Advance Passenger Information System

A simple guide explaining what ‘Advance Passenger Information’ is and why you need to provide it. In this guide we address the following commonly asked question:

Advanced Passenger InformationIf you are a regular traveller, you may well be familiar with the term Advance Passenger Information. As a result, you may also have come across or experienced the Advanced Passenger Information System (or API and APIS as it is also known) in operation. Many airlines such as Ryanair and Easyjet now ask you to provide API. Not only airlines but tour operators such as, Thomson (TUI), now ask you to provide specific information prior to your departure date. This is simply because many Border Controls and Immigration Authorities throughout the world request it.


New Requirements:

However, although airline passengers already have to provide API (Advanced Passenger Information), from earlier April 2015, the UK Government and Home Office made it a requirement that any passenger leaving Britain from any Port or Airport will now face ‘Exit Checks’. As a result of these new laws and requirement, it will now affect passengers leaving Britain. In addition, this includes leaving by by Air, Sea and Rail and will now be introduced for passengers travelling on:

  • Ferries
  • The Eurostar from terminals in London and Kent
  • Eurotunnel ‘Le Shuttle’ service from terminals in Folkestone.


How Do I Complete Advanced Passenger Information:

Firstly, if you have booked a flight or holiday Online, you will generally receive an email from your airline or travel operator. This email will inform you that you are required to submit certain information about each travelling passenger.

Secondly, when you receive a request for Advance Passenger Information, you should ensure you supply the relevant information requested before travel. Failure to do so will result in delays in your travel arrangements and you not being allowed to travel. You can usually submit your Advance Passenger Information details by visiting the airline or tour operators websites and logging in to manage your booking.

What Is Advance Passenger Information:

Without complicating things, Advance Passenger Information or (API) is simply a process whereby you the passenger are required to provide certain information to the airline or travel company to which you are travelling with before you travel. The information you need to provide is normally details of your Passport such as your passport number, the name on your passport, gender and date of birth.

It is also known as Advance Passenger Information System or APIS for short.


Why Do You Need To Provide Advance Passenger Information:

Advance passenger information is designed to enhance and reinforce border control and security. As a result the information you supply is then processed and received by the Government of the country you are visiting. In addition, the information provides Border Control with all the information of ‘pre-arrival’ and ‘pre-departure’ passengers and crew members. Therefore, this information can then be used by Border Control to pre determine any problems that may arise with any passengers wishing to enter the country. In addition, the API information can also be used for checking passengers against warning lists. As a result, the information can also be beneficial for immigration purposes. The main purpose of the API system is to provide advance warning to the Border Control. This is generally of any passengers or crew members that may be of Interest to Security and Border Control.

Benefits Of The Advance Passenger Information System:

The main benefits of the Advance Passenger Information system is that it helps create safer security for passengers. It also helps speed up the processing of legitimate passengers. As a result, it also helps reduce unauthorised travellers entering the country and fraudulent documents being used.

The introduction of the API system in travel has helped enhance Border Control. Not only that but at the same time has helped speed up the whole process of Border Control. API has allowed Border Control to ‘Pre-process passengers before they arrive. In addition, it has resulted in passengers being processed through border Control quicker.


Do I Need To Supply Advance Passenger Information:

Yes, if you have been requested by your airline or travel operator to submit your details, it is your duty to provide the information requested prior to travel. If you have not been contacted or requested to provide API, then your airline or travel operator will have automatically provided the appropriate authorities with the information they require. Therefore, you will not need to do anything.


What Happens If I Do Not Supply The Information:

If you have been asked to provide API and you do not provide the requested information, the chances are you will not be allowed to travel! The bottom line is very simple, it is requirement you need to undertake in order for you to travel. The system is in place to help make your travel safer and more efficient. Therefore, if you have nothing to hide, you really should not have any reservation submitting this information.


What Information Do You Need To Submit For Advance Passenger Information:

The information you need to submit to complete Advance Passenger Information is usually very simple. However, you must submit it! Most of the information needed for API can be found on your passport. Therefore, when you login to complete your API, it is advisable to have your passport at hand.

Below is a list of the more common information you may need to submit to complete your Advance Passenger Information. The information you are required to submit can vary. This generally depends on which country you are visiting and it can change at any time.

  • First Name: This will need to be entered exactly as it is on your passport
  • Family Name: This will also need to be exactly as it is on your passport
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Type Of Document
  • Passport or Document Number
  • Nationality
  • Issue Date Of Passport
  • Expiry Date of Passport
  • Country of Residence

Some will ask for your address and the address of the accommodation where you will be staying during your visit.

 Note: Before you submit your information, ensure you double check it to make sure that all the information is correct.


Who Receives Advance Passenger Information And What Do They Do With It:

The information you submit is sent to the Border Control and Immigration Authorities in the country you are visiting. The Border Control in these countries have a legal right to receive this information.As a result, they can share it with other authorities to prevent illegal acts of terrorism or serious crime.


Is the Information Sent Securely:

Yes, all Advance Passenger Information is sent via secure methods.


Which Countries Require You To Submit Advance Passenger Information:

At present, the following countries may require you to submit API. If you are travelling to any of the country listed below, you will probable be required to provide API:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Bahrain
  • Bangladesh
  • Brazil
  • Canada
  • China
  • Cyprus
  • Czech Republic
  • Germany
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Malta
  • Netherlands
  • New Zealand
  • Qatar
  • South Africa
  • Spain
  • Sri Lanka
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States


Advance Passenger Information Eurotunnel:

On 01 April 2015 the UK Government and Home Office introduced a new law. This new law, made it a requirement that all UK Ports and Airports carry out Exit Checks. Therefore, they now collect the Passport details or identity card details of all passengers leaving the country. As a result, this information is then sent to the UK Border Contol. This now means that before you travel on the Eurtunnel and Folkestone Port Terminal, you are required to submit your API.


Where To Submit API For Eurotunnel:

You can now submit your API by going online at eurotunnel.com/apis. You will need to login using your booking reference and password that was provided in your confirmation email.

Also, it is possible to submit your API over the telephone. You can do so by contacting the following number: 0330 1233207.

If you are providing your API over the telephone, you will need to have the following at hand:

  • Your booking reference
  • Passenger details and Passport or ID card information.

If you are providing the API of any other passengers that may be travelling with you, you will need to have their permission to submit their details.

Monday – Friday 8am – 7pm

Saturday 8am – 5.30pm

Sunday 9am – 5.30pm.



The Advance Passenger Information system is now in place throughout the world. As a result, when travelling to these countries, you may be requested to provide specific information.  This is simply information about yourself and any other travelling passengers in your group. However, if you are requested to provide this information, you should ensure you do so! Also, ensure the information you provide is correct! Failure to supply Advance Passenger Information could result in you not being allowed to travel.