Arlanda Airport In Sweden

Arlanda airport (ARN), is the largest of the three airports in Sweden that service Stockholm (Stockholm Bromma Airport and Stockholm Skavsta Airport) being the other two. The airport is run by Swedavia who manage and operate a number of Swedish airports.

Where Is Stockholm Arlanda Airport

The airport in Arlanda is situated just under 25 miles north of Stockholm itself, in Uppand province/Sigtuna Municipality of Sweden. The nearest town to the Arlanda airport is Märsta and Uppsala which is only 6 miles away.

Airport Statistics For Arlanda

Arlanda airport, is the largest airport in Scandinavia with an estimated 50, 000 passengers traveling through it each day. The airport has 3 runways and four terminals, 2, 3, 4 & 5, both domestic and international flights operate from them carrying over 18.5 million passengers each year.

How To Transfer From Terminals At Arlanda International Airport

There is a FREE shuttle bus that runs between each terminal and connects passengers to their departure terminals and also to the long stay car parks.

Terminal 5 is the newest terminal and terminals 2, 4 & 5 all have information desks inside the buildings.

Getting To And From Arlanda Airport

Transfers to and from Arlanda airport are quick and easy. There are many options of transport, depending on the size of your party and budget. You have options of Train, Bus, Taxi, Coach or Car Hire.

The E4 links Arlanda airport to Stockholm and on your return from Stockholm to Arlanda, simply take the E4 North and the follow the sign for the airport.

Car Hire: There are several car hire companies that oprate from inside Arlanda airport and all offer competetive rates, so you can be assured of finding a good deal:

To find the best deals on car hire at Arlanda airport, please visit the following page: Car hire Arlanda Airport

Train Transfer And Arlanda Express: Arlanda airport has a direct rail links that connect passengers with many different destinations, from the various airport terminals. One of the most popular services at the airport, is the high speed express train that connect Arlanda airport to Stockholm and takes just 20 minutes.

Bus Transfer – Arlanda Airport Bus: Regular bus services run from outside the airport terminals 2,4 & 5. There is also a bus service that connects passengers with Märsta station. The Flygbussarna operates a regular service from Arlanda airport to the city centre in Stockholm and from Stockholm centre to the airport. This service operates throughout the day and there are many ways to purchase your ticket. Tickets can be purchased at the machines at the bus stop, at the information desks inside the airport, online or you can have an SMS text message sent to your phone. Tickets can be purchased on the bus but the only form of payment accepted is by credit card.

Taxi: Taxis operate from outside the terminal buildings. Most of the taxis that operate at the airport, offer a fixed price but it is always a good idea to check with the driver and agree a price before you enter the taxi. If possible, try to have a word with the Taxi controller, who is generally outside the building. Taxi at the airport are ‘Eco Taxis’ that are environmentally friendly.

Hotels At Arlanda Airport

There are several hotels located onsite at the airport and these hotels provide the perfect place to stay if you have an early morning departure or late night /early morning Arrival at Arlanda. The hotels that are located onsite at the airport vary in price and offer competitive rates for their rooms throughout the year. The hotels that are located onsite at Arlanda are:

Radisson Blu SkyCity Hotel: Located in between Terminal 4 and Terminal 5 in SkyCity, The Radisson Blu SkyCity offers great facilities for guests including a Conference Centre.

Rest and Fly: Located in SkyCity, The Rest and Fly hotel offer a low cost option for passengers and has rooms available for both day and night rents.

The Clarion Hotel: The Clarion hotel is located in SkyCity, just between Terminal 4 and Terminal 5

The Jumbo Stay Hotel: The Jumbo stay is located onsite at the airport and provides a totally unique experience for guests as the hotel is actually a real Jumbo jet plane that has been made into a hotel.

Hotels Near Arlanda Airport

There are several hotels that are located close to the airport in Arlanda and these all offer shuttle transfer services to and from the airport to the hotel.

Best Western Arlanda

Best Western Park

Connect Hotel


Nova Park Hotel

Quality Airport Hotel

Which Arlanda Airport Hotel Are The Best

This depends on your personal circumstances, preference and budget. There are a large number of hotels located both onsite at the airport and also close by and they all offer a variety of services and facilities. Obviously, what is the best and most suitable for one person may not necessarily be the best for another and this is why it is always advisable to choose a hotel that best suits your own needs, requirements and budget.


