Ataturk Airport Turkey – Information And Guide

Where Is Ataturk International Airport

Ataturk airport IST (formerly know as Yesilkoy Airport), is situated near Yesilkoy in the Marmara region of Turkey on the European side of Istanbul.  It is approximately 12 miles South West from the city centre.  It is the main airport in Istanbul and is also known as ‘Istanbul International Airport’, with over 30 million passengers passing through it each year. Ataturk Int Airport is regarded as one of the top 40 busiest International airports in the world.

Opened in 1924 as Yesilkoy Airport, it has seen considerable growth over the years.  In 1980, it was renamed as ‘Ataturk Airport’ after Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, who was the first president and founder of the modern Turkish Republic.

What Are The codes For Ataturk International Airport

Ataturk Airport IATA Code: IST

Ataturk Airport ICAO Code: LTBA

Is Ataturk The Same As IST Airport

Yes Ataturk Airport is sometimes referred to as IST Airport simply because ‘IST’ is the IATA Code for Istanbul Ataturk Airport.

Ataturk Airport is the gateway to Turkey and the city of Istanbul. Getting to and from Ataturk Airport to the centre of Istanbul is relatively simple due to the efficient Ground Support and transport network that is in place at the airport.

Getting To And From Ataturk Airport – Ataturk Transfers

There are many forms of transport from Ataturk airrport and getting to and from Ataturk is relatively simple by metro, bus, coach, ferry, tram, private transfer and car hire.

Car Hire: There are a few car hire companies located inside the airport terminal, including:

Avis – Budget Rent-a-Car – Hertz -Sixt Rent A Car

To find the best deals on car hire, please click on the following link below: Car Hire Ataturk Airport


Car Hire Ataturk Airport

Car hire Ataturk airport is a very popular option for passengers landing at the airport.  There are several major car hire companies that operate from Ataturk airport and all offer competitive prices.  Hiring a car certainly serves as a great transfer option from the airport to destinations further afield.

If you are traveling in a group, car hire can be a viable option once the cost has been shared.  Hiring a car from the airport also offers the freedom to continue your onward journey at your own leisure and then on your return journey to the airport, you can arrange your time accordingly.

An extra bonus that hiring a car provides, is that you have transport for the duration of your holiday and this will allow you to see more of Turkey and the beautiful sights it has to offer.

There are many websites on the Internet that offer car hire and it is always advisable to compare prices and companies.  I have provide a list of car hire companies that consistantly offer great deals on car hire from Ataturk airport.  Obviously, it is up to you who you choose but I am pretty sure you will be able to find a deal that suits your requirement and budget.


Car Hire Ataturk Airport – Laws And Legal Requirements For Driving In Turke

  • The minimum driving age in Turkey is 17, however many car hire companies do specify a minimum age limit in order to  hire a ca
  • In Turkey, they drive on the right
  • Speed limits in Turkey are: 75 mph on motorway – 56 mph on open roads – in towns and built up area 31 mp
  • Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to travel in the front sea
  • Your vehicle must carry 2 warning triangle
  • It is a legal requirement to wear seat belts in both front and rear seat
  • There is a strict drink and drive policy in force


Metro:  The Metro, is also know as ‘Light Rail’.  You can catch the Metro from inside the airport terminal and this will take you to Sultanahmet Square in Istanbul and Sirkeci Station which is the main terminal, in under one hour.  Before you travel, you will need to purchase a token or ‘Jeton’. These tokens can be purchased from the ticket office or by using the machine at the station, known as ‘Jetonmatik’.

Please Note: These machines only accept coins and bank notes, they do not accept credit cards or foreign currency.

You will need to catch the Zeytinburnu train and then change onto the Kabataş train.

Coach: There is an express bus service that runs between Ataturk airport and Istanbul.  The main operators from the airport are Havas.  In fact, Havas are the main operators throughout Turkey and provide a regular service for passenger to many different destinations.  Havas also run a service that connects the airport to the ferry port, allowing travellers to reach their desired destinations by ferry.

Bus: IETT are the Local bus service that operate from the airport and provide a service into Istanbul itself.  Although it is cheaper than most other forms of transfer, the public bus service usually takes much longer.

Taxi: Taxi operate from outside the airport terminals and you can get a taxi to the centre of Istanbul for around 30-40 Turkish Lira. However, many passenger choose to book their taxi in advance and this offers many great benefits.  To read more about this service and to find the price of a taxi to your destination, please click on the link:

Taxis From Ataturk Airport

Taxis From Ataturk Istanbul Airport

One of the main things involved with landing at the airport, is how you make your transfer to and from the airport. May passengers choose taxi as their preferred means of transport, simply because it provides them with easy access and avoids waiting around the airport for other passenger, were they to use other forms of transfer such as bus or coach and also allows them to be dropped off at their chosen accommodation, rather than have to rely on public transport.

However, many people are also a little aprehensive about using taxis in foreign countries in fear of being over charged for their journey. Different, currencies, language and unfamiliar surroundings can be confusing when you have just landed and it is easy to placed in a vunerable position when all you want to do is get to your destination.

It’s not surprising that people are a little sceptical, especially when you hear so many stories of people being over charged for their journey. Yes, sadly this does happen but you can avoid this happening to you by booking your taxi in advance.

Booking Taxis From Ataturk Istanbul Airport In Advance

This is becoming a very popular choice for passengers and it is easy to see why. Booking your taxis Taxis From Ataturk Istanbul Airport will benefit you in many ways:

1. Ensure you have a taxi waiting for you at the airport when you land

2. Choose your destination drop off and collection time in advance

3. Receive a an instant quote online

4. Pay online through secure pay method and receive instant confirmation of your booking

5. No need to worry about new currencies or being over charged for your journey

6. No need to worry about paying the driver or language barriers as you have all ready paid and the driver will have been provided with all the relevant details

7. Eliminates all the hassle of waiting around at the airport for other passengers

8. Eliminates all the stress and worry about finding transfers and agreeing a price for the journey

9. Ensures you can start your onward journey in comfort

10. Provides a safe and convenient means of transport

How To Pre-Book Your Taxis From Ataturk Istanbul Airport

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Pre book your private airport or port transfer online, at a very competitive rate, and start to enjoy your visit from the moment you arrive. Let us transfer you to your destination in comfort and style.

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Pre Book Taxis From Ataturk Airport


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