A Simple Guide On Fuerteventura Airport Transfer To Corralejo:

In this short guide, we take a look at the different options for Fuerteventura Airport transfer to Corralejo.

Fuerteventura Airport Transfer To CorralejoHopefully, it will answer any questions you may have yourself, as well as helping you find the best transfer option for your needs, requirements and budgets.




How Far Is Corralejo From Fuerteventura Airport (FUE):

The distance from Fuerteventura Airport to Corralejo is just 22.5 miles (36 kilometers). Due to its close proximity to the airport, is just one reason why Corralejo is so popular.


Transfer Time From Fuerteventura Airport To Corralejo:

One of the main advantages of Corralejo is that the transfer time is relatively short. The transfer time by road is approximately 40-45 minutes.


How To Get From Fuerteventura Airport To Corralejo:

Corralejo is one of the most popular resorts on the island of Fuerteventura. As a result, there are now several transfer options available to tourists. Each form of transfer has its advantages and disadvantages, which we will cover in this guide.


Types Of Transfers From Fuerteventura Airport To Corralejo:

As we have previously mentioned, there are now several different transfer options available to passengers landing at Fuerteventura Airport (FUE). The different types of transfer are:


  • Public Transport
  • Shared Shuttle Bus
  • Private Transfer
  • Car Hire
  • Taxi


Public Transport:

Bus Transfer From Fuerteventura Airport To Corralejo:

Getting from Fuerteventura Airport to Corralejo by bus is one of the cheapest options of transfer. If you are travelling on a limited budget or alone, catching the bus from the airport to Corralejo is certainly a very viable and low cost option. The buses run from outside the airport at regular intervals throughout the day and are very reliable. However, although it is very cheap, it does have several disadvantages. 


Is There A Direct Bus From Fuerteventura Airport To Corralejo:

One of the biggest disadvantages is that there are no direct buses from Fuerteventura Airport To Corralejo. In order to get from the airport to Corralejo using public transport, you need to catch 2 buses. 

Firstly, you need to catch bus number 3 from the airport to Puerto del Rosario bus station. You will then need to change buses at Puerto del Rosario bus station and catch bus number 6 to Corralejo bus station.

Something to Consider:

Another thing you need to take into consideration is that using public transport will only take you to the bus station in Corralejo, which is located on Calle Bajo del Mejillon .

This means, you will then need to make your own way to your final destination and accommodation. 

 Note:  If you then need to take a taxi from Corralejo bus station to your accommodation, it may not work out as cheap as you originally thought it might be!

As you can imagine, if you are travelling with several bags or as a family with children, this may not be the best option! 

 Tip:  Shared shuttle buses from Fuereteventura Airport to Corralejo are very reasonable in price. In fact, you can often find that they are not much more expensive than using public transport. The added bonus with shared shuttle bus transfers, are that they will drop you off at your hotel or accommodation. Take a look at the price


Advantages and Disadvantages Of Using Public Transport From Fuertevetura Airport To Corralejo:


Advantages Disadvantages
Very Cheap No Direct Bus Service – 2 Buses
Good For Solo Travellers Does Not Drop You Off At Your Hotel
Good If Travelling On Limited Budget Need To Make Your Own Way To Your Hotel Or Other Accommodation
Catch Bus Outside Airport Terminal Building Not Ideal If Travelling With Lots Of luggage
Not The Best If Travelling With Small Children


Shared Shuttle:

Shared shuttle bus transfers are a great form of transfer from Fuerteventura Airport to Corralejo. The shared shuttle bus transfers are a very popular choice with many travellers, for many reasons.

Firstly, it is a very cost effective form of transport to and from the airport. Once again, if you are travelling alone or on a limited budget, the shared shuttle bus is one option to consider. Not only is it cost effective but it also drops you off at your designated hotel. As well as dropping you off at your hotel, it also picks you up from your hotel on your return journey to the airport.

Another advantage of the shared shuttle bus, is it is direct. This means unlike using public transport, you do not have to change buses. As a result, it also means that you do not have to struggle with your luggage, if you are travelling with several bags.


Travelling In Larger Groups:

If you are travelling in a larger group, then the shared shuttle bus is also a good option. Due to the capacity of the buses, it generally means that they can accommodate larger parties.


Families Travelling:

Shared shuttle buses are ideal if you are travelling with your family or small children. Due to the bus services being direct, it means that you do not have to worry about changing buses, which can be a worry when travelling with smaller children. Also, being dropped off at your hotel, eliminates having to worry about getting from Corralejo bus station to your hotel, as you would need to do when travelling on public transport!

 Tip:  If you are staying in private rented accommodation, such as an apartment or villa in Corralejo, the shared shuttle bus service may not drop you off there. This is simply because most of the shuttle bus service only drop off and pick up from the major hotels and Aparthotels. However, a good tip is to look at which hotel is closest to your accommodation and then get dropped off and picked up from the closest hotel to your accommodation. This means that you can generally walk to your accommodation from the hotel!

If your accommodation is quite a distance from any hotel, then the shared shuttle service may not be the best option for you. If this is the case, you might be better considering either hiring a car from Fuerteventura airport or arranging private transfer, such as a taxi.


Disadvantages Of Shared Shuttle:

Although there are many advantages of using the shared shuttle bus from Fuerteventura airport to Corralejo, it does also have disadvantages.

One of the first disadvantages of the shared shuttle is that you can sometimes end up waiting for other passengers. This is simply a result of passengers arriving at the airport on different flights or waiting for their luggage. Although the shuttle bus services are usually timed to coincide with flight times, obviously delays occur! As a result, you may find that you are sat on the bus/coach waiting for other passengers before you can set off.

Another disadvantage is that the shuttle bus service does multi-drop, which means it stops at several hotels. Obviously, if your hotel is the last on the list, you could be on the coach longer than you had expected. However, if you are first on the list, then it is a bonus!!


Advantages Disadvantages
Low Cost May Be Waiting For Other Passengers
Direct Bus Service From Airport To Corralejo Multi Drop Off At Other Hotels
Ideal For Solo Travellers May Not Stop At Or Close To Private Rented Accommodation
Easy If Travelling With Luggage
Ideal For Larger Groups
Ideal For Families
Drop Off And Pick Up From Hotel


Obviously, the shared shuttle bus service from Fuerteventura Airport may not be suitable for everyone. However, if you think that it is the best option for you, I am sure that you will find the services very efficient. 

 Tip:  Spaces on the shared shuttle buses are limited and it is therefore always advisable to pre-book your seat(s) in advance. This will ensure you guarantee your seat and will also ensure you receive the best deals on your transfer.



We hope this short guide has been useful and helped answer any questions you may have had. We also hope it has provided you with the information you need to help you choose the best Fuerteventura Airport transfer to Corralejo, to best suit your needs and requirements.