Beauvais Airport Guide And Information

Where Is Beauvais Airport

Beauvais Airport (BVA) or Beauvais Tille Airport, is situated in Tille just over 2 miles North East of the city Beauvais. Although many of the low budget airlines advertise this airport as Paris Beauvais Airport, it is actually 55 miles from Paris itself.  However, due to the regular connections to and from Paris, it has become a cheap alternative for travellers wanting to visit the capital and also Euro Disney (Disneyland Paris).

Beauvais Airport FranceThe airport has over 2.9 million passenger per year and has over 29 scheduled flights each day.  Although the airport is classed as the third airport servicing Paris, it still has flights to and from some of Europe’s major cities such as Barcelona, Dublin and Rome. Although the airport is much smaller than the other main airports that service Paris such as Charles-de-Gaulle or Orly, airport Beauvais works very efficiently and has a very reliable Ground support system in place.






What Are The Airport Codes For Paris Beauvais Airport

The IATA Code for Beauvais is: BVA

The ICAO for Paris Beauvais is: LFOB

Beauvais Airport To Paris

Being just 55 miles from Paris, transfers to and from the capital are relatively simple.  Due to the fact that many of the low cost airlines now fly into BVA airport and advertise it as ‘Beauvais Paris’ airport, it means that there are now several options in terms of transfers for passengers from the airport to Paris. Passengers arriving at and departing from Beauvais have a choice of car hire, bus, airport shuttle, coach, taxi, private transfers and trains.

Getting To And From Beauvais Airport And Airport Transfers

Beauvais Airport Shuttle

Bus: There are regular shuttle bus services that connect passengers landing at Beauvais airport with Paris Porte Maillot. These bus services are scheduled to coincide with both flight Arrivals and Departures at the airport. This makes it very easy and cost effective for passengers to get from Beauvais to Paris in one go without having to worry about changing transport networks or carrying luggage on and off transport. The journey time is around 1hr 20mins depending on traffic.

Times And Cost Of The Coach Shuttle Transfer From Beauvais Airport

There is a regular shuttle bus service that links Beauvais airport to Paris and Then Paris To the airport.  The bus timetables are designed to co-inside with flight arrivals and departures.  Buses leave for Porte Maillot (which is 1 klm west of the Arc de Triomphe) in Paris, 20 minutes after each flight arrival and then leave Paris 3 hours before flight departures. Buses leave for the airport from the coach park on the Boulevard Pershing in Paris, (which is located near the hotel Concorde Lafayetteand). The journey to and from the airport to Paris takes approximately 1hr 20mins (depending on traffic). Tickets cost 15 euros one way (at the time of writing) and can be purchased at the ticket stands at the airport or coach park.

Local Bus: There is a regular local commuter bus that links the airport with the local town of Beauvais. The bus stops at Beauvais train station, several hotels and also the Cathedral on route and takes approximately 30-40 minutes. If you are wanting to catch the train to your final destination, then you can catch this bus to the train station in Beauvais.

Car Hire Beauvais AirportWhilst there are many options of transport to and  from the airport, car hire can some times be one of the cheapest options if there are several people in your party.  The added bonus being, that you also have transport for the full duration of your stay. Find the best deals on car hire from Beauvais Airport

Train: The local train station in Beauvais is about 2.5 miles away.  There is a regular bus service that links passenger to and from the train station and airport.  Trains run from the station to many destinations including Paris. The Beauvais to Paris train is a popular choice with passengers wanting to travel from Paris Beauvais Airport to Paris but it does involve changing transport and may be a bit more awkward if you have lots of luggage or are travel as a family with children.

Taxi: Taxis operate from outside the arrivals hall at the airport.  It is always best to ask the driver how much the fare will be or to agree a price before getting in the taxi.

Transfers To Disneyland Paris: As one of the many popular attractions Paris has to offer, the airport offers several options for transfers to Disneyland. Although it is possible to reach Disneyland Paris by public transport from Beauvais, the journey time is quite long and you may be better to use private transfer, shuttle or car hire. 

The Paris Pass: If you are planning a trip to Paris and are wanting to visit many of the great attractions Paris has to offer, then the Paris Pass is well worth taking a look at. The Paris Pass is designed to save you money on your visit to Paris and entitles you to a wide range of privileges such as entrance to over 55 museums, unlimited travel on the Metro and buses and ‘skip the lines’ at certain attractions:

Car Parking At Beauvais Airport

There are several options for car parking at Beauvais airport. Both Short stay and Long stay car parking is available and the price of parking is determined on the duration of your stay.

Hotels Near Beauvais Airport

Although there are no hotels actually onsite at the airport, there are several hotels that are close to Beauvais airport. The nearest hotel to the airport is approximately one mile away and is easily accessible from the airport.

Beauvais Hotels

There are several hotels in Beauvais to choose from and they all vary in size, star rating and price. Throughout the year you can find some great deals to suit your requirements, needs and budget.

Beauvais Airport Shuttle Guide And Information

One of the more popular forms of transfer from the airport to Paris, is the Beauvais airport shuttle service. The shuttle service from Beauvais airport to Paris runs at regular times throughout the day and the service is designed to coincide with all the flight arrivals and departures at the airport.

The service also provides a transfer service from Paris to the airport and is also designed to help connect passengers with their flight departures at set times throughout the day.

