The Best 5 Star Hotels In The World

If you are lucky enough to be able to stay in 5 star luxury hotels when you travel, this page will be beneficial in helping you decide which are the best 5 star hotels to suit you in your chosen destination.

Best 5 Star Hotels In The WorldThroughout the world, there are some fantastic five star hotels and each one has it’s own character and charm, offering all the luxuries you would expect to receive from hotels of this high star rating. No matter where you are travelling to in the world, there will normally be a top quality 5 star hotel close by. Whether you are travelling to a major city, popular holiday resort, golf resort or ski resort, there are plenty of hotels to choose from.

This guide is designed to show you some of the best 5 star hotels in the world and hopefully provide you with a little more information and inspiration for choosing your perfect five star hotel.

What 5 Star Hotel Means

What 5 Star Hotel MeansThe majority of hotels throughout the world are rated on a star system, which is from 1-5 (However, there are now several 6 & 7 star rated hotels but the majority are still rated 1-5). Basically, the ‘stars’ signify the standard and status of the hotel, which are rated on the facilities, amenities and services the hotels provides. Although the star rating system is the most commonly used system to rate hotels, there are other systems used instead, such as ‘Diamonds’. There is actually no official universal system, which means that the ‘star’ rating may vary from country to country. This is due to local organisations, local governments and travel companies being biased when awarding their star rating! In some countries, the star rating of the hotel can actually be awarded by the hoteliers themselves!

The good news though, is that this does not happen often and when it comes to the majority of 5 star hotels throughout the world, most have been awarded their 5 star rating on merit and because they offer all the facilities and amenities expected of hotels of this high star rating. In today’s world of Social Media and Online hotel reviews, if a hotel is not up to the standard it has been advertised, it is soon found out and the Online reviews reflect this.

In short, the star system, is designed to be a benchmark for the standards of service and quality of the experience guest at the hotel can expect.

How 5 Star Hotels Are Rated

As we have previously mentioned, there is no actual official universal system for rating hotels but when a hotel is rated, there are many factors that are taken into consideration, in order to award a hotel its star rating. The star rating system is from 1-5, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. As previously mentioned, there are many factors that determine the star rating of a hotel and some of these factors are facilities, quality of service, décor, restaurants, personal facilities, bars, space, spa, health & Fitness, room facilities to name a few. The more of these factors that a hotel has, will obviously contribute to the star rating it is awarded.

Choosing 5 Star Hotels

Although this guide lists a large number of five star hotels throughout the world, everyone’s tastes, requirements and budgets are different and what may be the best hotel for one person, may not be the best choice for another. Choosing the right hotel for you, will obviously all come down to your own personal preferences, requirements and budget.

All the 5 star hotels listed in this guide offer a wide range of facilities, however they may not be your idea of the perfect hotel. Once again, choosing the right hotel for you will also depend on what facilities you actually want during your stay.


Location is another major factor and is something you should definitely consider when choosing a hotel, especially if you are visiting a destination for a specific reason such as an event and need to be close to the venue. Location can also increase the price and if the hotel is located in a prime position, then you can guarantee this will reflect in the price!


Budget can play a big part in your final decision as to which hotel you eventually choose and although most 5 star hotels are not cheap, some are a lot more expensive than others. As we have mentioned previously in other articles, hotel prices fluctuate and are simply governed by ‘Supply and Demand’. The price you pay for your room will vary and can cost much more for the same room on a specific night, than it would cost on another. The price of a five star hotel in a major city can fluctuate considerably from one day to the next, especially if there are major events taking place in the city, such as concerts, festivals or sporting events. Obviously, demand for the hotel rooms will be very high during these periods and as a result, the hotels will charge a premium for these dates. If you want to find the best deals and cheapest prices for 5 star hotels during these busy periods, it is always advisable to book early in advance.

What Are Common Facilities At 5 Star Hotels

When a hotel has been awarded a 5 star rating, it is safe to assume that it will have certain facilities as standard. The criteria a hotel has to meet to be eligible for a 5 star rating, is high and many different factors have to be displayed. Although not all 5 star hotels offer the same facilities as some provide much more than others, they are all pretty much guaranteed to provide their guests with the basic luxuries that are expected from establishments of this high rating.

For Example, not all 5 star hotels will have a swimming pool or spa facilities but will all most certainly offer a range of facilities to ensure their guests have a comfy and relaxing stay. Most 5 star hotels will provide in room facilities such as a range of toiletries, mini bar, dressing gowns and slippers, luxury bedding, WiFi, ironing facilities, work station and more.

5 Star Hotels With Swimming Pools

What better way is there to relax when you are away on holiday or a business trip, than to take a quick dip in the hotel pool? If you are visiting a destination that has a hot climate, then the majority of 5 star hotels, will certainly have a pool. Having a pool on hand when the weather is hot is a necessity and some of the swimming pools in the luxury 5 star resort hotels, are mind blowing! Many of the five star luxury resort hotels around the world have several pools to choose from, such as outdoor pools, indoor pools, private pools on the room terrace and rooftop pools.

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