Booking Amsterdam Hotels

As one of the most popular cities in the world, Amsterdam needs to be able to accommodate the large number of people that visit each year. If you are wondering which Amsterdam hotels will best suit your needs, then hopefully this page will provide you with the information you need about all the hotels in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam HotelsAmsterdam has so much variety in terms of places to stay and the choice of accommodation in Amsterdam is diverse. There is accommodation to suit all preferences and budgets and whether you prefer cheap hostels, Bed and Breakfast or the most luxury hotels, there will definitely be something to suit.

However, this page is designed to highlight some of the best and most popular hotels and there are certainly some amazing hotels in Amsterdam to choose from, as well as budget.

Factors To Consider:

When you are searching for a hotel to stay in during your visit to Amsterdam, there are a number of important factors you should consider. These factors will play a big part in deciding which hotel in Amsterdam will be the best for you and also help you choose the correct hotel for your stay.

Location, Cost, Type, Reason For Visit, Flexibility and Facilities all play an integral role in helping you choose the right hotel.



Where do you want to be near?

Do you want to be in the centre of Amsterdam? Do you want to be on the outskirts? or Is there a specific landmark or place you would like to be near?

These can certainly all affect what type of hotel you can afford as staying in a hotel in the centre of Amsterdam, will certainly come at a premium. If you stay a little further out of the city centre, the chances are the prices will be cheaper and you would generally get more for your money. However, what you do need to consider and factor into the equation, is how much it would cost you in fares, getting into the centre every day and back to your hotel. If you would end up paying a small fortune on public transport or taxis, then it would probably be better paying the extra and staying closer to the city centre.


Being flexible with your dates will certainly give you a much broader choice of options, in terms of what hotels you will be able to get for your money. As with any other city, the prices of hotels in Amsterdam fluctuate throughout the year and depending on supply and demand, will affect the cost of a hotel room at any one time.

Reason For Your Visit:

What is your reason for you visiting Amsterdam?

Are you visiting on business, leisure or for an event?

On Business:

If you are visiting on business, then it makes sense to be staying in a hotel that is close to the place you will be working. The last thing you want is to have to tackle your way through the hustle and bustle of rush traffic, to get to your place of work. If you require Internet connections and other facilities that allow you to do your work whilst in your hotel, then obviously you will need to ensure the hotel you choose has WiFi and Internet connection.

An Event:

If you are visiting Amsterdam for a specific event such as a concert or exhibition, then once again, you need to consider where the event is taking place and try to find a hotel close to the concert hall, venue or museum. However, if you are visiting Amsterdam when a major event is taking place, you could find that the demand for hotels is high and as a result, often become fully booked quickly and command a higher price. If you know well in advance, it is advisable to book your hotel as soon as possible.


If you are just visiting Amsterdam purely for leisure and to explore the wonderful city, then you may not be too bothered as to which area or district of Amsterdam you stay in. This flexibility, will obviously allow you more scope and will generally mean you get a much better deal for your money.


If you have flexibility on your dates, it is a good idea to search for availability on all the Amsterdam hotels for a number of different dates. This will then provide you will a rough idea, of how much the hotels will be for the different dates and the difference in prices could be very significant, even within a week or two of each other. If you are flexible with your dates of travel, you can then book your flights around the time of the cheapest bargain hotel deals in Amsterdam!

Affordable Hotels In Amsterdam 

When you are searching for the best hotel in Amsterdam to suit your needs, one of the major factors that will determine which hotel you eventually choose is your budget. Obviously, we all want to try to find the best hotel we can get for our budget but what may seem to be affordable hotels in Amsterdam for one person, may not be affordable for another.

Finding The Best Affordable Hotels In Amsterdam For Your Budget

It is always a good idea when looking for hotels, to set a budget and try to stick with it. More often than not, you will generally find deals for hotels, that actually allow you to stay in a higher star rated hotel than you first thought your budget would allow. This is why it is always a good idea to shop around or at least, use one of the popular hotel comparison websites before you book a hotel room in Amsterdam. Using a hotel comparison website, will allow you to submit your budget and will then return a search with all the affordable hotels within your budget for your specific dates.

Best Places To Stay In Amsterdam On A Budget 

A lot of people still believe that the star rating of a hotel, reflects its cleanliness and comfort but this is not the case. The fact is, the star rating of a hotel, is mainly awarded on the facilities the hotel offers and what it provides to its guests. This means, that a 1 or 2 star hotel in Amsterdam, could be just as clean (if not cleaner) than a 4 or 5 star hotel. So, if you are looking for the best places to stay in Amsterdam on a budget, do not be put off, simply by the star rating. There are some lovely ‘lower star’ rated hotels in the city, that are very clean and very comfortable but just won’t have certainly luxuries such as, fluffy robes, furry slippers, a swimming pool or Jacuzzi.  What they will have though, is generally a cheaper price tag!!!

Also, a lot of people presume that if they are travelling on a budget, they will have to stay in a hostel or lower star rated hotel but this is not always the case. It is surprising but sometimes, hostels and B&B’s can work out more expensive, than the best rated hotels in Amsterdam! The crazy thing is, the price of any accommodation is determined by supply and demand and if the small hotels with limited rooms are very busy and there is a demand for the rooms, the prices will be high. If the larger hotels (with more rooms) are quiet and the demand is not there for certain dates, then the room prices will drop in price.

If you are not bothered about furry slippers, robes, Jacuzzis and swimming pool, then why pay for the luxuries if you are not going to use them? Consider what you will need from your hotel and if it is simply a base and a place to sleep, then you will have no problem finding a hotel to suit your requirements and budgets. Once again, use one of the hotel comparison websites, that allows you to search for hotels in Amsterdam by their price and will display the lowest priced hotels first. Not only will this ensure you find the best places to stay in Amsterdam on your budget but it will also provide you with a variety of different types of hotels and accommodation to choose from. This can often return some great deals on hotels in Amsterdam, that you never expected you would find, let alone be able to afford.

Remember, hotels will always try to get the highest price possible (known as the ‘Rate Card’ price) and if there is a lot of demand, will generally be able to sell the hotel rooms for this price or very close to it. However, if there isn’t the demand, then the prices for hotels in Amsterdam will drop significantly.