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The Airport Guide

This guide has been designed to help provide information about the airport and surrounding areas. Hopefully, it will help answer any questions you may have about flying to or from the airport and getting from the airport to your final destination.

You will also be able to read about Arrivals and departures, airlines, car hire and car rental companies, check-in, taxis, shuttle buses and the local airport bus, airport parking, hotels near the airport, Duty Free and much more.

We have listed the most frequently asked questions below so that it offers a quick reference guide for you and the questions you may have.

Leeds Bradford Airport Quick Reference:

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Leeds Bradford AirportLeeds Bradford Airport is the gateway to Yorkshire and services many of Yorkshires most famous towns and cities. These include Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Sheffield, York, Harrogate, Wetherby, Skipton, Knaresborough, Otley and Ilkley, to name but a few. The airport is also the gateway to the Yorkshire Dales and the world famous Lake District.

Over the years, Leeds Bradford has certainly grown and now has a large number of passengers passing through it each year, for both leisure and business visitors.


Does Leeds Have An International Airport

Yes, Leeds does have an International Airport that services the city. The airport is called Leeds Bradford International Airport (LBA)

How Many Airports Are There In Leeds:

Although there is only one airport actually in Leeds, there are several other airports in the Yorkshire region and surrounding counties, that provide easy access to the city of Leeds.

Which Airport Is Closest To Leeds:

Leeds Bradford International Airport (LBA), is the closest airport to the city of Leeds. 

Is Leeds Bradford Airport Big:

Compared to some of the large airports in the UK such as Heathrow, Gatwick and Manchester, Leeds Bradford Airport is quite small. However, although Leeds Bradford is smaller in comparison, it has a large range of flights.

Although Leeds Bradford Airport has grown in size over the past few years, it is still a relatively small airport in comparison to many other airports in Europe. However, although LBA is a small airport, it has a large number of facilities and amenities on offer for its passengers. The airport is very well equipped to accommodate all passenger needs and has services such as car hire, bars, restaurants, parking, Duty Free, Lounges, bus services, shuttle buses, hotels close by, smoking area, shops and much more.


Airlines At Leeds Bradford Airport

Who Flies From Leeds Bradford Airport

There are now a large number of airlines that fly to Leeds Bradford Airport, providing travellers with a huge choice of airlines and destinations to choose from. Over the years, Leeds Bradford International Airport has certainly grown and as a result, many major airlines have started to serviced airport. The airlines that now fly to and from Leeds Bradford provide regular flights to many popular destination throughout the year.

How Many Airlines Operate From Leeds Bradford Airport

There are now many airlines operating from Leeds Bradford Airport. The following airlines all fly from from the airport.

Aer Lingus
British Airways
Eastern Airways


Baggage Reclaim

LBA Baggage

If you are travelling to Leeds Bradford Airport with checked-in Hold luggage, you will need to make your way to the ‘Baggage Reclaim’ Area at the airport. There a several carousels located in the Baggage Reclaim Area and each flight arrival is allocated a carousel. Once you reach the Baggage Reclaim Area, you will need to locate the carousel that has been assigned to your flight. This can easily be done by simply looking at one of the overhead monitors, which will display all the flights and the carousel number they have been allocated.



Are There Public Buses From The Airport

Yes, several buses run from the airport and connect passengers to the many towns and cities close to Leeds Bradford.

The beauty about the location of Leeds Bradford Airport, is it is very central to Leeds, Bradford and Harrogate and as a result, getting to all three is very easy by bus. There are several bus services that operate to and from the airport, providing a cheap and efficient form of transfer for passengers arriving at or departing from the airport. Buses run to and from Leeds Bradford Airport at regular intervals throughout the day and night, so passengers do not have long to wait for a bus.

There are a number of different bus services to Leeds, Bradford and Harrogate, that also stop at many different towns and villages on route that are close to the airport.

