How To Compare Flight Prices

Compare Prices By Date

Compare Multi City And Multi Destinations

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The art of finding the best deals on your airfare is to simply compare flight prices. Comparing flight prices used to be a nightmare, especially when you had to phone each and every individual tour operator or airline and then begin to write down all the quotes for flights and their prices and then try to sort out which company was offering the best deal! However, the task of finding flights has become much easier and although there are a number of ways in which you can help reduce the cost of your flight, (as we discuss on the following page ‘Find Cheap Flights’), sourcing out which airlines are offering the best deals on flights to your chosen destination has also become so much easier due to the introduction of the flight comparison websites. The beauty of these websites is that they allow you to compare flight prices to specific destinations, on specific dates and also specific price ranges. If you would like to read more about the flight comparison websites, you can do so by visiting the following page: Flight Comparison Websites.

Compare Flight Prices By Date

If you are flexible with your dates, then this is a very good way to find the best deals. The easiest way to find the best deals is to set a broad date range and then see what the search engine return.

For example: If you would like to travel to a specific destination but are not too bothered which dates you travel, it is so much easier to set the departure date from the beginning of a month and the return date in the middle of the month and then work your way through.

Example: When you are selecting your dates, select the first day of the month. Let’s say we are searching for flights in June, we would select 01 November for our departure date and then we would select 15 November as our return date. The comparison websites search engines would then go and retrieve the flights that are available for those dates. Now you are probably wondering why I said select the departure date for the first day of the month and the return for the middle. Well, when the search results are returned, you will be offered all the best deals for flights departing on the 01 June and all the flights returning on the 15 June. This then allows you to start moving through the other dates to find the best deals. On the picture below, you will see that there are arrows at the top left and top right hand side of the returned searches (I have indicated these with a red arrow). On most flight comparison websites, you will have similar facilities. These arrows allow you to search either for the previous or next day when you click on them. Compare Flight Prices As you can see from the picture, there are several flights departing on the 01 November from various airports, at various times and for different prices. However, for the return flights on 15 November, there are not so many flights. This means that your choice of return flights is restricted and there may not be a suitable flight for your requirements. This is when you begin to use the arrows and search for flights on the previous or next day. If we click on the arrow to search for flights on the next day, you will see that there are several flights departing on the 02 November and also, more flights available on the 16 November. Compare Flight Prices Before Travel Let’s say you wanted to fly from Liverpool at reasonable times, you would be able to compare flight prices from Liverpool airport to Barcelona and then see if there are any that you fancy. As you can see from the searches above, you would be able buy a return flight from Liverpool to Barcelona for£50.95! If you are not happy with the flight times and prices, you simply just keep moving through the dates to find the best flight times and prices from the airport of your choice.

Compare Flight Prices Multi City And Multi Destinations

A great facility that many of the larger flight comparison websites have is the option to flight prices on ‘multi city’ flights. This means that you can compare flight prices on several flights to different cities and destinations throughout the world. This facility is a big help if you have multiple flight to catch and many of the websites allow you to search up to 6 flights at a time.

Compare Flight Prices Multi CityFor Example: If you were flying from Heathrow to Los Angeles and then needed to fly from Los Angeles to Auckland New Zealand and then from Auckland New Zealand to Melbourne Australia and then Melbourne Australia back to Heathrow, you could search all the flights in one go and see what the search returns offer. Once again, if you are flexible with your dates, you can simply keep altering the dates until you find the best flight prices to suit your requirements and budget.   These facilities are great for business professionals whose travel schedules are busy and also travellers that are hoping to visit a number of different countries and cities on their trip.

Compare Flight Prices Overtime Using the same facility as the multi city, you can also search flights to a large number of popular destinations throughout the world.

There are now a number of websites that actually allow you to search for flight prices overtime. How they work is that you simply enter your dates and flight into the search box and then it will track the prices of those flights and alert you if the flights drop in price. As you can imagine, this is a great tool and can help you save a significant amount of money on your flights. Using the comparison websites to compare flight prices is the easiest way to ensure you find the best deals.