A Guide To The Many Hotels Near Colosseum In Rome

Whether you are looking for a basic hotel or luxury 5 star accommodation, you will have plenty to choose from with regards to hotels near the Colosseum in Rome.

Hotels Near Colosseum In Rome italyThe Colosseum in Rome, is one of the most visited attractions in Europe and if you intend visiting this iconic attraction during your visit to the Eternal City, then why not stay at one of the many great hotels close to the Colosseum in Rome.

The many hotels that are located around the Colosseum offer a variety of different facilities including FREE WiFi, breakfast, air conditioning, parking, rooftop bar/garden, pet friendly and more.



Types of Accommodation:

As well as the many different hotels located near the Colosseum, there are other types of accommodation available such as self-catering apartments, suites and B&B’s. The apartments are a great option, if there are several people travelling in your party and you would like to all be in the same place.

Pet Friendly:

More and more people are travelling with their pets and as a result, more and more hotels around the world are becoming pet friendly. There are now a number of pet friendly hotels near the Colosseum and if you are travelling with a pet and wish to stay in one of the pet friendly hotels, here is a list of some of the pet friendly hotels close to the Colosseum in Rome.



Staying at a hotel in Rome that is close to the Colosseum, not only provides you with easy access to the Colosseum itself but provides you with a great base to explore the many other sights and attractions in Rome such as The Trevi Fountain, Palatine Hill, The Roman Forum, Arch of Constantine, Domus Aurea, to name but a few.


Best Hotels In Rome Italy Near Colosseum

A very common question people often ask is:

“which are the best hotels in Rome close to the Colosseum?”.

The honest answer is, that there are many different hotels close to the Colosseum, that all have their own unique character and charm. A hotel that may appeal to one person and to which they would say is the best hotel near the Colosseum, may not necessarily be the best for another. Personal preference and budget plays a very big part in deciding which hotel is the best, as well as personal requirements and needs.

If you are travelling on a limited budget and require minimal facilities, then a basic low cost hotel will probably best suit your and your needs. However, if you are lucky enough to not be restricted by price, then you may well say that one of the five star hotels situated close to the Colosseum is the best.

If you are asking the question “Which is the best hotel?”, in terms of facilities, then you would probably no doubt have to choose one of the luxury high end hotels, such as the Palazzo Manfredi.


Cheap Hotels Near Colosseum Rome Italy

The prices for hotels in Rome that are located near The Colosseum, vary in price and fluctuate throughout the year. As you can imagine, prices during the height of season increase, as demand becomes larger but if you choose the right time to visit Rome out of season, then you can find some really great deals.

Obviously, the higher rated 4 and 5 star hotels close to The Colosseum, command a higher price but if you only require a basic hotel, with minimal facilities, then the prices will be cheaper. Once again, the prices on hotels in Rome near the Colosseum are determined by supply and demand but using a hotel comparison website can be a great way to find the best deals.


Hotels To Stay In Rome Near The Colosseum

So, what are the hotels closest to The Colosseum? The list below are just a few of the most popular hotels located near to The Colosseum. We have listed a selection of hotels ranging from the basic 1 star and B7B hotels, through to the more high end luxury 5 star hotels.

2 Star Hotels Near Colosseum In Rome

Hotel Ferraro

Ideally located just a 10 minute walk from The Colosseum, the family run hotel Ferraro is the ideal choice for anyone wanting to stay close to The Colosseum but not wanting to pay big prices. He neoclassical building provides a freindly and relaxed atmosphere and is also close to the Metro station The Roman Forum.

Via Cavour, 266, 00184 Roma RM, Italy

Arena House – Daplace Collection

The perfect base to explore all the popular tourist attractions in Rome and conveniently located close to The Colosseum. The family run Arena House Hotel is just a 5 minute walk from The Colosseum and is also a short walk to other attraction such as The Trevi Fountain, Pantheon and Roman Forum.

Via Marco Aurelio, 37, 00184 Roma RM, Italy

Hotel Labelle

A very relaxed hotel that is situated just a 10 minute walk from the Colosseum in Rome. Hotel Labelle, is a

Via Cavour, 310, 00184 Roma RM, Italy


3 Star Hotels Near Colosseum In Rome

Hotel Fori Imperiali Cavalieri

Within under a 10 minute walk from The Colosseum, the 3 star Hotel Fori Imperiali Cavalieri offers guests a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. Guests can enjoy watching the day go by whilst enjoying a quite drink from the rooftop bar and garden.

This informal hotel is an 8-minute walk from the Colosseum, a 13-minute walk from the Roman Forum and a 15-minute walk from the Trevi Fountain.

Laid-back hotel offering a 24-hour bar & a rooftop garden, plus complimentary breakfast & Wi-Fi.

Via Frangipane, 34, 00184 Roma RM, Italy


Hotel de Rome – Pet friendly

Hotel de Rome, enjoy a lovely location that is in the Quirinale and Viminale hills, which is just a short 10 minute walk from the Colosseum. The hotels offers affordable accommodation n a 17th Century building in the Monti district.

Via del Colosseo, 72, 00184 Roma RM, Italy


Hotel Romance

Just 5 minute walk to the Colosseum, The Hotel Romance offers a comfortable stay with baroque-style furnishings.

Via Marco Aurelio, 37a, 00184 Roma RM, Italy


4 Star Hotels Near Colosseum In Rome

Hotel Capo d’Africa – Colosseo

The Hotel Capo d’Africa, is a chic hotel which is located approximately half a mile from The Colosseum and conveniently situated near the 0.2 km from Labicana station.

Via Capo d’Africa, 54, 00184 Roma RM, Italy


5 Star Hotels Near Colosseum In Rome Italy

Palazzo Manfredi 

Located just a 5 – 10 minute walk from the Colosseum itself, The Palazzo Manfedi 5 star hotel offers guests the ultimate place to stay in Rome. The 17th Century hotel also provide stunning views of the Colosseum and if you are looking for a five star hotel close to the Colosseum, the Palazzo Manfredi hotel, is the perfect choice.

The Palazzo Manfredi hotel, is within easy walking distance from the Colosseo Metro station and also very close to the archaeological remains of the gladiator arena Ludus Magnus.

Via Labicana, 125, 00184 Roma RM, Italy


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