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Many travellers choose to use airport taxis as a form of transfer to get to and from the airport. Taxis provide a quick and convenient form of transfer and avoid having to pay for parking at the airport but people are also a little apprehensive about using them. Whether you use a taxi service to get you to and from the airport in your home country or to and from the airport to a city centre or resort in the destination you are visiting, we hope this short guide will prove useful and beneficial to you.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Airport Taxis

Well, to be honest, there are probably much more advantages to using one of the many airport shuttle taxi services than disadvantages. As with any form of airport transfer, taxis do have there plus and minus points and you need to weigh up the advantages over the disadvantages to decide whether or not using an airport taxi service would be the best option in terms of transportation for you.

One of the main disadvantages of using a taxi transfer to and from the airport is simply the cost. If you are travelling alone, then a taxi service to and from the airport can work out fairly expensive and other forms of airport transfer may work out a much more viable and cost effective option. However, if there are several people travelling in your group, where the taxi fare can be shared, this may not work out too bad!

There are many advantages of booking a taxi and the door to door service that taxis provide is a big appeal with many. This function is especially so, if you are travelling on an early morning or late night flight! If you are travelling on business and need to reach a specific destination or address that is not easily accessible by public transport, then a taxi is a really good choice.

UK Airport Taxis

Having someone pick you up from your home and drive you to the airport is the most convenient form of airport transfer. The very thought of not having to drive yourself to and from the airport or rely on public transport can be a deciding factor for many travellers who are looking at airport transfers. The very fact that with taxi airport transfers you do not have to worry about airport parking or leaving your car for a long period of time seems to be a much better option for many. On your return journey, not having to get in your car and drive home after a long flight is also appealing with many travellers.

Airport Taxis Abroad

Some of the stories you hear about taxis abroad can be enough to put you off using them for life. The horror stories of travellers being ripped off and over charged in foreign countries are common and this is why you should always be cautious if you intend using taxis in a foreign country. You should always ensure you agree on a price or rates with the driver before you actually get in the taxi but this can sometimes be more awkward than it sounds due to language barriers.

There are many reasons why people are apprehensive about getting in a taxi in a foreign country and it is fully understandable, why some people feel vulnerable when you consider the different currencies, language barriers and unfamiliar surroundings. Unfortunately, overcharging does happen and all these factors, can certainly make the whole experience more stressful but it really does not have to be that way! The most sensible solution to avoiding being overcharged or incurring additional fees is to simply pre-book your taxi in advance.

Pre Book Your Airport Taxi In Advance

Pre-Booking taxis in advance before you travel is very popular with  a large number of travellers and it is very easy to see why it is so popular to book in advance. If you are intending to use an airport taxis service to reach your chosen destination once you arrive at the airport, then there are many reasons why you should consider pre-booking your taxi before travel. Pre-booking your taxi has many benefits and here are a few of them:

  • Pre-booking your taxi cabs in advance before travel will ensure that you have a taxi waiting for you at the airport when you land.
  • You can choose your collection area and drop off point in advance as well as your collection times.
  • You will receive and instant quote online prior to travel.
  • You can pay online using major credit cards through a secure payment method and then receive a confirmation email about your booking.
  • Paying in advance will eliminate having to worry about dealing with foreign currencies and risking being overcharged for your journey.
  • Paying in advance will also avoid any complication with language barriers and speaking to the driver with details, as the driver will already have been briefed and provided with all you contact and travel details, itinerary documents, times and drop off destinations.
  • Provides you with peace of mind knowing that if your flights are delayed, your taxi will still be waiting for your when you arrive as they will know about all the airlines arrival times and any delays.
  • It eliminates having to wait for other passengers on the ground in the terminal as you would if you used other forms of airport transfer.
  • Avoids having to wait in a taxi queue or having to call for a cab.
  • Avoids having to try and find the best transfer options when you land at the airport or queuing at the airport information desk to ask advice.
  • It ensures that you can begin your onward journey from the airport in comfort and enjoy your ride stress free .
  • It also provides you with a fast, effective, convenient and safe form of airport transfer.

How Much Are Taxi Fares To And From The Airport

Taxi fares fluctuate and are determined by the distance you travel during your journey. Obviously the further the distance, the higher the cost of the taxi fare will be. However, the beauty of pre-booking you taxi in advance is that you will already know the price and rates of the taxi fare and if you are not happy with the price you are quoted, you simply do not book it! If you are happy and you go ahead and book a taxi, you will have already paid in advance which means you will not have any nasty surprises regarding fares when you arrive!

How to Pre Book Your Airport Taxi Services

There are several companies that offer airport taxis services throughout the world. The majority of the ones that operate in most of the main major International airports are all reputable companies but you should always do a little research first if you are unsure.

As well as being able to book taxis to and from all the major airports in the UK such as London Heathrow Gatwick, Stansted, Luton, Birmingham and Manchester, you can also pre-book taxis from a large number of airports in countries throughout the world such as: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malta, Morocco, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates and United States Of America.

There are several companies I would recommend but obviously it is your choice as to which one you choose and if you wish to search other websites for the best price, that is advisable. The following taxi companies have been very reliable and their prices are very competitive in terms of airport taxis and their fares.

We hope you found this page informative and beneficial with finding your airport taxis.