Is The Shuttle Bus Running At Leeds Bradford Airport

Yes, the shuttle bus is running at the airport. The shuttle bus operates throughout the day and transfers passengers between the airport terminal and the car parks. The shuttle bus is free of charge to passengers who have paid for parking in the onsite parking.


Leeds Bradford Airport Buses

Bus For Leeds Bradford Airport

The Flying Tiger operates a number of nus services to and from the airport and there are buses running from the centre of Leeds, Bradford and Harrogate. The main bus services are:

737: The 737 bus service operates between Bradford Interchange and Leeds Bradford Airport, stopping at:

Keighley Road Oak Lane – Shipley Market Place – Otley Road Acorn Park – Hollins Station Road – Guiseley Morrisons – Yeadon Harper Lane and Leeds Bradford Airport.

The bus journey from Bradford Interchange to Leeds Bradford International Airport takes approximately 45 minutes (depending on traffic).

The first bus departs Bradford Interchange at 06.00 and the last bus departs Bradford Interchange at 23.10

Bradford Interchange 0600 – 0650 – 0750 – 0900 – 10.00 – 11.00 – 12.00 – 13.00 – 14.00 – 1505 – 1610 – 1710 – 1810 – 1910 – 2110 – 2210 – 2310 – 2010 – 21.10 -22.10 – 23.10

Please Note: These Times were correct at the time of writing but are subject to change. To check the current timetables for the 737, please click on the following link: 737 bus Timetable

747: Bradford Interchange – Harrogate

The 747 bus service departs from Bradford Interchange and terminates at Harrogate Bus Station but stops at Leeds Bradford Airport on route. If you are wanting to get to Harrogate from Leeds Bradford Airport by bus, then the 747 bus service will take you there. The bus journey time from Leeds Bradford International Airport to Harrogate Bus Station, takes approximately 50 – 55 minutes and stops at many towns and villages on-route including:

Bolton Junction – Greengates Harrogate Road – Rawdon Cross Roads – Yeadon Harper Lane – Leeds Bradford Airport – Pool Bridge Corner – Weeton Station – Pannal Spacey Houses – Oatlands Leeds Road – Harrogate Bus Station

747 Timetable

757: The 757 bus service is the sevice that runs from Leeds City Bus Station to Leeds Bradford Airport. If you are wanting to get from the centre of Leeds to the airport, then the 757 bus is the one you should take. The bus journey from the centre of Leeds to Leeds Bradford Airport, takes approximately 35 – 40 minutes. The 757 bus stops at the following towns and villages on-route:

New York Street – Leeds Rail Station – Kirkstall Bridge Road – Horsforth Fleece Hotel – Leeds Bradford Airport

757 Timetable


Car Hire:

There are several major car hire companies located at Leeds Bradford Airport. The car rental centre, is not actually located in the airport terminal but is about 15 minutes walk from the terminal building. 

However, if you have booked car rental from LBA, you can use the free shuttle bus from outside the main terminal building. The free shuttle is the same one used for the car parking and stops outside the car rental offices.

The journey time on the free shuttle bus from the airport to the car hire centre, take a couple of minutes.

  • Avis
  • Enterprise
  • Hertz


What Is The Cheapest Car Hire Leeds Bradford Airport

The price of car rental from Leeds Bradford Airport is simply priced on a ‘supply and demand’ basis. This means that there is no specific car rental company that is consistently the cheapest. Prices for car hire from the airport do fluctuate throughout the year and can change daily. However, all the car hire companies’ prices at the airport are very competitive, so you can generally find a deal to suit your needs and requirements.

One of the easiest ways to find the best prices on car rental from Leeds Bradford Airport, is to use one of the car hire comparison search engines. These will search all the available car rental companies for the dates you require and provide you with the best deals for your time of travel.

Tip: As we have previously mentioned, car hire prices do fluctuate. This means that the prices could go up within a few days of your original search. If you see a deal that you are happy with and at a price you are happy to pay, it is advisable to book it. This will ensure you reserve the car you require and at the price you are wanting to pay. 


