A Simple Guide To Under The Seat Luggage 

Due to the fact that several low cost airlines, have now decided to charge passengers an additional fee for taking their cabin luggage on board the plane and allowing passengers to take a smaller sized hand luggage free, you may be wondering what you can actually take on board.

It really does seem that these airlines are finding more ways to squeeze even more money from their passengers by introducing these charges.

Under The Seat LuggageIf you are familiar with these new changes, you will have seen that these airlines have started charging passengers a fee (each way) for taking a normal 55x40x20cm suitcase on board the aircraft. These used to be free for passengers to take on board but now, many airlines will charge you and if you do not pre-book ‘Cabin’ luggage before your flight, you will be charged at the boarding gate, if you turn up with a larger cabin bag than you can travel with.

However, although you do now have to pay to take a larger cabin bag on board, you can actually still take a smaller bag on board with you, free of charge. The free carry-on bag, has to be able to fit under the seat in front and this is why it is commonly referred to as ‘Under the seat luggage’.

What Is Under Seat Luggage:

Basically, ‘under the seat luggage’ refers to luggage that can be stored under the seat during your flight. Although as we mentioned previously, many airlines now only allow under the seat luggage to be taken on board for free, many passengers prefer to only travel with or take this type of luggage on board a flight. If you are travelling light and are just going away for a couple of days either on leisure or business, then just taking under seat luggage can be sufficient.

Types of Under Seat Luggage:

As a result of the new changes that the airlines have introduced regarding hand luggage, there are now a large number of different ‘under the seat carry on luggage’ available. Whether you are wanting a casual rucksack style bag, suitcase with wheels,  laptop/briefcase, tote bags, bag with USB ports, under the seat luggage with wheels or underseat spinner luggage, there will certainly be a carry on bag to suit your needs. 

Why Travel With Carry On Under The Seat Luggage:

Apart from the obvious reason, that is free, there are several other reasons why passengers choose to travel with luggage that fits under the seat. One of the main reasons why people choose to travel with carry-on luggage under the seat, is because it allows them to have everything they need for their flight at hand. Many luggage specifically designed to fit under a seat of a plane, have a number of pockets and compartments, that allow you to organise your items in a manner to which you need them. Having all your belonging close by and somewhere, where you do not have to keep getting out of your seat to get them, is an added bonus, especially if you are sat in a window or middle seat.

The big question most people ask is:

What Is The Size Of Under The Seat Luggage:

Once again, each airline has its own policy in terms of carry-on bags and you will need to ensure you are familiar with their policies regarding carry-on bags. The general size for free carry-on bags is 40x30x20cm and the stipulation is that your bag can fit under the seat in front.

What Size Bag Can Fit Under An Airplane Seat:

As you can appreciate, the space under airplane seats, vary. The under seat measurements on each aircraft maybe different but as we mentioned previously, a common size stipulated by a number of low budget airlines tends to be 40x30x20cm. If you look for a bag that falls within these measurements, you should be fine.

There are now more and more retailers selling luggage that has specifically be designed to fit under the seat on a plane. Below, are just a few of the very best selling and most popular under the seat luggage.

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