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What Needs To Go In The Tray At Airport Security UKNo matter where you are flying from in any country around the world, you will required to clear Airport Security. It is standard policy that you will need to clear Airport Security before you are allowed to enter the Departure Area ‘Airside’ and eventual board your flight.



Past events over recent years have seen tighter and stricter security measures being introduced at airports around the world and whether you like it or not, you will need to comply with these new regulations if you wish to fly!

Yes, the new Airport Security rules can sometimes be frustrating when you have to wait in long queues as people are searched. However, what you have to remember is that the Security Officers at the airport are doing their job and it is for your benefit. The Security measures are in place, so that you can board your flight safely and with peace of mind knowing that all the passengers on board have been security checked prior to boarding. I personally would prefer to spend a few more minutes stood in a queue at Security knowing that people have been thoroughly searched, rather than boarding a flight where the security has been slack!

Airport Security Questions:

If you choose to check-in at the airport using one of the check-in desks that has been allocated for your flight, you will be required to answer several security questions asked by the staff at the check-in. These security questions are in place for security reasons and you should answer then accordingly. The questions that are usually asked by the check-in staff are:

Are these your bag(s)?

Did you pack them yourself?

Have they been out of your sight for any time?

Do they contain any prohibited sharp or dangerous objects?

Did anyone give you anything to take on the flight?

Airport Security Procedures:

At most airports you will be required to place all your hand luggage and belongings into one of the trays provided at Security Control. You will also be required to empty your pockets of all objects and place any metal objects, phones, loose change or jewellery into the tray. If you are wearing a belt or a pair of boots, you may also be required to take them off and place them in a tray. Any jackets, hoodies, fleeces or cardigans will also need to be placed into a tray. Once these items are in the trays, they will then need to be placed on the conveyor belt and scanned by X-ray machine.

Please Note: Laptops will need to be taken out of any bags and placed in a separate tray.

Liquids: If you have any liquids in your hand luggage or on your person, you will need to place them in a clear transparent sealable bag (approximately 20cm x 20cm) and place the bag separately in the tray.

Airport Security Liquids Limit:

Taking liquids through Airport Security always seems to cause people stress and this is simply because they choose not to comply with the Airport Security regulations and limits on liquids! For some reason, people believe that the rules and regulations regarding liquids apply to others but do not apply to them and try to be clever by taking liquids that exceed the legal limit. They then become upset and aggressive when their liquids are confiscated. The solution is very simple, make yourself familiar with the legal limit regarding liquids and do not exceed the limit and you will be fine! The same scenario happens with hand luggage allowance and restrictions but can be easily avoided.

If you are travelling with ‘Hold Luggage’, the easiest solution is to pack all your liquids in your hold luggage. However, if you are travelling only with ‘Hand Luggage’ and you need to carry liquids on board the aircraft, you should ensure that your liquids do not exceed the legal limit.


Legal Limit Of Liquids:

The legal limit regarding liquids seems to be a grey area with some travellers. As a result, you hear many people offering their own views on what the limit is. However, there are set limits in place! If you wish to take liquids in your hand luggage, you must ensure you abide by rules for liquids. These rules stipulate that liquids are in containers that do not exceed the set limit, which is 100ml. If you are carrying liquids in containers larger than 100ml, you will have them confiscated! Even if they are part full and have less than 100ml of liquid left in them!

There are some exceptions to this rule where medicines and baby foods are concerned. If you are intending taking any medicine or baby food with you, you should familiarise yourself with what you can take.

You are allowed to take several containers of liquids as long as they are all no more than 100ml. These will all need to be placed in a transparent bag that measures approximately 20cm x 20cm. The bag must be resealable and hold no more than a total of 1 litre of liquid.

If you want to read more about the legal liquid limit, you can do so at the following webpage:



Airport Security Food Restrictions:

Can you take food through airport security?

There are restrictions on taking certain types of food through Airport Security. Foods such as soups, jams, sauces, gravy, salad dressings, salsas, jellies, honey, syrup, oils and vinegars are not allowed to be taken through Security. However, solid foods such as cakes, breads, sandwiches and crisps that are wrapped or sealed are allowed.

Note: Foods that have liquids with them such as ketchups etc may not be allowed through Airport Security.


Sharp Or Dangerous Objects:

There are restrictions in place on taking sharp objects on board an aircraft. Also, any object that may be deemed as dangerous. Objects such as knives and scissors with blades longer than 6cm are all considered dangerous objects. These may be confiscated if they are in your hand luggage or on your person. Fireworks, gunpowder, smoke flares, firearms and ammunition are a few items that are certainly not allowed through Airport Security Control.


Airport Security Swab Test:

If you are a frequent flyer, you may have noticed passengers getting swabbed at the airport. Security staff at the airport regularly carry out swab tests on passengers. There are several reasons why they do this but the main reason is to detect traces of residue from dangerous substances such as explosives.


What Needs To Go In The Tray At Airport Security UK:

The following is a guide to what needs to go in the tray at Airport Security in the UK.

  • Laptops, iPads, Tablets and other electrical items. (These should be taken out of their cases)
  • Phones
  • Liquids in a separate transparent bag.

A member of staff at the airport should inform you, what needs to be put in the tray.

What do you have to take out of your bag at Airport Security?

Watch the short video below:

By Bristol Airport: As found on Youtube



If you are travelling by air you will be required to clear Airport Security. As a result, you should ensure you are familiar with the rules and regulations regarding security before travel. There are certain regulations for liquids, foods and objects and you should comply with them. If you fail to comply, you may have the items confiscated and may not be allowed through Airport Security.