Car Rental Returns:

The car rental offices are open throughout the day but do close at specific times. If you are dropping off your car out of opening hours, you can use the ‘Key Drop Box’ outside the relevant car rental office.



All passengers wishing to fly from Leeds Bradford International Airport, will first need to make their way to the Departures terminal at the airport. 

If you have already checked in for your flight Online and are only travelling with Hand Luggage, you can make your way to the Security Area. If you need to check-in for your flight or drop any Hold Luggage, you will first need to make your way to the Check-in desks.


 How Early Should I Get To Leeds Bradford Airport

You should aim to get to the airport at least 2-3 hours prior to your departure time. This will allow you to ensure you have plenty of time to park, check-in, clear Security and then relax in the Departure Lounge before your flight. It will also allow time for any unforeseen eventuality that may occur before your flight.


Leeds Bradford Airport Facts:

How Many Runways Does Leeds Bradford Airport Have

There are two runways at Leeds Bradford International Airport, which are known as runway 14 and runway 32. Which runway is used at the airport, is generally determined by the weather and wind conditions. Runway 14 is in the direction of Horsforth and runway 32 is in the direction of Menston.

How High Above Sea Level Is Leeds Bradford Airport

The elevation of Leeds Bradford Airport is 681 ft (208 m) and it is currently the highest airport in England.

Which County Is Leeds Bradford Airport In

Leeds Bradford International Airport (LBA) is located in the county of West Yorkshire in England.


Getting To Leeds Bradford Airport:

How Do I Get To Leeds Bradford International Airport:

Getting to the airport is relatively easy, whether you are travelling by car, bus or train. The airport is well signposted from all the main major road links and motorways and you can pick up the signposts from the M1, A1 and M62 motorways.

If you are travelling to the airport using public transport, there are several bus services from towns and cities close that provide connection to the airport. If you are wishing to catch the train, you will need to catch the train to one of the train stations close to the airport and then either catch one of the local buses to the airport or a taxi.

What Is The Postcode For Leeds Bradford Airport:

If you are travelling to Leeds Bradford Airport by car and would like the postcode for your Sat Nav, the postcode is: S19 7TU


Getting From The LBA:

As with any International airport, Leeds Bradford is well equip to handle the amount of passengers it receives each year. As a result, the it provides a good transport network for passengers arriving at and departing from the airport.

Passengers arriving at the airport, have a choice of transfer options including:

  • Car Hire
  • Public Transport
  • Taxis
  • Private Shuttle

Obviously, which transport option you choose for your transfer to and from the airport, will be determined by your own circumstances. It will also be determined by several other factors, which include:

  • Your budget
  • Time of Arrival or Departure
  • Number of people travelling in your group
  • Your final destination


History Of Leeds Bradford Airport:

When Did Leeds Bradford Airport Open

Leeds Bradford Airport, first opened on 17 October 1931. Since those early days, the airport has seen steady expansion and growth.

What Was The Original Name Of Leeds Bradford Airport

Leeds Bradford International Airport, was originally called ‘Yeadon Airport’. The name derived from the location of the airport, which was in the town of Yeadon. It was also known locally as ‘Leeds and Bradford Municipal Aerodrome’ and ‘Yeadon Aerodrome’.

In the beginning, it was used mainly for every day aviation and as a training facility. It wasn’t until 8 April 1935, that the first scheduled flight operated from the airport.

When Did Concorde Land At Leeds Bradford

On the 02 August 1986, Concorde first landed at Leeds Bradford Airport. The event drew large crowds around the airport and it is estimated that around 70.000 people watched the first landing. It then made 60 additional visits to the airport throughout the years.



Where Is Leeds Bradford Airport

Leeds Bradford Airport is located in a small village on the outskirts of Leeds and Bradford called Yeadon. The airport was originally called ‘Yeadon’ Airport until it was later renamed ‘Leeds Bradford’.

How Far Is The Airport From Leeds City Centre

The city centre of Leeds is Approximately 8-10 miles from the airport, depending on which route you take. However, the very efficient ground Support and transport network that services the airport, makes it very easy to get to and from Leeds Bradford Airport to so many different destinations throughout the UK.

