Milan Linate Airport Guide (LIN) – A Simple Guide

Milan Linate International Airport (LIN), is approximately just under 8klms (5miles) South East of Milan itself. It is the closest of the 3 airports that service Milan, the other 2 Milan airports being Malpensa Airport and Orio al Serio Airport (Bergamo).

Although Linate International airport is the closest airport to Milan, it is actually the second largest airport behind Malpensa. However, it still has over 10 million passengers passing through the airport each year and is growing. Milan is a major city and has passengers traveling to the airports from a large number of countries throughout the world for many of the popular events in the city of Milan throughout the year. As a result, the airport can become very busy, especially at peak times.


Airport Facts

The airport was named after Enrico Forlanini and it offers domestic, short haul and medium haul flights. It has one terminal building which accommodates both International and domestic flights, from wide number of airlines.

It has 71 Check-In desks

8 Passport Control desks

12 desks for hand luggage check-in

24 Boarding Gates

The airport is open 24 hours

ATM’s at the airport are located ‘Landside’

Due to it’s location, the airport provides a fantastic gateway to Milan and is a popular choice with many passengers wanting easy acces to Milan. The airport is a great choice for passengers wanting a quick break or weekend in Milan, as it offer quick transfer times. It is also a popular choice for many business professionals, who use the airport on a daily and weekly basis. The airport offers many facilities for business professionals from VIP lounges to private transfers.


Getting To And From Milan – Linate Airport Transfers

Transfers to and from Linate are very easy and passengers have a number of options for transfer including bus, shuttle, car hire and taxi. There are many forms of transport waiting for passenger as they exit the main arrivals area but it is advisable to pre-book your transfer (where possible) to ensure you reserve your place. Obviously which form of transport you choose, is simply down to your own personal preference and budget.


Linate Airport Train

There is no direct rail link to the airport and if you are wishing to catch the train to your final destination, you will need to make your way to the main train station in Milan. From there, you can catch a large number of trains to major cities throughout Italy such as Venice, Florence, Como, Parma and many other European countries.

It is relatively easy to get from Linate to the main train station in Milan and passengers arriving at the airport have a choice of transport such as shuttle buses, public transport or taxis.


Car Hire From Linate Airport

There are many major car hire companies that operate from inside the airport terminal. All of these companies offer competitive prices and car rental is a popular choice, especially for small groups where car hire can be a cheap alternative.

I have provided a seperate page that lists some of the major car hire companies that consistantly offer the best deals on car hire from Linate airport. To acces this page, simply click on the link: Car Hire Linate Airport


Linate Airport Bus

There is a regular bus service that connects passengers from the airport to the centre of Milan itself. Bus number 73 (at the time of writing) will take you to the underground station ‘San Babila Station’ on the red line. This service, is a cheap and efficient way for passengers wishing to reach the centre of Milan and is great for passengers traveling alone on a budget.

There is also a regular bus service that connects passengers to the Central station in Milan, where you can then take a train to a wide range of destinations.


Linate Airport To Malpensa Airport Shuttle Bus Service

There is a shuttle bus service that connects passengers from Linate to Malpensa airport terminal 1, which is on the other side of the city. It is worth noting, that this service takes approximately 75 minutes, so if you are wanting to use this service for a connecting flight, please ensure you allow yourself plenty of time to complete the transfer without panicking.


Coach Services From Linate Airport

Regular coach services are in operation from the airport and connect passengers to Milan centre and many other destinations such as, Brescia, Lugano, Pavia and Verona. These coach services to and from the airport are usually scheduled to co-inside with many of the flight arrivals and departures at the airport. These service times can change, so it is always a good idea to check the timetables before you travel.


Linate Airport Arrivals And Departures

Linate Airport Arrivals And Procedures
If you are wanting to check flight arrivals at Linate Airport, the widget at the bottom of this page will allow you to keep up to date on all arrivals at the airport.

Although not the largest of the Milan airports, Linate airport arrivals still has in excess of 10 million passengers passing through it every single year. As you can imagine, this is a large volume of people and the arrivals area at Linate is a busy place. However, staff at the area cope with this large volume of passengers very well and ensure the whole process runs smoothly and efficiently.

As your flight touches down at Linate Airport, your aircraft will then taxi to is parking bay on the Apron. All passengers are required to remain seated until the aircraft has stopped and the ‘Fasten Seat Belt’ sign have been switched off. When the aircraft is in its parking bay, the Ground staff at the airport will begin to attach the staircase or walkway for passengers to disembark the aircraft safely. When it is safe to disembark the aircraft, the cabin crew will inform passengers so they can begin to disembark the aircraft. You will then need to make your way to the main Terminal building. If you require assistance getting from the aircraft to the Terminal building, it is advisable to contact either the airline or airport before you travel. This will ensure that there will be a member of staff on hand to meet you from your flight and assist you with your onward transfer.

Security And Passport Control At Linate Airport Arrivals

Please Note: Italy is part of the Schengen Zone and if you are traveling from another country that is also part of the Schengen Zone, you may not be required to present your passport.

As with any major International airport, there are certain procedures in place at Linate Airport that passengers landing at the airport are required to comply with. Passengers are required to clear Passport Control on entering the country and are required to present a valid passport and any other documents needed to travel. It is advisable that you check you have the right documentation needed before you travel.

Having cleared Passport Control successfully, you can then make your way to the Baggage Reclaim area (obviously, if you are only traveling with hand luggage and no hold luggage, you can bypass the baggage reclaims area). The Baggage Reclaim area is where you can collect any luggage that you may have checked-in for your flight. In the Baggage Reclaim area, you will find several carousels and each flight arrivals at Linate Airport is allocated with a carousel. There are several monitors located overhead in the Baggage Reclaim area and these monitors display the flight number to each carousel is processing. Simply locate the carousel that displays your flight number and wait for your luggage to appear.

The Ground staff at Linate Airport are usually very good at getting your luggage from the aircraft to the Baggage Reclaim area and you should not be waiting too long for your luggage to appear.

Once you have reclaimed your luggage, you can make your way to the main arrivals exit doors that lead to the main Arrivals Lobby area of the airport.

There are trolleys available in the Baggage Reclaim are to help assist you with your luggage. toilets are also available if you need to pay a visit or simply freshen up after your flight.

Main Arrivals Lobby Area

The main Arrivals Lobby area is the main meeting and is where passengers arriving at the airport are greeted by family and friends collecting them from the airport. If you have pre-booked your airport transfers to and from Linate Airport in advance or are travelling on a package that includes your transfer, this is where you will normally be greeted by your representative. If you are unsure as to where you will be greeted upon arrival at Linate, it is recommended that you contact the company that you booked your travel with.

In the main arrivals area, you will find the various different forms of transport. All the car hire desks are located in the arrivals area and if you have pre-booked a car or simply wish to make a booking at the airport, you will need to make your way to the appropriate desk. You will usually be required to present your driving licence and credit and if you have pre-booked your car hire, you will need to provide your booking reference or voucher.

Outside the main arrivals area, you will find taxis and local bus services. There are several bus services that run on a regular basis from outside the main Arrivals area and these service provide a cheap and cost effective means of transfer. The bus services connect passengers to many of the local towns and villages close to the airport as well as Milan itself.

Linate Airport Address – Milan Linate International Airport, 20090, Italy – Tel: 0039 (0)2 4852200