Any passengers wishing to fly from Arlanda will be required to check-in for their flight and present a valid Boarding Pass before being allowed to board their flight. Passengers can check-in for their flight either online (if the airline offers Online Check-In) or at the airport either by using the ‘self service check-in machines or at the check-in desks.

Which Airlines Fly To Arlanda

There are a large number of different airlines that now fly into Stockholm Arlanda International Airport from many different countries throughout the world. Airlines such as Air Berlin, British Airways, Air France, Easy Jet, Germanwings, SAS Scandinavian Airlines, Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia, Thomson, Turkish Airlines and United Airlines to name but a few.

Duty Free Allowance At Arlanda

Passengers arriving at and departing from Arlanda on Domestic and international flights can purchase products such as perfume and cosmetics at Duty Free prices from the Duty Free shops inside the airport terminals. Any passengers flying to countries that are outside the EU can also purchase Alcohol and tobacco.

Please Note: The required age limit to purchase tobacco in the Duty Free shops is 18 and 20 for alcohol.

If you are unsure as to what you are allowed to legally take into your chosen destination, simply ask a member of staff in the Duty Free shop at the airport and they will advise you on your allowance for that particular country.

Arlanda Airport Lounges

There are several airport lounges at Arlanda International Airport and all the lounges are open to passengers who are travelling with a valid ticket that allows entry and to passengers who either purchase a Day pass, hold a loyalty card or are member of a membership program. The different VIP lounges at Arlanda are:

The Menzies Executive Lounge: Located In Terminal 2 (Airside)

Arlanda Lounge: Located in Terminal 5 (Airside)

The Menzies Executive Lounge: Located in Terminal 5 (Airside)

The Menzies Business Lounge: Located in Terminal 5 (Airside)


Which Stockholm Airport Is Nearest To The City Centre

There a four airports that service Stockholm and each one provides transfer options to passengers wishing to reach the city centre of Stockholm. The list bellows shows the distance from each airport to the centre of Stockholm and as you will see, the closest airport to the city centre is Bromma which is just 9.6klms from Stockholm.

Bromma: 9.6klms (6miles)

Arlanda: 40klms (25 miles)

Skavsta: 106klms (66 miles)

Västerås Airport: 104 (65 miles)


Arlanda Airport Parking

Parking at Arlanda airport is not a problem.  The airport offerss passengers many different alteratives for parking and it is simply down to your preference, budget and duration as to which kind of parking you choose.

All for terminals have access to parking, which means you are never to far away from your departure terminal.

The airport offers, multi storey parking and outdoor parking.  Each terminal has multi storey car parking facilities close at hand.  The outdoor car parks are a short walking distance from the terminals and these have a maximum stay of 90 days.  The Sky City car park in located in the heart of the airport between terminals 4&5.

Parking at Terminal 5 is manned 24 hours and you can leave your car keys and parking ticket with customer services.

Drop Offs & Pick Ups

There is designated parking for vehicles that are dropping off or picking up passengers, most of these designated parking area have a maximum stay of 1 hour.

Long Term Parking

Passengers requiring long term parking at a cheaper rate can park in one of two parking areas, these are Arlanda Langtid Beta and Arlanda Langtid Alfa.  With both these car parks, passengers receive free bus transfer from the car park to the airport and then on return, from the airport to car park.

Arlanda Langtid Alfa –  Is the cheapest option of the two.  It is fully secure with surveillance cameras and although you do get FREE bus transfer to and from the airport, you do not receive the many axtras that you receive with Arlanda Langtid Beta.

Arlanda Langtid Beta – Is some distance from the airport terminals but a FREE transfer bus is provided.  This car park is fully secure with surveillance cameras and offers full customer support.  Passengers parking in the Arlanda Langtid airport are also entitled to a complimentary breakdown service which covers your car should you need a jump start or tow etc.

Parking For People With Disablities

Arlanda Airport provides designated parking space in all of it’s multi storey car parks.  It also provide parking spaces in the drop off areas, these spaces have a maimum parking time of 3 hours and drivers should make their disabled badge fully visible.

Car Wash

In the Sky City car park, it is possible to have your car washed plus other extras.

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