura:

Yes, there is only one airport on the island of Fuerteventura. The airport services all the popular holiday resorts on the island including Corralejo, Caleta de Fuste, El Cotillo, Morro Jable, Costa Calma and Jandia.


Where Is Fuerteventura Airport: 

The airport in Fuerteventura is located in a part of the island known as ‘El Matorral’. The airport is conveniently located just 3.1 miles (5 kilometers), from the capital Puerto del Rosario.


Arrivals At Fuerteventura Airport El Matorral:

Fuerteventura Airport Flight Arrivals Procedures:

As with any other major International airport, Fuerteventura International Airport has strict procedures in place for passengers arriving at the airport.

Once your aircraft has landed, it will taxi to its allocated parking bay. The Cabin Crew will then let passengers know when it is safe to disembark the aircraft.

Once it is safe to disembark the aircraft, passengers can then make their way to the main Arrivals terminal. This is usually just a short walk from the aircraft.

Passport Control:

Once inside the airport terminal, you will then be required to clear Passport Control. You should ensure you have your passport ready, along with any other documentation you may require to enter Fuerteventura.

Passport Control at the airport is usually very efficient and you are not kept waiting for long.

Baggage Reclaim:

If you are travelling with ‘checked-in’ hold luggage, then you will need to make your way to the Baggage Reclaim area, once you have cleared Passport Control. This is where you will reclaim your checked-in hold luggage. Obviously, if you are only travelling with hand luggage, you can make your way to the main Arrivals Lobby.

The Baggage Reclaim area has several carousels and each flight arrival at the airport is assigned its own carousel. Above each carousel is a monitor, to which both the flight numbers and carousel numbers are displayed. Simply make your way to one of the monitors, to check which carousel your flight has been assigned. Then make your way to the designated carousel and await your luggage.

Facilities: There are several facilities in the Baggage Reclaim area, including toilets and vending machines.

Main Arrivals Lobby:

After successfully reclaiming your luggage, you can make your way to the exit doors and into the main Arrivals Lobby. 

The main Arrivals Lobby is where you will find a large number of facilities and services. These include:

  • Car Hire/Rental Desks
  • Tour Operators
  • Coach Transfers
  • Taxis
  • Buses
  • Cafes
  • Mobility Desks

And more:

The main Arrivals Lobby is also where you will be greeted, if you have booked a package holiday. This is where your travel Representative will be waiting for you upon your arrival. It is also where private transfers, family members or friends meet passengers arriving at the airport..

In the Arrivals Hall, there are several overhead monitors that display all the latest Fuerteventura Airport live arrivals.

Passengers arriving at the airport will obviously need to make their way to their final destination on the island. There are several options in terms of transfers from Fuerteventura Airport which include:

  • Car Hire
  • Bus
  • Taxi
  • Shuttle Bus
  • Private Shuttle
  • Tour Operator Transfer

If a family member, business associate or friend are collecting you from the airport, then you will already have your transfer arranged. If you are travel with a tour operator, then you will probably have transfers to your accommodation including in your holiday package.

However, if you are travelling independently, then it is safe to say you will need to arrange your own transfers.

To find out more about transfers and find the best deals, please take a look at the following section of this guide:



Arrivals and Departures Fuerteventura Airport:

Both the Arrivals and Departures at Fuerteventura Airport, are located in the same terminal. The terminal has two floors the lower floor is both Arrivals and Departures. The check-in desks and Security are located on the lower level and the Departures lounge and Boarding Gates are located on the upper floor. 

As you exit the Baggage Reclaim area at the airport and enter the Arrivals Lobby, the Departures and Check-in desk are to the right.


Watch The Video Of Approach And Landing At Fuerteventura Airport From Cockpit:

By Approach and Departures Videos: As found on Youtube

We hope you found the information on this page beneficial and helpful before travelling to Fuerteventura Airport El Matorral (Spain).