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There are certain things you need to do and put in place before you travel. No matter how long you leave them, the fact remains that these travel essentials still need to be done. The bottom line is very simple, these things will all cost you money and no matter how long you leave them, they will not become any cheaper, in fact they will more often than not increase in price!

Travel Essentials Step By Step

The following is a step by step guide of the main travel essentials you will need to consider when booking your holiday or travel arrangements. They are all basic essentials but it is amazing how many people forget them. The simple guide below will hopefully  help you plan your travel and will also help you save money when booking your travel essentials.

1. Do You Have Your Flight And If So, Did You Get The Best Deal? “How To Find The Cheapest Flights”

Don’t waste hours of your time visiting hundreds of websites constantly having to type in your details over and over again. Use one of the flight comparison websites that searches every airline and lists the cheapest flights available for the dates your specify! Find Cheap Flights 

2. Accommodation “Find Accommodation” – Accommodation Deals

Unless you already have accommodation at your destination, you will need a place to stay. I use a couple of companies when I book accommodation and I always find they offer the best deals. Once again, the best option for finding the best deals is to use one of the hotel comparison websites that list all the best deals with thousands of hotels throughout the world. I have listed several of the hotel comparison websites on a separate page where you will be able to use the search facilities and they will search a large number of other companies and provide you with the best deals available.

Obviously, there are many other different types of accommodation you can choose other than a hotel and if you are looking for an alternative option, the following pages may be of use to you.






3. Travel Insurance

I cannot believe how many people travel without Insurance and I have to ask the question:

“For the sake of spending less than £10 before travel, is it really worth taking the risk of having a medical bill that could end up being tens of thousands of pounds were you to be taking ill or need medical assistance whilst you were away?”.

To learn more about travel insurance and to find the best deals to suit your needs, please click on the following link: Travel Insurance 

4. Car Hire

It is sometimes a much more viable option to hire a car than pay for other forms of transport, especially if there are several people traveling in your group with whom you can split the cost.

If you are wanting to hire a car, I would strongly recommend that you always pre-book one in advance. Pre-booking your car hire guarantees you get the car you want, saves waiting at the airport and is cheaper the earlier you book!

If you would like to read more about car hire and how you can find the best deals with major car hire companies, please click on the following link: Car Hire 

5. Travel Money – The Best Currency Rates And Prepaid Travel Cards

The best exchange rate can generally be found online and if you have time, it is always a good idea to pre-book your travel money and get the best rates possible. You should always compare rates but if you are like me, you will not have time or the notion to sit for hours visiting individual websites. The best way is to use a comparison site that compares all the top companies and lists the best exchange rates throughout the day.

Most local towns have their own exchange bureaus but some people do not feel comfortable carrying cash on their person. I have a couple of cards that I use when I am abroad and they are great because they allow me to preload them with money before I travel and then I can use them abroad. This eliminates carrying a lot of money on my person, although I do still change a little money to have ready cash when I arrive.

I use the Fair FX card: 

6. Getting To The Airport And Airport Parking

Obviously, if you have someone to take you to the airport that’s great but if you don’t, you will need to either sort out transport or take your own vehicle. If you take your own vehicle or a member or your parties vehicle, you will need to park your car at the airport for the duration of your stay.

Airport Parking:

If you are taking your own vehicle to the airport, you will need to park it for the duration of your stay. To be honest, airport parking is not that expensive, especially if there are a few people traveling in your party and you can split the cost. If you want to learn more about airport parking and which companies consistently offer the best deals, please click on the following link: Airport Parking 

Public Transport: Most major airports have their own public transport network or coach firms that connect passengers to and from the airport. Below is a link to a page that list the different types of public transport options that link passengers to the major airports:

Airport Hotels:

Airport hotels are a great way to eliminate all the hassle of getting to the airport, worrying you will be late and ensure you start your travel refreshed. To find the best deals on airport hotels, simply click on the following link: Airport Hotels 

7. At The Airport – Wait In Luxury As A VIP

Not many people realise that for a small fee, you can use the VIP airport lounges. Airport lounges are a great way to start your holiday in comfort! Let’s face it, airports are not the most comfortable places to spend a couple of hours before your flight and with the ever increasing delays, this can be much longer than anticipated. Airports are not the cheapest place to buy refreshments and when you have bought a drink and something to eat, you don’t get much change out of a ten pound note these days.

When you pay to use one of the airport lounges, all your refreshments are FREE. There are drinks and snacks available and you can have as much as you want! There are also comfortable seats, papers, TV, Internet connection and a list of other amenities to pass help pass the time. Joining one of the ‘Airport Lounge’ programs is definitely worth considering if you are a frequent flyer or simply purchasing a pass for the dates of your travel.

8. Airport Transfers

No matter which country you fly to, when you arrive at the airport, you will need to reach your desired destination and unless you have someone to meet you at the airport or are on a package where transfer is included, you will need to arrange transport for your transfer.

Many airports have public transport but if you do not want to use these services, there are many cheap options available. I have listed a number of companies that offer airport transfer to and from most major International airports. If you would like to find out more about airport transfers and find the best deals, please visit the designated page by clicking on the following link: Airport Transfers 

9. Travel Guides And Maps

Most people leave buying maps and guides until they get to the destination and pay a fortune for something they good have bought much cheaper, if only they had done a little pre-planning. Travel guides are fairly cheap and now that you can download them as APPS on your phone, makes it even cheaper!

If you would like to buy a guide, map or APP then the following page might be of interest to you.

10. City Tours

This may not be for everyone but many travellers do like to book on to a tour of the city. This can be expensive, especially if you book a tour on the day in the city itself. Many people are a little apprehensive about doing this because they fear being ripped off. Booking in advance with a one of the major leading city Tour companies gives you piece of mind and can save you a considerable amount of money.

City Tours and Hop On Hop Off Tours

Using the above guide will hopefully help you save time and money when you are planning your travel and booking all your travel essentials. If you find this page helpful, please help others by liking this page so they can also save time and money when they are next booking their travel essentials.