How Far Is The Airport From Bradford City Centre

Bradford city centre is approximately 8 miles from the Leeds Bradford International Airport.


Leeds Bradford Airport Lounges:

Does Leeds Bradford Airport Have An Airport Lounge:

Yes, there are currently 3 Lounges open to passengers at Leeds International Airport. The Lounges are available for all passengers, regardles to which airline or class they are travelling in. For a small fee, passengers can enjoy the comfort of the Lounges, as well as complimentary food and drinks.

For more information about the airport Lounges at LBA and to watch the videos for each one, please click on the following link:

Airport Lounge Leeds Bradford


Petrol Stations:

Are There Any Petrol Stations Close To Leeds Bradford Airport

Yes, there are 3 petrol stations located within a couple of miles from the airport. If you are returning a hire car to the airport and need to fill up, you can fill up at any of the following petrol stations.

  • Morrisons Petrol Station: High St, Yeadon, Leeds LS19 7PP
  • Jet Petrol Station: Green Ln, Yeadon, Leeds LS19 7BU
  • Sainsburys Petrol Station: Apperley Ln, Yeadon, Leeds LS19 7BZ



Does Ryanair fly out of Leeds Bradford?

Yes, Ryanair does fly out of Leeds Bradford Airport. Ryanair currently flies to a wide number of different destinations from LBA. The airline offers low cost flights to many airports throughout Europe, providing great getaway breaks throughout the year. Below is a list of the current destinations that Ryanair fly to along with the names of the airports for each country.

Croatia: Zadar

France: Limoges – Paris Beauvais

Greece: Chania

Ireland: Dublin

Latvia: Riga

Lithuania: Vilnius

Poland: Gdansk – Krakow – Poznan – Warsaw Modlin – Wroclaw

Portugal: Faro

Slovakia: Bratislava

Spain: Alicante – Barcelona – Fuerteventura – Girona – Ibiza  – Lanzarote – Malaga – Palma de Mallorca – Reus – Tenerife South


Towns, Villages and Cities Close By

Below is a list of popular destinations close to Leeds Bradford International Airport. The chart lists both the distance in miles and Kilometers from the airport, as well as the journey time by car.

Obviously, the journey time from the airport does vary and is determined by traffic and weather conditions. The journey time will also be different if travelling on public transport.


Destination Distance Journey Time By Car
Blackpool 86.8 Miles (139.7 Kilometers)

Via M62

1 Hour 45 Minutes
Bradford 8.6 Miles (13.8 Kilometers) 28 Minutes
Bridlington 71.8 Miles (115.5 Kilometers)

Via A64 & A166

1 Hour 40 Minutes
Halifax 16.2 Miles (26 Kilometers)

Via A6036

42 Minutes
Harrogate 11.8 Miles (19 Kilometers)

Via A658

26 Minutes
Haworth 17 Miles (27.3 Kilometers)

Via B6429

39 Minutes
Hull 70.1 Miles (112.8 Kilometers)

Via M62

1 Hour 30 Minutes
Knaresborough 14.2 Miles (22.9 Kilometers)

Via A658

25 Minutes
Leeds 7.9 Miles (12.7 Kilometers)

Via A65

24 Minutes
Manchester 46 Miles (74 Kilometers)

Via M62

1 Hour 20 Minutes
Ripon 22.5 Miles (36.2 Kilometers)

Via B6161 & A61

42 Minutes
Scarborough 74.5 Miles (119.9 Kilometers)

Via A64

1 Hour 45 Minutes
Sheffield 43.6 Miles (70.2 Kilometers)

Via M1

1 Hour 15 Minutes
Wetherby 14.8 Miles (23.8 Kilometers)

Via A659

29 Minutes
York 33.6 Miles (55 Kilometers)

Via A659 & A64

55 Minutes

As you can imagine, the county of West Yorkshire has so many other great places to visit.