Which Is The Closest Airport For Lake Garda

The closest airport for Lake Garda in Italy is Verona Airport (VRN). Verona is within easy reach of Lake Garda, with a transfer time of approximately 70 minutes by car. However, there are several options in terms of transport to Lake Garda from Verona. This is mainly due to the extensive network of public transport. 


Closest Airport For Lake Garda In ItalyIn this guide we will be taking a look at all the airports close to Lake Garda, as well as the distance from each airport. Hopefully, it will answer any questions you may have before travelling to Lake Garda.






How Far Is Verona Airport To Lake Garda:

Verona Airport is approximately 41 miles (68.5 kilometers) from Lake Garda itself. This makes the transfer from Verona Airport to Lake Garda in Italy, very easy and very quick. However, although Verona Airport is the closest airport to Lake Garda, there are several other airports in the region to choose from. Other airports near Lake Garda include Bergamo, Linate, Malpensa and Venice International airports. 


Bergamo Airport To Lake Garda Distance:

Bergamo Airport (BGY) is the second closest airport to Lake Garda and is just 60 miles (96.3 kilometers) from Lake Garda. 

Both Linate and Malpensa Airports serve the city of Milan and are a little further away but also provide good alternative airports for getting to Lake Garda.


Best Milan Airport For Lake Garda:

As we have previously mentioned, both Linate and Malpensa are the two main airports that service Milan. As a result of their proximity, both airports provide good options for Lake Garda. However, which airport is best, will simply be determined by which airport and country you are flying from. Several different airlines fly into both Linate and Malpensa airports. This simply means, the ‘best’ airport for you is whichever one is used by the airline that flies from your local airport.


Which Milan Airport Is Closest To Lake Garda:

Although Bergamo Airport is actually advertised as ‘Milan’ Bergamo Airport, it is actually located 27 miles (45 kilometers) from Milan itself. Due to this fact, Linate Airport is the closest Milan airport to Lake Garda. Below you can see the distances of both Linate Airport and Malpensa Airport from Lake Garda.

  • Linate Airport: 77.5 miles (125 kilometers)
  • Malpensa Airport: 112 miles (180 kilometers)


Venice Airport To Lake Garda Distance:

Despite Venice Airport is a little further from Lake Garda than all the other airports, it is often used by travellers. Venice Airport is approximately 118 miles (190 kilometers) from Lake Garda, which still makes the journey by car less than 2 hours 30 minutes. As a result, Venice is another airport near Lake Garda worth considering. This is even more so, if you are wanting to visit both Venice and Lake Garda during your stay in Italy. 


Is There A Direct Flight To Lake Garda From UK:

No, Lake Garda does not have its own international airport. Therefore, there are no direct flights to Lake Garda itself. If you are wanting to fly to to Italy, you will need to fly into one of the airports mentioned above in this guide. All the airports are a popular choice with travellers visiting Lake Garda.


Transfers To Lake Garda:

As we have previously mentioned, due to the amount of visitors Lake Garda receives each year, the public transport network is very efficient. There are now several ways you can reach Lake Garda from all the airports which include car, bus and train.


We hope you found this guide useful, in answering the question of “where do you fly to for Lake Garda?”. As you can see, there are now several choices with regards to airports in the region. These airports include Verona, Bergamo, Linate, Malpensa and Venice. Each airport provides relatively easy access and transfers to Lake Garda. However, the closest airport for Lake Garda out of all the airports is actually Verona Airport (VRN).