This service is extremely popular with passengers traveling alone or who are traveling on a limited budget and do not want the expense of the more costly transfer options, such as car hire, private taxis and private shuttle services. The airport shuttle service simply offers a very viable, safe, stress free and efficient form of transfer.

However, if there are several people traveling in your party, it can sometimes work out a cheaper option to hire a car. This gives you the freedom to plan your own schedule and provides transport for the duration of your stay.

Times Of the Beauvais Airport Shuttle

The airport shuttle services departs the airport approximately 20-25 minutes after the flight arrival and passengers can catch the shuttle service from in the main car park outside the main arrivals terminal area at the airport.

On the return to the airport, the shuttle service leaves Paris approximately 3 hours 15 minutes prior to your departure time. This ensure that passengers arrive at the airport 2 hours before their flight and gives you plenty of time to check-in to your flight and clear airport security.

The journey time for the Beauvais airport shuttle service is approximately 1 hour 15 minutes depending on traffic.

Passengers wishing to use the shuttle service can buy their tickets at the airport from the kiosk or at the collection point in Paris. There are generally enough seats available on all the airport shuttle services, meaning that all passengers on the flights wiashing to purchase a seat can generally purchase a seat on the day.

The Price Of The Beauvais Airport Shuttle

At the time of writing, the Beauvais airport shuttle service is €15 per person one way and children under the age of 3 go FREE. We do try to keep this page updated on the price of the shuttle service but as you can appreciate, prices do change and may have increased slightly.

The shuttle service, is just one of many transfer options available to passengers arriving and departing from the airport. We hope that the Beauvais airport shuttle page is beneficial in finding the right transfer to suit your needs and requirements.


Beauvais Airport Arrivals Information

It is always advisable to keep informed with all the latest information on flight arrivals at Beauvais airport, especially if you are meeting someone at the airport off a flight. The last thing you want is to arrive at the airport and find out that there is a delay and you are way too early! Using the widget at the bottom of this page will allow you to keep informed and up to date on all the latest Arrivals information.

Beauvais Airport Arrivals Procedures

Once your aircraft and safely landed at Beauvais Airport, it will then taxi into the parking bay to which it has been allocated. Passengers will then be asked to remain in their seat until the aircraft is stationary. Once the aircraft is stationary, the Ground staff at the airport will attach the stairs for passengers to disembark the aircraft safely. Once the stairs have been attached, you will then be allowed to disembark the aircraft and make your way to the airport terminal building. There will be the airline and airport Ground staff on hand to guide you to the Terminal building and ensure your transition is smooth and safe. If you require assistance with your onward journey from the aircraft to the terminal building, it is always best to contact the airline or airport prior to your travel date so that they can arrange a member of staff to meet you from the aircraft and assist with you with your journey.

Passport Control And Airport Security

Just like any other International airport, passengers arriving at Beauvais airport arrivals are required to undertake several procedures before entering France. Passengers will be required to present a valid passport and any other documentation that is required for entry into France. It is recommended that you ensure you have all the relevant and correct documentation prior to travel to avoid any complication on your arrival.

Baggage Reclaim

Once you have successfully cleared Passport Control, you will need to make your way to the Baggage Reclaim area. The Baggage Reclaim area is where you will collect any items of luggage that you have checked-in for your flight. Inside the Baggage Reclaim area at Beauvais you will find carousels and each flight arrival at Beauvais airport is allocated its own carousels. You will need to find the carousel that has been allocated for your flight and then make your way to it and wait for your luggage to appear. The easiest way to find out which carousel is processing your flight is to simply look at one of the overhead monitors that are located above each carousel. These monitors all display the flight number and origin to which they are currently processing.

The Ground staff at Beauvais are general quite quick at processing the flight arrivals and manage to get the hold luggage off the aircraft and onto the carousels fairly quickly. However, as you can appreciate at peak times when several flights arrive together, this process may take a little longer.

There are toilets available inside the Baggage Reclaim area should you wish to make a visit or simply freshen up after your flight and before your onward journey.

Trolleys are available inside the Baggage Reclaim area for passengers to use once they have reclaimed their luggage from the carousel.
Once you have reclaimed your luggage, you can the proceed to the exit doors that lead into the main Arrivals area ‘land Side’.
Obviously, if you are only travelling light with hand luggage, you can bypass this process and make your way to the main exit.

The Main Arrivals Area – Land Side

The main Beauvais airport Arrivals area at Beauvais airport is where passengers will finally arrive once they have cleared security and reclaimed their luggage. This area is general where passengers are greeted if they are being collected from the airport by family members or friends. It is also where passengers are greeted by their representative if they have pre-booked airport transfer to and from Beauvais airport (always a good idea) or if they have booked a package deal where transfer is included. If you have pre-booked your airport transfer or have your transfer included in your travel package, it is always advisable to check and confirm where you will be greeted at the airport.

If you are hoping to arrange you own transfer once you arrive at Beauvais airport, there are several options of transport that are available from the airport. Each form of transport varies in price but there are a number of options to suit all requirements and budgets. The price of transfer to and from Beauvais airport is obviously determined on the distance to your chosen destination and how you choose to get there. Passengers arriving at Beauvais airport have a choice of public transport, shared shuttle, car hire and taxi.

Opening Times Of Beauvais Airport

The airport is open from 06.30am through until 23.30pm

Beauvais Airport Address: Aéroport de Beauvais-Tillé – Tillé 60000 Beauvais France

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