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Due to the many airport security alerts, there are now strict hand luggage restrictions in UK airports and most airports worldwide. These restrictions are in place for your own safety and for the safety of other passengers traveling to and from the airport and on your flight.

Many people get a frustrated whilst at the airport with the restrictions that are in place, simply because they are either stopped for carrying items they should not be carrying or they have certain items confiscated. This is simply a result of not making themselves aware of the hand luggage restrictions that are in place at the airport or simply because of their own ignorance and arrogance, believing that they are exempt for the rules!

Remember: The hand luggage restrictions that are in place at the airports apply to every single passenger passing through airport security. If you do not abide by these rule and restrictions, you will be reprimanded.

If you are stopped or have any items confiscated, there is no point getting upset when the rules and regulations are clearly stated. If you cannot be bothered to check what items are permitted or as we mentioned earlier, you believe these restrictions do not apply to you, then you only have yourself to blame.

Airport security staff are only doing their job and it amazes me when I see people getting angry with them, simply because they have to put their bags through the scanners or are asked to take certain items of clothing off to be searched.

I don’t know about you but I personally think it is worth the inconvenience of 10 or 20 minutes waiting at airport security, to ensure you will have a safe flight, rather than experience a disturbance 33,000 feet in the air! Don’t you agree?

It is beneficial to make yourself familiar with these rules and regulations regarding hand luggage restrictions before travel as this will save you a lot of unnecessary frustration during your journey.

Hand Luggage Restrictions And What You Can Take

There is a lot of debate as to what you can take in your hand luggage and with so many different conflicting accounts as to what is allowed and what restrictions are in place, it is not hard to see why there is so much confusion.

The easiest and safest way to ensure you comply with the regulations and hand luggage restrictions, is to simply only pack in your hand luggage, the things you require or may need during your flight. Everything else you need to take with you for your trip can be packed in your hold luggage.

Obviously, if you do not have hold luggage and are only traveling with hand luggage, you will need to pack more conservatively and ensure you are only carrying the items for your trip that are allowed in hand luggage.

Electrical Items:

Passengers are allowed to carrying electrical items such as Laptops, hairdryers, camcorders, dvd players etc.. in their hand luggage but any electrical item that you may have in your hand luggage will need to be taken out and put through the scanner separately.

Medical Items:

Passengers can carry medical items and equipment on board the aircraft, if it is required for the duration of the flight.  Passenger can also carry more than the 100ml allowance but this shouls be cleared by the airline and airport prior to travel and departure. However, any passengers wishing to carry such items will need to present the appropriate documentation from a medical professional to accompany the items.

Hand Luggage Restrictions Regarding Liquids:

Although you can take liquids in your hold luggage (luggage that has been checked-in), the amount of liquid you can carry in your hand luggage is limited and these restrictions are very strict.

Liquids include gel, sprays, pastes, syrups, water, soup, all drinks, lotions, oils, perfumes, mascara, lipsticks, shaving foam, deodorants, contact lens solutions.

Hand Luggage Restrictions Security BottlesPassengers can carry limited amounts of the above liquids but each of the liquids must be in individual 100ml containers and these containers must be presented at airport security separately in a transparent sealable plastic bag. The plastic bag must not be tied at the top, must not hold more than 1 litre and the bag must be approximately 20cm x 20cm in measurement.

Passengers are only allowed to carry one bag each.

Please Note: If passengers try to take any liquids through security in their hand luggage that exceed the 100ml limit, these liquids will be confiscated, even if they are half full or brand new!  So many people think they are an exception to the rule and try to take large brand new, unopened bottles of perfume, shampoo, sun cream and other toiletries through security in their hand luggage. Then, when they have these items confiscated they become angry because they have spent alot of money on buying them. Lets face it, you can purchase the majority of these items in the most countries throughout the world, so it is much easier to buy them once you arrive at your chosen destination and it also helps reduce the weight.

Tip: If you stick to the 100ml Travel Containers that you can buy that are designed for travel, you will be ok and you will not experience an unnecessary upset. You can then simply pour any liquids you wish to take into the containers.

The only exemption to the 100ml restriction is if passengers require to take medicine on board. However, this will still need clearance from the airline and airport before travel.

Please Note: Passengers are allowed to take on board the aircraft larger quantities of liquids if they are bought in the main departures area (airside), after they have passed through airport security.

Cigarette Lighters:

Obviously, cigarette lighters contain liquids and these liquids are flammable. Passengers are permitted to take one lighter on board but it has to be kept on their person during the flight and should not be placed in their hand luggage. Passengers carrying a lighter will be required to present the lighter separately at security in a plastic bag.

Hand Luggage Restrictions Regarding Baby Foods And Liquids:

Passenger traveling with babies, are allowed to take certain foods and liquids on board the aircraft in their hand luggage. The amounts that are permitted are usually based on how much the passengers will need for the duration of their journey. These foods and drink include baby foods, sterilised water and baby milk.

Soya milk, baby foods, formulas, breast milk and cow milk which is specifically for babies are also permitted and any sterilised water must be carrying in a baby bottle.

Pushchairs are allowed on board but will need to be security checked and placed through the scanner.

Sharp Objects:

There are a wide range of sharp objects that are not allowed to be taken on board in hand luggage. Any objects that are deemed to be harmful to you or other passengers on board the aircraft are not allowed.

Sharp objects That Are Permitted:

Small scissors with blades no longer than 6mm (large scissors with 6mm blades are not allowed)

Fixed blade razors

Nail file & tweezers

Sewing needles

Dangerous Objects:

As with sharp objects, the same restrictions apply to taking any dangerous objects on board the aircraft. Any object that is seen to be harmful to you or any of the passengers on board will not be allowed. Such objects are:

Work tools, Fireworks, knives, firearms, chemicals and toxic substances.

If you have an item that you are not sure about, it is best to check with your airline and departure airports or visit the following page to check what is allowed. Hand luggage restrictions

Hand luggage restrictions are put in place for your own safety, please help by familiarising yourself with them.